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by Yosef Gotlieb

Rise is the story of Lilah Kedem, an internationally known photo essayist who returns to Israel after three decades living and working abroad. She seeks to reconcile with her estranged husband, Prof. Naftali Kedem, an opposition leader, and their son, Ido, an officer in an elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces.

Shortly after Lilah's return she and her family fall

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Rise is the story of Lilah Kedem, an internationally known photo essayist who returns to Israel after three decades living and working abroad. She seeks to reconcile with her estranged husband, Prof. Naftali Kedem, an opposition leader, and their son, Ido, an officer in an elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces.

Shortly after Lilah's return she and her family fall victim to both Jewish and Palestinian terror. Lilah resolves to join the search for the elusive extremists - through the lens of her camera. She also becomes involved in a citizen's movement seeking to extricate the society from the perilous course it has been set on.

Lilah's trajectory crosses that of Eli Zedek, a veteran of Israel's security services, who has been assigned to track down the shadowy perpetrators of the brazen attacks. What he finally encounters shakes him, Lilah and their society, a society that emerges stronger and renewed as a result of what it has endured.

Set in today's Israel, Rise is a compelling and inspiring read for anyone concerned about Israel's future and soul.

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Rise 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Lilah Kedem left Israel thirty years ago after she was emotionally decimated by the death of her brother, who died in battle during his military service in Israel. Now, she's come back to initially watch as her husband, with whom she's had an on again off again relationship over the years, in his leadership position in the Israeli government, meets opposition in the government. She also sees how honorably, bravely, and maturely her son, Ido, behaves in his position in an elite division of the Israeli Defense Forces. No, it's not an idyllic reunion at all and days after her return the appalling violence begins that will change all of their lives. Lilah over the years has become a renowned photography journalist, a master at her trade. She decides to take some pictures of Arab and Jewish Israeli women. One Arab woman with stunning blue eyes piques her attention and she takes her picture, only to see a photo of that same woman two days later on the front page of a national newspaper. For this woman was the first victim of those who advertise themselves as Jewish extremists who vow to remove all Arabs from Israel's soil. Eli Zedek is a retired member of Israeli's security forces who is determined, after several even more violent attacks against Arab villages, to find the perpetrators of such horrific acts. At the same time, Lilah and Naftali reunite with Lilah's oldest friend, Micah, and her husband, Issam, an Arab doctor. Their response, after forming a group of both Arabs and Jews to discuss and celebrate the ideas that unite and speak of the best of Israel, is to form a grass-roots movement, called Rise, that will oppose the materialistic, inadequate parties of the Israeli government and force them to acknowledge the desires of the population which for the most part desire peace and an end to the centuries old cycles of rage and death. At first the goals and methods seem rather naive and fantasy-ridden, especially when the reader considers the reality of this regions's history, but little but little the people do rise to indicate this is a dream that can become reality through the union and demands of the many. The final confrontations with the evil force perpetrating the attacks are tense and in one sense unbelievable as the reader cannot guess who is behind the evil appearing as a harbinger of death. Yosef Gotlieb obviously knows his subject very well, is familiar with all the ins and outs, the support and opposition, the materialism, religiosity, and spiritual outlook present in the varied citizens of this war-torn and war-weary land of Israel. He tells an amazing story that should be read by many, a story of rising above the worst that man can demonstrate to create the best that all united can fashion. Wonderful contemporary fiction and well-crafted novel!!!
Madderly-Review More than 1 year ago
Lilah, one of the world's top anthropological photojournalists, gave up family life in Israel to follow her career. Years later, she returns to Israel and the politics that surrounds it. Gotlieb is excellent at showing all points of view in his story and helps the reader understand a bit of what is happening in this strongly contested country. He manages to teach us throughout the book, while keeping us on the edge of our seats.
DubaiReader1 More than 1 year ago
A plea for peace. Rise was an interesting blend of novel and fact, woven around the recent history of the State of Israel. It represents an insider's view of the country and helps put the complicated politics into perspective for those of us who try to understand the problems from outside. Lilah Kedem is an interntionally recognised photographer; recording the happiness and pain of the world through its people. Following the death of her beloved brother in Israel, she had left her country and made her home in US. Her husband, Naftali, a member of the parliamentary opposition in Israel, could not live in the States and so the couple had spent many years living apart. Eventually Lilah decides to join Naftali and her son, Ido, who has, by now, also moved to Israel and a career in the Isareli army. Once in Israel, she reunites with Michah, an old school friend, and together with Michah's husband, Issam, (a Jewish/Arab husband and wife) she becomes immersed in a call for peace within the country. As events appear to be spiralling out of control, they start up a grass-roots organisation, known as Na'aleh, or Rise. The narrative was gripping and informative, but at the same time I did get rather bogged down in the politics around the middle of the story. Although peace between Israel and her neighbours is what we all wish for, I felt a bit like I was recieving a political manifesto at times. In my opinion, books like this play a vital role in helping concerned citizens, world wide, to appreciate the complexities of the Israeli situation. Having read a number of books set both in Israel and Palestine, I hope I am begining to develop a sense of balance. The whole situation is mind-bogglingly complex, but perhaps all it needs is some real determination and a collective will for peace.
garryb More than 1 year ago
Loved the book. It is a compelling & timely read, set in contemporary Israel, politically & socially. Lilah separates from her husband & young son, moves to Boston, immerses herself in her photography & becomes one of the world's foremost anthropological photographers. But after her brother is killed, she returns to Israel where she becomes absorbed in the gripping & popular, democratic grass-roots spring-movement, & personally involved in the struggles against terrorism. There are twists in the plot that will keep the pages turning & the book ends on a cliffhanger, & on a note of potential change. Yossi Gotlieb, an Israeli author, shows that ¿the time has come to rise, help build Israel anew.¿