River of No Return: A Jake Trent Novel

River of No Return: A Jake Trent Novel

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by David Riley Bertsch

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A Wyoming fishing guide must return to his investigative roots to find his best friend’s girlfriend in this “nonstop adventure and suspenseful page-turner that leaves the reader breathless” (Library Journal, starred review).

High season is coming to an end when Jake Trent, “a fishing guide with a shadowy past, is lured into an


A Wyoming fishing guide must return to his investigative roots to find his best friend’s girlfriend in this “nonstop adventure and suspenseful page-turner that leaves the reader breathless” (Library Journal, starred review).

High season is coming to an end when Jake Trent, “a fishing guide with a shadowy past, is lured into an explosive situation” (Kirkus Reviews). As the ex-lawyer ponders rekindling his romance with park ranger Noelle Kimpton, a surprise call from a long-lost love throws his life into disarray. It’s been years since Jake last saw Divya Navaysam at their law school graduation. Now a DC lobbyist, Divya wants Jake to come to Washington for a consulting job. He books a ticket, wondering what she is keeping from him.

Meanwhile, back in Jackson, Jake’s best friend and occasional employee, J.P., is nursing his own romantic wounds. J.P. has fallen head over heels for Esma, but after a perfect summer together, she has returned to her native Mexico—and before long she drops off the grid completely. Has something terrible happened to her? When local police offer little help, a distraught J.P. turns to Jake. Jake must find Esma and manage a heated relationship with his ex-flame in order to solve the crisis.

David Riley Bertch’s second installment in the Jake Trent series is a rollicking thriller—with a twisting plotline involving immigration, overpopulation, dirty politicians, and international intrigue. This wide-ranging novel is a “vivid…breezy read” (Associated Press) with “a cast of characters to rival any political crime drama on television today” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Bertsch rewards his readers’ patience in his second thriller featuring former prosecutor Jake Trent (after 2013’s Death Canyon). Trent has found a new, quieter, life as a fishing guide in Wyoming, but his life becomes much less sedate after an old flame, Divya Navaysam, asks him to meet her in Washington, D.C. Divya wants Trent to help her with a group opposed to a plan by an ambitious senator who advocates funding to develop technology that could track illegal immigrants. Divya’s allies fear that the creation of SafeTrak will start the country down a slippery slope toward Orwellian surveillance of the entire population. Meanwhile, Jackson, Wyo., police chief Roger Terrell and his wife travel to China to represent their community on an odd tour that lands them in a bizarre village made up to look just like their hometown. The unrelated plot lines end up fitting together logically and smoothly, and Trent is convincing both as a man of action and as one of thought. Agent: Margaret Riley, William Morris Endeavor. (Jan.)
Associated Press Staff
"Vivid scenery and a likable protagonist mark the second book in a series by David Riley Bertsch. . . . A breezy read with locales shifting from Jackson Hole to China, Washington, and Idaho . . . bright writing."
From the Publisher
Praise for the Jake Trent series:
Killer Nashville
"This story is so good, I'm not sure how Bertsch is going to top it. . . . What starts small blows up to world-ending proportions. . . . There is a long career ahead for this new writer."
Andrew Pyper
"River of No Return in fact offers considerable returns: brisk plotting and snappy chatter and characters worth hanging out with. David Riley Bertsch has nailed his Jake Trent world, and it's a fizzily entertaining one."
Michael McGarrity
“Set in the beautiful Wyoming high country, Death Canyon introduces Jake Trent, a smart and savvy protagonist, in a twisting, turning, murderous tale that thriller readers will love."
Craig Johnson
"Stacks up bodies faster than cordwood and deftly threads together an investigation like a premium hand-tied fly."
Suspense Magazine
"A true thrill ride. Readers will definitely look forward to the next book in this series. From this first tale, it looks like Jake Trent will be the next in line for suspense/thriller readers to adore!"
Neil McMahon
“Shoots straight at the heart of America’s love affair with our national parks--and reminds us that beyond the tourist attractions lies true wilderness: vast, remote, and full of dangerous animals–especially the kind that walk on two legs. This is a harrowing journey into that world, written by an insider who knows where the tracks lead.”
"Bertsch is a talented writer who creates tangible, likable characters in Jake and Noelle; a steady stream of action; and lush descriptions of the Jackson Hole area . . ."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"All the elements of a successful thriller..... Bertsch has developed strong characters in Jake, Noelle and Police Chief Roger Terrell."
Pinal County Reads
"If you enjoy Western mysteries, it is a must."
Alfred Hitchcock Magazine
"The mutual attraction of Jake and Noelle throws off some nice sparks."
Library Journal
★ 12/01/2014
In this second installment of the series (after Death Canyon), Wyoming fishing guide and ex-lawyer Jake Trent answers a call from an old flame and gets caught up in international intrigue and several missing persons cases. The fun begins when lobbyist Divya Navaysam requests Jake's presence in Washington, DC, to help defeat legislation proposed by an Idaho congressman who wants to implant tracking devices in the bodies of immigrants. Back home in Jackson Hole, Jake's best friend, J.P., needs assistance in locating his girlfriend who has gone missing on her return from Mexico. Meanwhile, something has happened to Jackson police chief Roger Terrell and his wife while they were on a public relations junket in China, and there are unanswered questions about a mysterious dead wolf found in the Tetons. Using skills from his days with the Office of Special Investigations, Jake uncovers the mind-boggling connections among the corrupt politician, a Chinese businessman, the missing girl, and a microchip in the dead wolf. VERDICT Bertsch skillfully twines the subplots and characters into a nonstop adventure and a suspenseful page-turner that leaves the reader breathless. This is a winner, especially for C.J. Box fans.—Patricia Ann Owens, formerly with Illinois Eastern Community Colls., Mt. Carmel
Kirkus Reviews
A fishing guide with a shadowy past is lured into an explosive situation. Jake Trent is a former prosecutor who once worked with a powerful group investigating and sometimes meting out punishment for high crimes. Now he lives outside Jackson, Wyoming, runs a B&B and tries to live a peaceful life. In his first adventure (Death Canyon, 2013), he teamed with park ranger Noelle Klimpton, but his cold feet put their love affair on hold. Now Divya Navaysam, a lover from his past, begs him to come to Washington, D.C., and help work against Idaho senator Rick Canart's plan to track illegal immigrants with microtechnology first manufactured in China and code-named Shar Pei. Jake is only too happy to go home again when he gets a desperate cry for help from his friend J.P., who's keeping an eye on the B&B. After sending a text saying she's on her way home from Mexico, J.P.'s girlfriend, Esma, has failed to show up, and a search deep in the mountains almost gets both Jake and J.P. killed. Meanwhile, Jackson Police Chief Roger Terrell and his wife, Charlotte, have been invited to China to visit a theme park based on Jackson Hole. Its owner, Xiao, is a powerful man who holds them hostage to ensure the return of his brilliant daughter Meirong, who'd moved to Jackson and gone missing. Divya joins Xiao in pressuring Jake to find Meirong. But whom can Jake trust when the FBI, the CIA and the Chinese are all after Meirong and the dangerous secrets she holds? A majestic setting, plenty of action and a scary look at the possibilities of new technologies.
C.J. Box
"David Riley Bertsch's first novel Death Canyon offers evocative Rocky Mountain themes, a spot-on sense of place, brilliant fly-fishing scenes, and characters you just want to root for. Welcome aboard, Dave Bertsch."

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David Riley Bertsch, a native of Pittsburgh, graduated from Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Since 2009 he has lived in Jackson, Wyoming, where he is a professional fly-fishing guide. He is the author of Death Canyon and River of No Return.

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River of No Return: A Jake Trent Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Bloggabook More than 1 year ago
I'll go ahead and say it. I'm a Jake Trent fan now. This is the first book I have read with this character. I'll go back and read the first book while I am waiting on the next one to come out. There are a few interesting story lines here. At first they seem a little far fetched for this backwoods type tale but they come together so well. All the characters are so deep that you can even smell the dog when he is being discussed. The background of Jake is touched on a little in this one. Not having read the first book didn't hurt my reading experience and Jake seems like he needs some mystery anyway. I like the fallibility in Jake as well. Not everything he does is perfect and precise. He makes mistakes, he's rusty and out of practice. He's also not a killing machine like so many other ex-military/now retired characters that are written about today. Coupling the story with serene backdrops and peaceful settings brings a level of humanity to this story that helps connect the reader.