Robert Kennedy: The Last Campaign

Robert Kennedy: The Last Campaign

by Bill Eppridge

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Jay Freeman
Camus once speculated that those from society's privileged elites often have a special insight and even empathy for the downtrodden, since they can appreciate the gulf that separates themselves from those less fortunate. If the maxim is true, Robert Kennedy was perhaps the best example in our recent political history. Although he was a relative latecomer to the social activism of the 1960s, Kennedy burned with a compassion and commitment that even his die-hard opponents admitted were genuine. Eppridge, then a staff photographer for "Life", and Gorey, then a correspondent for "Time", covered Kennedy's last campaign, which ended in a Los Angeles hotel kitchen 25 years ago. They show us the familiar Kennedy--tough, abrasive, and outraged by an unwinnable war and the neglect of festering social wounds. But they also show us the less-public Kennedy--gentle, loyal to subordinates, and blessed with a self-effacing sense of humor. As this book makes clear, Kennedy was no political saint, and his faith in the power of government to solve social ills may have been deeply flawed. Yet, it is fascinating and touching to be reminded of a time when Americans were willing to see a bit of the heroic in a politician. Contains 125 photos, 92 of which have never been published before.

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