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Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations, Clinical Risk Management - Exposures and Solutions / Edition 5

Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations, Clinical Risk Management - Exposures and Solutions / Edition 5

by Roberta Carroll, American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), Sylvia M. Brown

ISBN-10: 0787987085

ISBN-13: 9780787987084

Pub. Date: 10/27/2006

Publisher: Wiley

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Table of Contents

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About This Book.

Chapter 1 Patient Safety and the Risk Management Professional: New Challenges and Opportunities (Denise M. Murphy, Katrina Shannon, and Gina Pugliese).

Chapter 2 Risk Management’s Role in Performance Improvement (Peggy Berry Martin and Frank Federico).

Chapter 3 Clinical Crisis Management (June Leigh and Nancy Lagorio).

Chapter 4 Informed Consent as a Loss Control Process (Fay A. Rozovsky).

Chapter 5 Clinical Research—Institutional Review Boards (Sheila Cohen Zimmet).

Chapter 6 The Risk Management Professional and Medication Safety (Hedy Cohen and Nancy Tuohy).

Chapter 7 The Risk Management Professional and Biomedical Technology (Sally T. Trombly).

Chapter 8 Managing Primary Care Risk in the Ambulatory Environment (Robert F. Bunting, Jr. and Joyce H. Benton).

Chapter 9 Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services (Alice L. Epstein and Gary H. Harding).

Chapter 10 Emergency Department Risk Management: Promoting Quality and Safety in a Chaotic Environment (David Lickerman and Stephanie Lickerman).

Chapter 11 Risk Management and Behavioral Health (Robin Burroughs and Bruce W. Dmytrow).

Chapter 12 Managing Risks and Improving Safety in theIntensive Care Unit (Kathleen Shostek and Peter J. Pronovost).

Chapter 13 Management of Risk: Promoting Perinatal Patient Safety (G. Eric Knox, M.D. and Kathleen Rice Simpson).

Chapter 14 Pediatric Risk Management (David Stallings and Jeff Sconyers).

Chapter 15 Patient Safety and Risk Management in the Operating Room (David Earle, M.D., and Mary Lynn Curran).

Chapter 16 Risk Management in the Laboratory (Christine Clark and Laurence Sherman).

Chapter 17 Enhancing Patient Safety in Radiology (Sylvia M. Brown).

Chapter 18 Risk Management Considerations in Home Health Care (Kelley Woodfin).

Chapter 19 Long-Term Care (Kathryn Hyer and Brenda K. Johnson).



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