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The Road To Dendura

The Road To Dendura

4.9 11
by C. L. Lewis
In the shadows they lurk fueled by intentions most despicable. Shape shifting demons wandering to and fro seeking those children whom they may, in their terms, 'collect.' Fueled by the pinions of dark magic, these remorseless henchmen relentlessly hunt for the missing Apprentice. For unbeknownst to that child, he or she holds the key to life and death...all that is,


In the shadows they lurk fueled by intentions most despicable. Shape shifting demons wandering to and fro seeking those children whom they may, in their terms, 'collect.' Fueled by the pinions of dark magic, these remorseless henchmen relentlessly hunt for the missing Apprentice. For unbeknownst to that child, he or she holds the key to life and death...all that is, all that was... Will you be next? The question is not will, but when. No child is overlooked. How will you defend yourself against their evil onslaught...And who would believe you if you could? Don't bother to look around. Of course, they're watching you...even now as you read this. It's just a matter of time. And should you be selected, they most certainly will not renounce their claim upon you. More importantly, what happens to you if they discover you're not the one they so desperately hope to find?

Your journey begins in a mysterious 400 year old Elizabethan castle which houses a boarding school by the name of Devonshire. Unbeknownst to its students, the estate is filled with hidden passageways and secretly serves as a platform to worlds beyond our own. CREED GRIFFON is an unlikely twelve year old hero who is accused of abducting ISABELLE POLANSKI, a missing female classmate. Little does he know that hideous Giests are responsible for her kidnapping! As the case against Creed builds, he begins having what he believes are nightmares involving these evil beasts. However, after a daytime encounter with one, he learns that his frightmares are very real! Through the near death experience of his best friend, BURTON WOODS, and impending incarceration, he's thrust into the realm of magic, mystical creatures, friendship and betrayal.

During his journey Creed discovers incredible information about his father and a past he knew nothing about. In turn, he quickly learns he's capable of powerful magic, which is referred to as Craft. But he hasn't perfected his new found skills and finds himself in some very hair-raising situations!

His quest deepens when he realizes he must find the sacred chronicle in order to reclaim full power and knowledge of a past he has forgotten. More challenges arise when he discovers that he's not the only one searching for it, and that a suddenly emerging tattoo might just get him killed. Creed is aided on his adventure by a shape shifting body guard who just so happens to have an insatiable sweet tooth, the DRUIX, TIME BENDERS, and a WAYMAKER that is very proud of his ferret heritage.

Together they battle GIESTS, a BANDOLIX, ROOT SERPENTS, BRIDGE TROLLS, GHEDDONS, the POLICE, FALLON, and DENEGAUL, the core of all that is evil. Time is running out and a race ensues to find the holy writings.

This selection is recommended for individuals who have enjoyed J.K. Rowling's, Harry Potter, C.S. Lewis', The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and J.R.R. Tokien's, The Hobbit. The Road to Dendura is a nonstop action packed adventure about magic, trust, betrayal, unlikely friendships, good versus evil, and the transference of a boy into a young man. It is a tale filled with mystical creatures for hungry imaginations, and in turn, will invite readers to happily leave their current world behind and enter into the pages of Dendura. In the meantime, make sure you never pick up any money lying on the ground, never lose your cell phone, and always be sure to keep an eye on your dresser drawers...

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Dog Ear Publishing
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5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.61(d)
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8 - 12 Years

Meet the Author

Lewis said, "The Creed Griffon Series was, and is being, written to inspire her children to read more and to spend less time watching television." We asked her if her plan worked, and she said, "It most certainly did! They discovered what I'd hoped they would discover. Each one realized that a good story can literally make you forget about your here and now. It can transport or thrust a reader into whatever world or situation is in the book." She went on to say, "Good books and well written stories are not dull; they are full of excitement and danger! They expand the mind and open the door to creativity and imagination for all ages. Creed Griffon is an amazing young boy with the common hopes and fears of children of his age. Such as life, he is put into situations that test his integrity and moral fiber. He does not quit! He does not let his friends down! Like a true hero -he endures and overcomes despite the difficult trials he must face." Lewis is currently working on the remaining books of the series. She has a total of five books planned and her second book of the Creed Griffon series is well under way.

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Road to Dendura 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Barb86 More than 1 year ago
Way to go C. L. Lewis! With Christmas just around the corner, I've been hunting for good books for my son. He's fourteen and really into science fiction. One of the books I came across was The Road to Dendura. I actually took the time to read it because the cover looked so interesting. I found it to be very good, even for an adult. I thought it was a unique idea to have the main character not remember who he really is. I also enjoyed the interesting characters this author developed.Their dialogue is quite real to life as is the bullying and other concepts he introduces. Overall, it was very entertaining. I know my son will enjoy it.
SDavies More than 1 year ago
We picked this book up on the off chance that my son, (who is not a big reader) would actually do an amazing thing and - read it. What was so crazy was that he absolutely couldn't put it down! When I asked him what he liked about it, he said that it was fully of action and had a good story to it. Pretty simple explanation, but I suppose that's what all good books have. A great story told in a unique way.
C_Whittaker More than 1 year ago
Non Spoiler: I stumbled upon this book and found out it was a pretty good read! I was happy to have discovered a new series. Since finishing the Hunger games series, I needed something new. I wouldn’t even mind seeing this one on the big screen as the author has an extremely vivid imagination, and creates some new mythological type characters which are quite unique to anything I’ve ever read before. For those of you concerned, I do not remember any cussing, drugs, or even sexual undertones, rather this is entirely fantasy-fiction based, fast paced/mystery adventure, and along the lines of first few Harry Potters or the Hobbit. It’s different than Hunger Games in that the main focus isn’t just kill kill. No, there is a story line in this book that seems to go much deeper. This is rated as young adult fictions, so as far as the younger kids go, I can’t think of anything to worry about. If you’re that concerned, read it yourself because speaking as an adult, it keeps adults engaged too. The only possible ‘scary’ thing I can think of would be that that the main character is being hunted for the chronicle and he has to continually find creative ways to escape them. But what good is a book if it doesn’t give you that kind of excitement now and again? What’s interesting is that Creed’s magic is not quite up to par and so it gets tense. My brief synopsis is that, The Road to Dendura is about an eleven year old boy who doesn’t know who he really is. In my opinion this book is an introduction to the world of craft and its characters much like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was an introduction to the world of magic and its characters. For years, Creed Griffon, the main character, has been living as a normal kid. Things heat up when a girl classmate of his goes missing and they think Creed is the one who is responsible for it. Because of everything happening, he starts having nightmares where he is being hunted by wraithlike henchmen. At first, he thinks they are dreams, but when he meets one in the library in the middle of the day, and it knows who he is, he begins to understand that they are for real. Just before the police are set to take him, he is rescued by people of Craft, which is a pure form of magic. It is a type of magic that cannot be used for evil. This race of magical individuals are everything from humans to far out creatures, who are there to make sure he gets to Dendura, which a hidden city of magic. What’s funny is that some of the people rescuing him are people he has known for years yet he didn’t know they were his secret guardians. I won’t spoil the rest, but the author wraps a lot of humor and things such as dealing with fear and bullying into the plot. It’s no secret that Creed has a fear of water yet he’s forced to deal with it everywhere he goes. The lack of adult supervision in the story mixed with what’s happening also adds to the excitement and humor. I have not seen book two out yet but would definitely be willing to read it as I’m interested to find out who tried to overtake Creed before they transported. Plain and simple, this truly is a fun and exciting adventure!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased a copy of this book through the marketplace because summer is here and I want my kids to keep up with their reading while school is out. It didn’t take long and they were talking in some sort of Dendura language. One just finished it, and the other can’t wait to start! Any book that can keep two pre-teens entertained has got to be a good one! I think I'll have to see what all of the fuss is about and read it for myself.
Terry-and-Kids More than 1 year ago
My mom got this at Barnes and Nobel for me. It is a really great book. I liked it because it had a lot of action in it and was fun to read. It was also funny. I like how the druix talk. If you have kids that like books like the hunger games or Percy Jackson they will like this book too. I give it an A plus.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stacy84SV More than 1 year ago
I don’t have kids but I like to read young adult fiction. I was impressed by The Road to Dendura. It’s a great mystery and I can’t wait to read the next one and see how it unfolds. The author did a great job at creating a world I became engrossed in. It is written in such a way that it almost seemed real. Highly recommended!
KathyAnnJB More than 1 year ago
My eleven year old son gobbled this book up. He's read the Harry Potter series and so on. I was glad to see he was interested in a new series because sometimes the right one is hard for us to find. I always make it a point to ask him what his books are about. Sometimes, my time is limited and I don’t have time to check them out personally. After a few discussions, I went on to it for myself. The author is very imaginative creating new worlds and mysterious creatures...It has a lot of action in it along with funny humor and a lot of those spine tingling moments. It is a true good versus evil mixed with a sincere mystery. We both really enjoyed it!
Susan38 More than 1 year ago
This book was on my daughters Christmas list. She is 13 and used to be an avid reader but not so much anymore. When she asked for it, I was sort of surprised but willing to put out the effort. I purchased it in store over the holidays. She was reading it Christmas day and finished it not long after! She was glued. I did have a hard time finding it in the store though. It is in the teen fantasy/fiction for those of you who are interested. I went to the author's site. Book two will be out this year. You can bet my daughter and I will be waiting for it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tim-Dillon More than 1 year ago
As a father that cares what his kids read, I give The Road to Dendura TWO THUMBS UP for the creativity, the characters, the story line, and the fact that Creed Griffon is a courageous young boy set out on an incredible journey. Twists and turns, good and evil; this book has more to offer than Harry Potter and has the same "edge of the seat" danger and suspense as The Lord of the Rings! The Creed Griffon website has it for a few dollars cheaper, but this story is definitely one to get your hands on any way you can. I'm waiting for Book Two of the series and I'm sure there will be a movie for this one!