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Rip Squeak and His Friends (Rip Squeak Series)

Rip Squeak and His Friends (Rip Squeak Series)

by Susan Yost-Filgate, Leonard Filgate (Illustrator)

Rip Sqeak is a mouse who develops unconventional friendships with Abbey, a kitten and a frog named Euripides. Learn how it all began in this first Rip Squeak book. English lanugage edition.


Rip Sqeak is a mouse who develops unconventional friendships with Abbey, a kitten and a frog named Euripides. Learn how it all began in this first Rip Squeak book. English lanugage edition.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
This first book in a projected series, the Roaring Adventures of Rip Squeak, by a husband-and-wife team, suffers from a surfeit of cuteness. Rip Squeak and Jesse are brother and sister mice who befriend a lonely kitten one day when her owners are away. Their circle soon expands to include a theatrical frog named Euripedes, after he helps save Jesse from a not-so-fluffy feline. Any excitement that might have been drummed up by the mild adventures the creatures encounter is deflated by leaden descriptions ("they popped popcorn, told silly jokes and laughed so hard it hurt") and an excess of exclamation points. If the text borders on the trite ("If you play a little faster, the piano will make a happy sound and maybe that will make you happy too"), the artwork fares marginally better. Many of Leonard Filgate's paintings reflect a keen eye for composition and color, especially in the outdoor scenes and the endpapers, but the characters assume plush-toy status thanks to such overly precious features as long eyelashes and enormous ears. Ages 4-8. (Oct.) Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Children's Literature
Have you ever wondered what happens when you leave the house? Have you ever wondered what the animals are doing while you're away? This beautifully illustrated book dares to imagine just that. It tells the story of one house whose owners have gone away on vacation and left the cat and some mice and one garden frog alone. Does it sound like a dangerous mixture? Well, what happens next is a series of lively adventures that are driven by fun and imagination. It reminds us that a lot of things can go on while the humans are away. The story itself is wonderful, but the pictures really bring it to life. They are exquisitely crafted and make a reader feel as if she can actually reach out and touch the characters. Leonard Filgate is obviously exceptionally talented and should be commended for the work displayed here. This book really should be a must-have for any collection. 2001, Smallfellow Press, $16.95. Ages 5 up. Reviewer: Sheree Van Vreede
Children's Literature - Beverley Fahey
The humans have left the cottage and Rip Squeak and his sister Jesse have the whole place to themselves. They venture into the kitchen and make the acquaintance of a friendly cat named Abby. The three run to the garden to play among the flowers and butterflies until it rains. Little Jesse, who loves the rain, goes back outside and is almost caught by an angry tomcat until she is rescued by a flamboyant frog, Euripides. For the rest of their fun day together the new friends make popcorn, play the piano, and sing. But the greatest treat of all is when they discover a room full of toys. There they happily play until they fall into an exhausted sleep. The story is simple and straightforward yet lacks any real sense of excitement and adventure. The handsome pastoral images are reminiscent of a more innocent bygone era but are not enough to rescue the story from mediocrity. Reviewer: Beverley Fahey

Product Details

Rip Squeak, Inc.
Publication date:
Rip Squeak Series
Product dimensions:
10.25(w) x 14.25(h) x (d)
Age Range:
4 - 8 Years

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