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Righteous Orientation

Righteous Orientation

by Alfred Phillips Jr.

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Author Alfred Phillips Jr. envisions a new world order where races, countries, and religions interact with each other differently than in the past. In Righteous Orientation, he details the development of this new world order and shows that it is essential for members of black society to change how they see themselves in order to live well.

Using new


Author Alfred Phillips Jr. envisions a new world order where races, countries, and religions interact with each other differently than in the past. In Righteous Orientation, he details the development of this new world order and shows that it is essential for members of black society to change how they see themselves in order to live well.

Using new vocabulary and language to present this fresh world order that he calls the Source-Ken World, Phillips shares a complex, thought-provoking plan. Righteous Orientation provides

• an overview of the 200,000-year wave of human life in which Source-Ken World are the key players;
• an elaborate glossary for the new words, a new time basis for humans, realistic expectations on how human systems change, and a discussion of pre-human primates;
• a review of organization, intelligence quotients and standardized tests, solving the HIV-Aids problem, DNA, accountability (reparations), belief system, and vital relations between Source-Ken World;
• a discussion of how to answer many questions from the past.

Righteous Orientation presents a righteous, fulfilling, and sustainable way forward for all conscious sentient beings.

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Righteous Orientation

Self-Healing of Source-Ken World, Stimulation of the Great-Global Source-Ken Family
By Alfred Phillips Jr.

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Alfred Phillips Jr.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-3605-9

Chapter One


Preliminaries, especially usage of new words

Imagine that there are some Africans, African-Americans, and global people of African descent (Brazilians, Columbian, Fijians, Haitians, Jamaicans, Venezuelans, etcetera) who are sick and tired of implicit or explicit white supremacy. Suppose that they believe that, for most black people, things have not gotten better over decades of time, even with President obama's election. They recognize that a few black people have done well. They know, however, that Malcolm's Black Nationalism never got off the ground. They know that Martin's magnificent Southern Christian Leadership Conference is now virtually dead. They know that Kwame's dream of the United States of Africa nightmared into an impotent African union. They know that just reparations were stillborn by the international Monetary Fund, World Trade organization, and World Bank. They know that Lyndon's War on Poverty was torpedoed in the Tonkin Gulf. They know that far too often white people's corporate-political system, rendered incarceration, disease, lifetime unemployment, disenfranchisement, and unpayable debts for black people. They know that white cops kill black people (including black cops) even in new york City and get away with it. They believe that the economic calculations of white and yellow people may indicate that African people, the world over, will be sick and impoverished for another 600 years. As you see, I do not capitalize the inaccurate adjective "black" in describing us as it would be no more appropriate, in my opinion, than would the adjective "rich." Some of us, such as some Senegalese people, are blessed by having skin coloration nearly black. Some of us, such as Oprah, are blessed by having assets of more than a million dollars. We have/ create proper names for ourselves that are properly capitalized.

This imagined group of Africans (Source-Ken), African-Americans (Source-Ken-united States), and global Africans (Source-Ken Global) takes courage! We abbreviate these names as SK, SKUS, and SKG, respectively. This virtual group fights back! These mental martial maestros are the masters of mind. These are the "WE" in what is written below. You, dear reader, may be startled by this writing. You may even be reviled by it. Fine, place your body wherever you please, but does your brain belong on the bus's back seat? The soul of Sister Rosa Parks won't let you do that! Improve on what you don't like in the thinking inherent in this writing. Then you are an equal part of the "WE."

Since the entire human family is simply an African family, In principle, all of humanity can be part of the "WE." Many people who have benefitted from the macro-criminal activities that started before 1492 may have an initial negative visceral reaction to being part of the "WE." Even some members of the obviously-African family may not include themselves as part of the "WE." They may hate, for example, even thinking on what is written about God. Again, this writer will make it possible for factual mistakes to be corrected, especially in the Humrec (human record). Those who see or feel themselves as part of the "WE" may seek to truthfully generalize and remove unwarranted negativity from these writings. Now, onward ...

I believe that it is essential to change how we, Source-Ken World (all African looking people), see ourselves in order to live well. We have not been living well, as a group, since the Portuguese attacked us in Source-Eth (Africa) in the 1400s. I feel that we must reorient our thinking. I believe that we must even write down spoken languages using new symbols. I think that we also should create a new more universal language, as some rappers may know. Language reformation is just one of the essential things that we must do in order to regain our rightful place. The language and symbols will be new ones of our creation, as we are the creators of language. The immediate measure of our successful change will be the unification of the people of Source-Eth Top Sahara (Sub-Saharan Africa) and the control of its human and material wealth within this generation, that is, by 2020 CE, but with all optimal speed. We will do this as we bring justice and reparations to the heroic people of Haiti also by 2020 CE, but with all optimal speed. The longer-term measure of our successful change will be fostering a world in which all sentient beings live out their natural species lifetimes on a sustainable Earth. The continued livability of the Eth (earth) for advanced life forms may be demanding it. We want to use essentially nonviolent methods in ways that bring all of humanity together. We will do this primarily by working on ourselves, our families, and our organization(s) via the realization of goals. There was, for example, much positivity that flowed to humanity from our Civil Rights movements of the 1930s through the1960s in the so-called united States (SUS). We will seek truth as humans can know it, and we will not shy away from telling the truth as we imperfectly know it. Although this is directed to Source-Ken World (SKW) whose ancestors were attacked, enslaved, and colonized, DNA results nearly conclusively show that all humanity is one African Family. I term all humanity as the Great-Global Source-Ken Family (GGSKF). We provide a way for everyone to join us as equals in evolving the "Principles for the GGSKF" which we is describe in Chapter 15 of this Part as well as in realizing our goals.

i call this first part Source-Ken World Myth, Reality, and Vision. This Introduction serves as such for all five parts. I have no pretensions of perfection. I almost never give references in this work. I do this because the true human creators are often unknown or misrepresented. For example, the sc (so called) Pythagorean triples (theorem) is an original Source-Ken (African) creation. Centuries later, the people of iraq (Babylon) used or perhaps recreated this mathematical concept. A millennium later, Pythagoras was born. In the white supremacy education system of the SUS, the true Source-Ken creation of this mathematical idea is almost never taught. Source-Ken seminal creations/ inventions are overlaid, camouflaged, misrepresented, and even denied by others who usually deny their own direct Source-Ken nature. This abomination may give incentive for Source-Ken World to mount another great period of creation. You may regard this section or even the entire book as more myth than reality. I expect that it will all be sorted out in the Humrec. Fundamentally, all language and thought derives from Source-Ken work. Even the physical structure of the human brain is primarily a co-invention of primates in Source-Eth with Azain (Nature).

I do intend for this work to be iterative in the sense that others can eliminate errors and expand the ideas expressed in it. Everything I write here is true to the best of my knowledge, nevertheless. I believe that this five part work, of which this is Part 1, can give us the tools for getting out of our troubles and live well again. Good action usually starts with clear thinking with the best available information. The Source Institute and the Humrec may provide vehicles for such thought and information. A discussion of this is given later in this book.

There are eighteen chapters in Part 1. Chapter subsection titles are meant to give key words or ideas. I use radically new words and acronyms thereof. It is my intention to define these new words sufficiently often for you to learn the meanings. For chapters having many subsections, I write the new word with its usual meaning in parenthesis, e.g., Source-Ken (African). The next time I use the word in that section, I write the word with is acronym in parenthesis, e.g., Source-Ken (SK). Subsequently in that section, I write the acronym only, e.g., SK. There was a critical event for us. It is read as "in the wake of Prince Henry the non-navigator." Its acronym is WPHN (see the last subsection in Section 5 for a discussion of the term). I usually use the acronym WPHN in this writing without giving its meaning. I also use the acronym sc for the term so-called. These new words are more carefully defined in the section Definitions and Abbreviations of Part 2. This work is meant to apply to everyone, but especially to African-Americans, Africans, Global-Africans, and World Africans. Again, DNA-wise, all of humanity is one African family. I have exceedingly great empathy for the progeny of the people that were in this hemisphere in 1491CE, the genocided people of Tasmania, and the dispossessed people around the world, especially of India. I, unfortunately, do not know them as well as I know Source-Ken World, I cannot write with the same presumptive authority for these equally wonderful people as I can for Source-Ken World.

We are expanding the vision of the Sankofa bird. Its all important backward sight is the nearly instantaneously accessed Humrec. Its head moves in every direction for we do not know from where new knowledge will come. Its focus always returns to the direction of realizing its goals.

Source-Ken, Azain, SKousins, Great-Global Source-Ken Family, Source, Eth, Source-Eth, Eth

We, Source-Ken (Africans), came into existence about 200,000 years ago in Source-Eth (Africa) through the interaction of Azain (nature) and SKousins, Source-Ken precursors, commonly known as (cka) hominids. We are part of the continuum of sentient beings that have lived on Eth (earth). We were the first so-called Homo sapiens. We have the only true covenant—it is with Azain itself. Our covenant is written for all time in every cell of our bodies, In our DNA. It is also written in every cell of every member of the Great-Global Source-Ken Family (all humanity). We existed in Source-Eth (SE) in the highest manner possible for humans. We lived in harmony with Azain. This is not to say that it was always blissful. We Source-Ken (SK) lived in the moment. Our consciousness was clear. Our women mothered several children, and they had few menstrual cycles as they breastfed our babies, and we had sex frequently. Our men defended the group, hunted, gathered, discovered, thought, and planned. Our belief system engendered respect for all life-forms. We loved the Eth. We were in equilibrium with Azain. We marveled at sunsets, rivers, trees ... Our implicit goal was to perpetuate the life of our species for its natural lifetime, and we wish the same for all other species. Our mental states were Aaahifa (spiritual) alignment with Azain and reverence for the virtually unknowable Source, the cause of all. Although we may not be able to know the Source, we know that we are of it. Therefore, we are Source-Ken. Our home is the original creation location of most primate life on Eth. It is the greatest land on Eth. It is SE. We migrated over the entire Eth, adapted to the various environments over 50,000 to 100,000 years, and became thereby the Great-Global Source-Ken Family (GGSKF).

New Definitions for Three Numbers: MLK, NRM, and KN

We introduce new terminology for the numbers 100 billion, 1,000,000 and 100,000: MLK, NRM, and KN. These are key numbers for referencing and thinking about ourselves, historical events, and the universe(s). A MLK is a beautiful number. Each galaxy contains about one MLK stars, and there are about one MLK galaxies in the Summ (universes). There are also about one MLK neurons in a human brain. don't think of it as such a large number. When we take a deep breath, we take in more than an MLK multiplied by another MLK worth of molecules. This is also more than the number of stars in the Summ. it took us about ten NRM to be able to evolve ourselves from other primates and another two KN to figure out this number. What is the motivation for the terms MLK, NRM, and KN? They are the initials of Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, and Kwame Nkrumah. We honor the people that these men represent and their great work. You know the accomplishment and dreams of MLK and Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, but you may not have heard of Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana (1957 CE) whose dream was a united States of Source-Eth (Africa). Why can't we realize his dream soon, i.e., by 2020 CE?

From Source-Ken to the Source

As we go forward, we can look back with more clarity, as the Sankofa bird does, and we can now see ahead with more confidence. That is, our history did not begin in 1619 CE when SK arrived in so-called (sc) Virginia as enslaved people. It began 200,000 years ago (two Kn years ago). The first full humans looked much like our sisters and brothers along East SE, from Azania (so-called South Africa) to Ethiopia. They made tools, for which only the stone part still survives. They made art, the remaining of which was protected by caves. Our SK ancestors left other records of their existence some 10,000 generations ago. More important, however, our ancestors' records are also in the DNA of every human being alive today, all seven billion of us (seven percent of a MLK). Some fifteen times before that (three NRM years—three million years), their ancestors put their foot imprints in clay moulds preserved by volcanic ash. They likely did not look much like us; we call them our SKousins. Three times (nine NRM—nine million years) before that their ancestors had relatives common to chimpanzees and bonobos. Just 500 times earlier, the Eth began (on which elemental forms of life started after a mere 500 NRM years). Just less than 1.2 times before the Eth started, the Sun began. Roughly some three times before that, our portion of the Summ (universes) seems to have started. That is, the Summ seems to have started some 13.7 billion years ago (13.7 percent of a MLK years ago). We don't know if that is the start of everything, which is why I write "seems to have." Some scientists guess or believe yes, others, who believe in what are called branes, say no. (Please google "branes.") now, we really don't know. Whatever was before the Summ's existence is, In a causal sense, the Source.

Chapter Two


Source-Eth, SKousins

Our ancestors first came into existence in that most wonderful of all Eths (meaning here lands), Source-Eth (Africa). Not only did our ancestors come into existence in Source-Eth (SE), most all primates also originated in the wonderfully unique and most sacred Eth. SE was the fundamental origin place of the hominids, our SKousins, going back about six to ten NRM (six to ten million) years ago. After leaving SE, some of our SKousins may have continued evolving. Starting one to two NRM years ago, some of our ancestors walked around the Eth (meaning planet Earth) and navigated across the oceans and thereby created the precursors to the Great-Global Source-Ken Family (all humanity). In addition to exploring the Eth, these SKousins used fire for cooking. (The sc neanderthal folk are part of this group. They are popular because some of their evidence was discovered early in neandertal, a small valley near düsseldorf in Germany.) Remains of similar folk also have been found in Georgia (the one near Russia of Joseph Stalin's birthplace), Spain, Indonesia (Java) Vietnam, and China (Beijing aka Peking). In 2010 CE the dnA of neanderthals (some call these beings neandertals) was sequenced. Initial analysis indicates that Homo sapiens within SE contain 100 percent Homo sapiens genes, and Homo sapiens outside of Source-Eth contain 96-99 percent Homo sapiens genes and 1-4 percent neanderthal-type genes. Source-Ken World—SKW—would do well to become the world masters in the study of our SKousins. I will write about SKousins later in this book. We, SKW, call these neanderthal-types our first SKousin. Time expressed as an NRM number designates the SKousin's ordinal number. (First, second, third and so forth are sc ordinal numbers. Our fourth SKousin lived around 4 NRM years ago, for example. Incidentally, one, two, three and so forth are sc cardinal numbers.) Our first through second SKousins are sometimes called Homo erectus. (See the section SKousins for our more complete discussion of our SKousins.) They almost certainly lived in SE around the same time as our third-second SKousins, the sc Homo habilis. Our dear third SKousin, Lutisha, also called Lucy, would be given the horrible labeled Australopithecus meaning Southern Ape.


Excerpted from Righteous Orientation by Alfred Phillips Jr. Copyright © 2011 by Alfred Phillips Jr.. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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