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Rival Hearts: Quilts of Love Series

Rival Hearts: Quilts of Love Series

4.4 15
by Tara Randel

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Molly Henderson and Ben Weaver have been rival magazine writers for the same publishing group for years. When both come up for the same promotion, they find themselves in an unexpected competition to win the spot. Molly, editor of Quilter’s Heart, and Ben, editor of Outdoor Adventures, must switch roles, each working for the other for one month,


Molly Henderson and Ben Weaver have been rival magazine writers for the same publishing group for years. When both come up for the same promotion, they find themselves in an unexpected competition to win the spot. Molly, editor of Quilter’s Heart, and Ben, editor of Outdoor Adventures, must switch roles, each working for the other for one month, then submit an article at the end of their quests.

Can girly-girl Molly survive the outdoor adventures that Ben has planned? Can Ben navigate the perils of the social dynamics of quilting events without destroying a valuable quilt in one short month? More importantly, in this he-said, she-said situation, will Molly and Ben give in to their attraction and fall in love, no matter who wins?

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Publishers Weekly
In Randel’s (The Lady in the Attic) first contribution to the Quilts of Love series, Molly Henderson is editor of the magazine, Quilter’s Heart. Ben Weaver helms Outdoor Adventures. Both publications are part of the Tampa-based Master’s Publishing empire. Company owner Blake Masterson is poised to launch a new publication, American Legend, and the eccentric publisher has decided to choose as editor-in-chief either long-time employee Molly or newbie Ben using a challenge. Ben will join Molly’s quilting group, and Molly will kayak. Each journey will be chronicled in their respective magazines. As the competition heats up and their staffs pit the boys against the girls, Molly and Ben earn each other’s respect and discover they are not as different as they might have originally thought. Can they ignore their growing attraction and keep focused on the prize? Attentive readers will likely recognize the foreshadowing and guess the conclusion before reaching the halfway mark. Still, Randel’s rich characterizations of Ben and Molly and the complexity of their relationship will keep most readers’ attention long after it becomes obvious who will be the new editor-in-chief. Agency: Steve Laube Agency. (June)

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Quilts of Love Series
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Rival Hearts

Quilts of Love Series

By Tara Randel

Abingdon Press

Copyright © 2014 Tara Spicer
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4267-8736-2


Molly Henderson forced herself to remain still, even though every fiber in her being wanted to scoot to the end of the chair and rattle off at least twenty questions that came to mind. "A challenge?"

Her boss, imposing as he sat in his leather chair behind an enormous mahogany desk, steepled fingers under his chin. Self-satisfaction curved his lips. "Let's call it a little in-house competition between you and Ben. The winner will be editor-in-chief of my new magazine, American Legend."

Pushing her glasses higher on her nose, Molly's gaze darted to Ben Weaver, the man who had just gone from colleague to competitor. His veiled expression showed no emotion. Was he as surprised as she? Of all the topics this meeting could have entailed, informing them of a competition hadn't been one of them.

She'd been surprised by the impromptu call to the boss's office. Equally surprised when she found Ben waiting to attend the same meeting. What a way to start her Wednesday morning.

"My plan is unusual, I know. Both of you are qualified for the position and would do an excellent job." He shrugged. "I decided to put my own spin on the promotion process."

Putting his own spin on things had made Blake Masterson a very successful publisher. His unorthodox style of management set him apart in the publishing world, but somehow it worked for him. Mid-fifties, self-made, and very popular in the Tampa Bay area for his publicity stunts. The stunts captivated the public, but always brought notice to charitable organizations and needs in the community. The man had a savvy mind and knew how to use it to keep his company in the limelight.

"As you know, Master's Publishing is ready to expand with a new magazine. I need people focused for the long haul to get the magazine up and running and to handle day-to-day operations afterward. You have both proven valuable in your current editorial roles and I want to see where this challenge will take you."

Molly bit back a sigh. She'd been with Master's Publishing for eight years now, four as senior editor and writer for Quilter's Heart Magazine. She loved working for the company, but steered clear of Mr. Masterson's publicity stunts. She had seniority; her longevity alone should give her first shot at the position. But a competition involving her? Honestly, she'd never been very good at any endeavor outside her comfort zone, which consisted of working behind the scenes or immersing herself in a quilting project. Given the determined look on her boss's face, his grand plan would definitely be uncomfortable for her.

But not for her soon-to-be rival.

She sneaked another peek at Ben. Tall, built, tan, and extremely masculine. Not to mention the most soulful brown eyes she'd ever seen. Yes, the man was handsome. But his ego? Another story all together.

They'd rubbed each other the wrong way since the first day he stormed into Master's Publishing six months ago to take over as senior editor and head writer of Outdoor Adventures Magazine. He'd smiled his confident smile and acted like he owned the place. He assured Mr. Masterson his former freelance writing and television experience would increase circulation of his magazine and far outsell all the other magazines published by Master's, including "the little quilting magazine," as he referred to Molly's magazine. He made friends with all the staff, frequently took over meetings, and whenever she tried to make suggestions, he smiled down at her, not taking her seriously. She never let on how much he bugged her, but, boy, did he bug her. And now a competition? Ben would relish any out-of-the-box trial thrown his way. This was so unfair.

"I've been very impressed with both of you. Our sales have increased due to both your efforts and we've already made a presence with our digital editions.

"Ben, before you took on Outdoor Adventures, I was ready to pull the brand, but the articles are entertaining and well-written. The results have increased the circulation and advertising revenue. Of course, your past foray into the cable television show Extreme Survivors helped ramp up circulation. After watching you on TV, I jumped at the chance to lure you onboard. Nothing like having a mini-celebrity on staff."

Yes, Molly knew that part, since everyone in the office talked about him.

Mr. Masterson grinned, as if Ben's fame would benefit him. "I allowed you to fulfill your prior commitments when you first took the job, but since the traveling has wound down, we're happy to have you in the office full-time."

Some people, Molly thought.

"I have to give credit to Charlie," Ben said as he leaned back in his chair. "He kept the magazine going while I finished up my schedule."

"Always good to have a competent assistant, especially one who knows what readers want. Since you've shown your dedication, I thought you might want a shot at the new position."

"Yes sir, I would," he said, his smile dazzling.

"Good. Good." Mr. Masterson turned to Molly.

"Molly, you've been here since you started as an intern. When you came up with the idea for a quilting magazine, I have to say I wasn't convinced the market could sustain it. But you kept after me and proved me wrong. Who knew crafts were so popular? You've built a readership and the numbers keep growing, but you haven't quite gotten to the place where readers connect you with Master's Publishing.

"Your monthly Dear Reader column is great but it's time to take your relationship with your readers to the next level. I know you're working on a special project to connect with readers, but let's up the ante. Get them behind you."

Which Ben, with his high profile in the extreme sports world, had already done in just six months.

"Even though both magazines are regional, as editors, I'm sure you'd like to work on a bigger project like American Legend. You both have a knack for finding in-depth human-interest stories to touch your particular readers. Just the type of content I want for my new magazine. Stories featuring ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their lives—not expecting accolades—just doing what comes naturally. I want stories of derring-do, faith-based stories, tearjerkers whenever possible. You'll be given a chance to shine as an editor as well as moving up in the company."

Rumors had infiltrated the office for weeks now that Mr. Masterson had something in the works. Speculation about the new magazine ran the gamut from parenting advice, to the auto industry, even a new comic book division. With Mr. Masterson's love for giving back to the community, American Legend was a perfect choice for his reputation. And while Molly appreciated the idea, she still had questions.

"Could you be more specific?" she asked, still unsure about her part in this latest development. "About the challenge?"

With pen and paper in hand to jot down notes perhaps affecting her future with the publisher, she waited patiently. She loved being an editor, loved her magazine. But a promotion? Who wouldn't jump at the chance?

"Out of all our inventory of magazines, both of yours are the most popular. Top sellers, actually. And polar opposites. So I thought, why not have my two top editors switch places? Molly, you belong to a quilting group, right? The one you've mentioned in your column?"


Mr. Masterson turned to Ben. "You will join Molly's quilting group. Let's find out if those outdoor skills of yours translate into sewing and producing a well-made finished product."

"Quilting?" Ben raised a questioning eyebrow.

Oh, her friends would love this. Her boss had no idea of the dynamics in an all-female gathering. Ben might be used to his rough-and-tumble world, where strength and experience with Mother Nature gave him the upper hand in the wilderness. Spending an hour with suburban moms who talked about love, life, kids, what to make for dinner, and what their husbands were in trouble for, might send him screaming into the sunset. She'd seen the caged look on many faces of men forced to spend too much together time in a room with chatty women. Ben didn't know it yet, but he'd just signed up for an adventure very few men could withstand and survive to tell the tale.

"Right now you're working on the next issue of Outdoor Adventures, which features ..." Mr. Masterson glanced down at his notes. "Kayaking?"


"Perfect. Molly—"

Please, please, please, not sports. No physical activities. Anything but the outdoors. Her pulse rate elevated and she held her breath while she braced herself.

"—we'll get you hooked up with a local kayaking event. Since Ben already has some activities lined up for the next issue, here's a perfect opportunity to show me what you're made of."

"Kayaking?" Molly croaked, echoing Ben's earlier response to his challenge.

"Afterward, we'll showcase your individual journeys in your magazines." Mr. Masterson shot them a teasing wink. "I do love publicity. And friendly competition."

Molly gripped her pen. Friendly? More like a battle of the sexes if you asked her. One she doubted Ben would make easy. He took on a challenge the way an explorer took on the jungle, divide and conquer. No way could she kayak a few feet from shore, let alone with some major activity cooked up by Ben. She doubted she could get in the thing without tipping over.

"You'll each have four weeks to complete your tasks. At the end of the month, I'll review your progress and name the new editor-in-chief. Any questions?"

Ben spoke up first. "Yes, sir. Where will my new office be located?"

"Your office?" Molly sputtered.

He smiled at her. "Yes. My office."

"Don't you mean my new office space?" she countered.

Mr. Masterson stood. "Both of you follow me."

He led them down the hallway from his office. All the offices on this floor were for upper management, while one story down housed the other departments, including her office and Ben's. Once they reached their destination, Masterson stood to the side as he opened the door with a grand flourish. Ben, his eyes bright with success, motioned for Molly to enter ahead of him. The more confident he appeared, the more steamed she became. No way would she let him win.

The vacant office had more square feet than both Molly and Ben's current offices combined. Wide windows overlooked downtown Tampa, offering a glimpse of the vast city spread out before them. Bright sunlight glinted off Tampa Bay, where boats zigzagged across clear azure water. From a closer view, eleven stories below, cars moved in a steady stream of traffic alongside a city park dotted with benches located under palm trees and plenty of grassy area before ending at the banks of the Hillsborough River.

Standing before the windows, Molly savored the sunshine and forced herself to calm down. Her inside office had no windows while Ben had managed to procure an outer office with one window. What she wouldn't give for this spectacular view every day.

Ben might be Mr. Masterson's bright, shining star, but Molly had grown tired of working her tail off with little reward. As much as she loved Quilter's Heart, lately she'd been antsy. Ready for a change. A challenge would shake up her life, hopefully in a good way. And the best outcome? To beat out Ben for the job.

She turned just in time to see Ben place his briefcase on the empty desk, remove a clear plastic cube with a baseball inside, and set it on the smooth surface. His gaze met hers, telling her with no words necessary he'd marked the place as his. She bit back a retort because their boss hovered in the doorway, but she vowed to make him eat those unspoken words.

"Before you two plan your individual battle strategies, I suggest you return to your desks and figure out the logistics of the challenge." Mr. Masterson motioned for them to exit the office. "I'll stay in the loop to see how you're both progressing. I may want to tweak things a bit as the competition heats up."

Bad enough she had to compete, but knowing Mr. Masterson might throw in a game changer somewhere along the line? Great. Just great.

Being dismissed, Molly walked on shaky legs, allowing Ben to precede her. He couldn't know how her boss's grand scheme, or Ben's confidence in assuming he'd won the challenge before it had started, rattled her. Never had she imagined she'd have to prove herself in such an unusual way. She'd been a loyal employee for years. Had doubled the circulation of her magazine in her time as editor. Shouldn't her work ethic have merit in her boss's decision?

She joined Ben by the elevator, tugging the lapels of her jacket over her blouse. Her mind ran in so many different directions, she couldn't focus on any one thought. She glanced up to watch the progress of the elevator as numbers lit up above the door, trying to ignore the hunky man who now worked against her. Ben hadn't said much after the question in Mr. Masterson's office and the silence grated on her sensitive nerves.

Finally, he turned her way.

"Do you have anything planned right now?"

"Just heading back to my office."

"Mind if I tag along? We can discuss the challenge details."

Details. Right. If only she could ignore him like she wanted to. Suspicious, she asked, "Why my office?"

He chuckled. "Either will do. I thought you might be more comfortable hammering out the details on your own turf."

Oh, sure. Now he decides to be accommodating, unlike his confident assumption he'd be moving into the upstairs office. "Fine."

The elevator doors parted and Ben nodded for her to board first. He entered, pressed the button for their floor and the doors slid shut, followed by a jerk of movement.

Molly stared at her fuzzy reflection in the metal doors. Why did these things always feel so small? And why did Ben have to stand so close? His shoulder brushed hers, but she held her ground. No way would she shy away from him.

Instead, she tapped her foot to the canned music playing some oldie but goodie.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"No. Just enjoying the music."

"You're off beat."

She stopped. Stood stiffly. "Guess we all can't be good at everything."

He chuckled again.

The close confines made her antsy. When the doors opened, she hoofed it to her office. Once inside, she relaxed. Her turf indeed.

To one side, a comfy armchair and end table neatly displayed the most recent issues of Quilter's Heart magazine. Along the opposite wall, a long table held a sewing caddy with her quilting supplies and an assortment of folded fabric on top. Fresh potpourri scented the air. As she closed the door, the busy sounds from the office diminished. She smoothed her skirt and took a seat behind her desk, adjusting the desk calendar containing daily Scriptures.

Her domain. Her little place in the vast world of publishing. Small as it might be, everything was neat and tidy, in its place, just the way she liked it.

Until Ben walked in and stirred up her senses with a megadose of testosterone.

Why did she let him get to her? He'd grabbed her attention right from the first day they'd met, thinking how fun it would be to work with a handsome, world-traveling guy. Until he opened his mouth and ticked her off. Since then she'd done her best to ignore him, but right now, his very male presence in her very female office had her hormones in an uproar.

Hiding her reaction from Ben, she pulled her best business face and motioned for him to take a seat in the chair before her desk.

His large hand pulled the chair back a few inches to make room for his long legs. Today he wore a pastel blue button-down shirt with navy slacks and loafers. Almost like he knew to dress up for the meeting, since he usually wore more casual, athletic clothes to the office. But he didn't know about the meeting, so, of course, he couldn't have planned his wardrobe.

And did he have to smell so good? His sandalwood cologne had distracted her from the moment she took a seat next to him in Mr. Masterson's office, just as it did now.


With a flick of her hand, she centered her pen and pad on the desktop before brushing her hair from her shoulder, waiting for him to speak.

"So what do you think about Masterson's idea?" he asked, as he lowered himself into the chair.


Excerpted from Rival Hearts by Tara Randel. Copyright © 2014 Tara Spicer. Excerpted by permission of Abingdon Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Tara Randel is the author of five romance novels including Lasting Love, Melody of Love and This Time Love. A member of ACFW, Tara is also the lead author of the new Annie’s Mysteries series (see AnniesMysteries.com). Tara lives in New Port Richey, Florida.

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Rival Hearts: Quilts of Love Series 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
D-B1 More than 1 year ago
An outstanding, beautifully written, romantic, inspirational story that I received free through Goodreads First Reads. Molly Henderson and Ben Weaver are in an unusual competition to be editor in chief for a new magazine in Master's Publishing. Molly is senior editor and writer for Quilter's Heart Magazine, and Ben is senior editor and writer for Outdoor Adventures Magazine. Molly and Ben are going to switch places. Ben is going to join Molly's quilting group and sew and produce a well-made finished product. Molly is going to join and participate in a local kayaking event. Molly and Ben have four weeks to complete their tasks and then write an article. As Molly and Ben switch places and their lives become intertwined, their feelings for each other strengthen. Can Ben learn to sew and make a quilt? Is Molly going to be able to kayak without tipping over? What will happen to their relationship when one of them wins and the other one loses the competition? Read the amazing, highly recommended, wonderfully written, inspirational love story of Molly and Ben in Rival Hearts by Tara Randel.
MitziAB More than 1 year ago
5 stars ***** out of 5 Contemporary romance This story was a fun one to read. Both Molly and Ben are placed in situations way beyond their comfort zones, and the way they not only learn to cope, but also enjoy their various activities is thrilling to watch. Doing the outdoor stuff that the editor required of Molly was also way out of my own comfort zone, and I definitely sympathized with her. It was amazing though to see how her relationship with her brother was strengthened. I could not put the story down as I eagerly read on to see how they would face their challenges and how the victory of becoming editor-in-chief do the new magazine American Legend would turn out. And no, you can not google it to find the answer. You can only find out by reading Rival Hearts. This is another of the Quilts of Love series. Each one is unique, stand alone, and very worthy of your time!Of all the stories in the series I have read, I think this is my favorite so far. Great novel I received this Ebook free from Abingdon Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A positive critique is not required. The opinions are my own
Eneliya More than 1 year ago
This story is about two people being placed in challenging roles in order to win a desired new position within their company.  During their journeys, they discovery themselves and their feelings for each other.  This was a very sweet story and easy read.  It is a clean romance novel with mild drama and big heart.  While the ending was predictable, it was satisfying.  Faith was a big part of the story, but done without being preachy at all.  I would absolutely read more from this author. I received this book from Net Galley via Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.
VicG More than 1 year ago
Tara Randel in her new book, “Rival Hearts” Book Nineteen in the Quilts of Love Series published by Abingdon Press brings us into the lives of Molly Henderson and Ben Weaver. From the back cover:   They both want the promotion. But will they find out that it is worth the cost? Molly Henderson and Ben Weaver have been rival magazine writers for the same publishing group for years. When both come up for the same promotion, they find themselves in an unexpected competition to win the spot. Molly, editor of Quilter’s Heart, and Ben, editor of Outdoor Adventures, must switch roles, each working for the other for one month, then submit an article at the end of their quests. Can girly-girl Molly survive the outdoor adventures that Ben has planned? Can Ben navigate the perils of the social dynamics of quilting events without destroying a valuable quilt in one short month? More importantly, in this he-said, she-said situation, will Molly and Ben give in to their attraction and fall in love, no matter who wins? This book is the kind of movie that Hollywood used to make back in the 40′s and 50′s. You can almost see Barbara Stanwyck as Molly, possibly Clark Gable as Ben.  Molly and Ben are competitors.  They each have made their own little niche in the world by the quality of the magazine they edit.  Now they are being given the chance at a new magazine but only if they switch places for a month.  This is the set-up for a great deal of humor and also the chance for much stretching outside individual comfort zones.  Both Molly and Ben learn about themselves as well as others while learning about the barriers they put up to keep from being bruised emotionally.  All of the characters are terrific and the plot is very enjoyable as well as being  interesting and exciting as well. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Litfuse Publicity Group.   I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
barbjan10 More than 1 year ago
A CAPTIVATING STORY OF RIVAL, ROMANCE & REWARD!! Rival Hearts is my first read from author Tara Randel, a writer of five previous romance novels.  When initially requested to read and review the story, the title left me curious; however, I soon discovered the story well defined by its title.  Ben Masterson, chief editor for Masterson Publishing Company pits a dualistic competition of sorts between employs and colleagues Molly Henderson, editor of Quilter’s Heart, and Ben Weaver, editor of Outdoor Adventures.  Masterson dangles the bait of the editor-in-chief of a new magazine, American Legend for the winner of this bout.  The winner to be determined on one condition –Molly and Ben must switch roles for 30 days and write an article about the experience.   Masterson deems himself judge over the contest and outcome.  The switch means for Molly learning how to navigate a kayak and Ben to create a quilt. Switching places!  Was this a fair process of determining a winner?  Molly had longevity as an employee of Masterson Publishing and Ben was a recent employ with only background experience as a world traveler in sports and outdoor adventures – oh yes, there is the time he hosted that TV series, Extreme Survivalist. Thirty days……that seems an impossible task for each in that time limit – unrealistic.  These might have been questions both contestants thought privately, at least in my own thoughts.  Nevertheless - the race is on! Molly and Ben share little in common.  Both have scars buried deep from their childhood.  Ben lost his parents tragically at a young age, now exhausted from moving from place to place; while Molly was a sickly child feeling unloved and a disappointment to her parents  Ben had no siblings, while Molly admired her much older brother and longed for his approval.  With private battles of their own, the two diverse competitors go through intense and humorous battles while chasing the bait dangled before them.  This becomes a captivating story about rival, romance, and reward. Molly indeed has a quilter’s heart….soft and quiet…and as complex as a quilted design.  With sensitivity toward the downtrodden, she spent many hours as a compassionate volunteer. Molly’s faith in God leads her on a path toward a talent for quilting – the joy of her life.  Ben enters the scene with unknowns – and his personality, likes and dislikes seem to come in sporadic revealing throughout the story.  He is due for a valuable lesson in more than quilting from Nora and the women of Molly’s Christian quilting group.   What surprised me was the rapport between Molly and Ben….helping each other behind the scenes…until sabotage happened, derailing the trust and budding romance between them, each believing the other had been dishonest and manipulative.  Ben and Molly truly become rivals….until the intervention of God, family, friends, and other characters to reveal the saboteur and change the whole game.  Ms. Randel’s story would appeal to any age group.  Her writing is clean, fun, thoughtful and even a bit intriguing.  Script was slow and repetitive at times, but so is real life.  Personally, I felt the background details about the protagonists were more vital to my enjoyment of the book than the competition.  At my age, perhaps it is less about the romance and more about the characters “whys” of their decisions.  My fulfillment is when God has led to the making of the right decisions.  My gratitude goes to Tara Randel for penning the best in the genre I enjoy reading. Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity Group for an honest review.
Laura_Pol More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the storyline of Rival Hearts! From the beginning I fell in love with Molly and slowly I fell in love with Ben too! They were both great main characters that had me rooting for them in the competition and hurting with life's disappointments! Tara did an amazing job in having such a powerful message about the need for community in our lives! Like Molly I sometimes forget the beauty and gift of having family around all the time where there are people who wish they could say they have family! I personally can't quilt, but love reading books that involve quilting and Rival Hearts did not disappoint! It was really interesting to see what Molly did as an editor for a quilting magazine! I so loved her design idea that takes up much of her time! Overall I really enjoyed this novel! There was some mild action, romance, and the need for community within our lives! *(I received this novel from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for my honest review! All thoughts expressed are my own opinions and I was not required to write a positive review!)*
RandomAmb More than 1 year ago
Rival Hearts is the latest release in the Quilts of Love series. The story features 2 main characters–Molly Henderson and Ben Weaver. They are both magazine editors in line for a promotion, and the boss decides to pit them against each other in a crazy challenge. On a deeper level, the book is about each character’s journey towards a healthier, stronger, and ultimately better version of themselves. This is the first Quilts of Love title I’ve read, and it also served as my introduction to Tara Randel’s work. I really enjoyed Rival Hearts. It’s just over 200 pages long, so it can be read in an afternoon or evening. The writing flows well and allows the reader to become immersed in the story. Situations are never stretched out too long, and I never felt a lull or empty space in the book. I was impressed by Randel’s ability to keep me interested, engaged, and happy with the story. I fell for these characters and I think you will, too! I highly recommend this book to fans of christian romance, christian contemporaries, and competition love stories. Give it a shot! *I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Two successful magazine publishers, one male, one female both with very different magazine profiles, suddenly find themselves competing for the same promotions as Editor-in-Chief for the launch of a new magazine, American Legend. For Molly Henderson, writer for Quilter's Heart, this promotion would be a validation for all the years she has worked for Master's Publishing. She took a novel idea and launched a successful magazine that has highlighted the friendship that women encounter whenever they read it. It not only showcases beautiful quilt designs but also the stories behind the women that create them. However she is not the outdoor type in any sense of the word. For Ben Weaver, writer for Outdoor Adventures, the true manly man who loves the thrill of adventure in any sport, the more extreme the better. Bouncing back from his television series Extreme Survialist, he has taken Outdoor Adventures to new heights with his reader base. After just being with Master's Publishing for six months, he is running a competitive edge along side Molly's magazine. He knows with his popularity, taking on the challenge of American Legend, will create a permanent place for him instead of constantly being on the road traveling. However the last thing he understands is what fabric types to use and how do you put a quilt together anyway. But Blake Masterson is always on the look out for a way to drive in more publicity so he decides the only way he can make the right decision on who should get the position is to create a competition between Molly and Ben. They will have thirty days to change places, and Molly will need to lead a kayak expedition and then write about it, while Ben will need to create a quilt all by himself and then write the article about his experience. At the end of the thirty days, whoever has done the most with their task will get the new position. So now instead of being rival colleagues, they are now rival competitors and may the best man or woman win! But it's not going to be an easy task for either of them working outside of their comfort zones. Who will win? I received Rival Hearts by Tara Randel compliments of Abingdon Press and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are my own. I absolutely love the premise behind this novel. It is a first for me being introduced to the writing of Tara Randel but it definitely won't be the last by a long shot. I love the competitive nature that both Molly and Ben possess with each of them having the drive to do whatever it takes to gain the promotion they both desire. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for a manly man to take on quilting! That is where the humor comes into play and soon the entire office chooses sides between man versus woman and the laughter ensues. What comes out of the novel at the end showcases that the best choice may not always be the best one for the winner. I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. This is the nineteenth novel in the Quilts of Love Series and each can be read in any order.
mustlovetoread More than 1 year ago
Rival Hearts By: Tara Randel A great book about community, friendship, rivalry, and love. We need all these components to figure out who we are, to feel connected to the people we come in contact with, and to know what we stand for. When Molly Henderson and Ben Weaver are pitted against each other to win the office promotion, sparks start to fly. Molly has to take on Ben’s outdoor’s activity for his adventure magazine and Ben has to take on quilting for Molly’s quilting magazine. Can they survive the challenge without losing their hearts to each other? Or will the rivalry pull them further apart? In order for Molly to win her part of the competition, she has to depend on her brother to coach her. She is not the outdoorsy type, but she is determined to win that coveted office on the top floor with the awesome view. From her growing up years, there has been a strain between Molly and her brother. Everything came easy to him and he had their parents’ approval. Molly had to fight for everything but was still not recognized for her accomplishments. She found a quilting circle of women who took her in and taught her quilting and about God’s love. Before Ben’s parents died while he was in college, they traveled. After their death, he continued traveling, not having close friends or family. If he didn’t stay in one place too long, he didn’t have time to think about his loss. Taking on the quilting challenge puts him in close proximity to others on a personal basis. Will he survive the challenge of spending time with a circle of women bound to learn all they can about him? Can he keep his distance or will he learn having friends and a close community strengthens and connects him? Molly’s mom kept her at arm’s length. She in turn kept others behind a formidable wall. Ben had been hurt by a past love and built walls around his heart that no one could get through. Molly and Ben needed to be reminded of God’s unconditional love. Both come to depend on others to help them complete their challenges in order to be in the running for the promotion, but during the competition they both learn what is important to them. Will they act on what they learn, or is it all about the coveted office? Pick up this great book today to find out. I read it in one afternoon. I couldn’t put the book down. Tara Randel pulls you into Molly’s and Ben’s life and I couldn’t stop until knew how it ended. I received this book free from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
Rival Hearts by Tara Randel I have read most of the other books in this series and like the diversity of the settings and the whole learning how the quilt plays the main character. This story is about Ben who's just returned to the Miami area and wants to grow roots there with the publishing company he works for. He's the outdoor extreme sports editor. Molly is the quilt editor for that section of the publishing firm and she's heavily involved with other community agencies donating all her time for the cause of helping others. They are both thrown a loop when the president of the company throws them into competition against one another. She must learn how to kayak and he must learn how to quit. There are only so many hours in a day and time is of the essence as the competition heats up. They are also thrown together and have to spend more time covering for the president at his many events that he's not able to attend himself. Love that Molly finds out why her mother always felt so cold to her and how they resolve that. Ben tags along a lot as she does other volunteer work and they get to talk to one another to find out why the other wants the lead position with the new office. Getting out of your comfort zone-Love also that the quilts will go to Second Chances and for all it stands for. I am a great volunteer myself. Quite a surprise when the winner is announced! Handful of characters, easy to follow all the stories. Excerpt of the next A Grand Design is also included at the end. I received this book from Net Galley via Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Their eccentric boss has them trading places in a contest for a promotion... Ben, an adrenaline junkie, has to successfully complete sewing a quilt. And
iblog4books More than 1 year ago
I love the idea of a competition evolving into a friendship or romance, and Rival Hearts promised to be an intriguing blend of both. I found Molly easy to relate to since she was constantly trying to please everyone around her—often at the expense of what she wanted to do. I find myself doing the same thing at times! What I didn't really understand was the dynamic between Molly and the rest of her family. It never really made sense to me, and I would have loved for this aspect of the book to be more thoroughly explored. Ben was an interesting character. Initially, I was annoyed by him, but as the book progressed, I liked him much better. He ended up being very sweet and misunderstood. However, as much as I wanted to get totally caught up in this story, I just couldn't. I felt like there was a lot of "telling" at times rather than showing through the story. Rival Hearts was a good "one time" read for me, and many will enjoy it, I'm sure. [3 stars] I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through Litfuse Publicity in exchange for my fair and honest review.
J_Augustine More than 1 year ago
Love this series! Another wonderful edition to the Quilts Of Love series. I have come to enjoy each of the books in the series and this one was no exception. Rival Hearts is a humorous and thoughtful tale of rivalry, love, and forgiveness. I absolutely loved the idea for the quilt that is such an integral part of Rival Hearts. When you read the story you will quickly understand just why the quilt means so much to Molly. Kinda made me think/wish about making one with a similar idea. Tara Randel has penned a perfect story for spending an afternoon curled up under your own quilt to reading. Whether you are a quilter, love them, or just love a good book, you are in for a treat with Rival Hearts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beautifully constructed love story between two competitors Ben and Molly. Competing for what? To be editor in chief for Master's Publishing. Since both of them are senior editors and writer; Molly Quilter's Heart Magazine and Ben Outdoor Magazine, they switched places. Molly has to participate in a local kayaking event and Ben has to quilt and sew. Now this is a story you need to read and let me tell you I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ben did Molley a big favor, his arrogance help her break out of her shell. Such a cute story, opposite do attracts. Easy read, writing flowed smoothly that it captured the right emotions and aggressiveness and trust. Thank you, Darlene Cruz. Won this book on Goodreads, First Read Giveaway.
PianoLady831 More than 1 year ago
Rival Hearts, part of the Quilts of Love series, is a fairly quick and easy read, but with an interesting premise. Molly and Ben are invited to leave their comfort zones in order to compete for the same job - for Molly, that involves learning to kayak; for Ben, learning to quilt. Their boss, Mr. Masterson, informs them:  "You both have a knack for finding in-depth human-interest stories to touch your particular readers. . . . You'll be given a chance to shine as an editor as well as moving up in the company."  Molly felt that she had been proving herself all her life, that her accomplishments were  always secondary compared to a brother who excelled at everything. Ben had grown tired of traveling and was looking for a sense of permanence by putting down roots. My favorite parts were Nora and her quilting circle, a group of older women that had become Molly’s second family, and also the way Molly and her brother reconnected. And of course I love the quilts, which are the foundation of this series. Molly explains:  "Every year I make a quilt and auction it off at the local Charity Expo. I got an idea to have my readers send in a piece of fabric holding emotional significance to them, along with the story to go with it."  But for some reason, I couldn't get emotionally caught up in this story. Molly wasn't a character I enjoyed, although I did admire her commitment and work with Second Chances. Ben comes across as over confident and arrogant at first, but his character improved as the story progressed. What I really wanted to see, though, was his spiritual journey, and that was lacking. Many fans of the Quilts of Love series will probably enjoy this story, although it was a weaker addition for me. Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.