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Robert Pattinson: The Unauthorized Biography
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Robert Pattinson: The Unauthorized Biography

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by Virginia Blackburn

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With behind-the-scenes stories from the Harry Potter set and up-to-the-minute gossip from the Twilight movies, this biography of one of film's top heartthrobs will appeal to Pottermaniacs and "Twi-hards" alike
Talented, gorgeous, and just as desirable as his on-screen alter egos Edward Cullen and


With behind-the-scenes stories from the Harry Potter set and up-to-the-minute gossip from the Twilight movies, this biography of one of film's top heartthrobs will appeal to Pottermaniacs and "Twi-hards" alike
Talented, gorgeous, and just as desirable as his on-screen alter egos Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory, Robert Pattinson has won himself millions of devoted fans. With this full-length biography of the silver-screen sensation, fans can learn everything there is to know about Robert—from his childhood in London, his private school education, and his early success with the Barnes Theatre Company to his modeling career and current star status. Intimately exploring Robert's life, this book includes his expert musicianship (he plays the guitar and piano), his inspirations and ambitions, and the inside story of his other film roles. Lifting the lid on the life of one of Britain's most popular exports, this book has the inside scoop fans are thirsting for.

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"Includes the juiciest gossip!"  —seventeen.com

"Stunning pictures and lots of great facts and gossip."  —Daily Record

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Michael O'Mara Books
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Robert Pattinson

The Unauthorized Biography

By Virginia Blackburn

Michael O'Mara Books Limited

Copyright © 2010 Virginia Blackburn
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-84317-511-7


love at first bite

It was 17 November 2008 and downtown Los Angeles was going wild. Thousands of people were lining the streets around the Mann Village Theater, screaming, chanting, and in some cases crying. Some had been there for hours, some had even been there for days, to witness an event that was turning out to be the show-business happening of the year. As night fell over the impressive cinema – host to some of the biggest film premieres in the world – there was a feeling of near hysteria in the air.

It was the premiere of Twilight. The hotly anticipated film of Stephenie Meyer's massively popular novel about a vampire and a human girl who fall in love needs no further introduction. Cars parked nearby had messages for the people the crowd had gathered to see: 'Twilight or Bust' was written on one windscreen; 'Team Edward' was on another.

Finally, the stars arrived and the crowd gave vent to uproar: there was the snake-hipped figure they had all turned out for, one of the hottest young actors on the planet. It was Robert Pattinson, still only twenty-two, but the undisputed hero of the hour.

His portrayal of the 'good' vampire Edward Cullen in the film was one of the most fiercely debated movie performances of the decade; now fans were being driven into a frenzy by the sight of the man himself, and Robert was doing all he could to oblige. Dressed head to toe in black, the famous hair tousled and falling over his forehead, he worked the crowds like the pro he was rapidly learning to become: signing autographs, posing for pictures, hugging particularly lucky members of the throng and spreading joy wherever he went. In case there was any doubt about how the fans felt about him, one sign held up in the crowd read, 'I'm 16 years old and have never been kissed. Will U B my first?' Another, rather more prosaically, offered 'Free earplugs for RPattz' – one of the various nicknames by which he is known – if he stopped to say hello.

Robert was doing very well, coping in an atmosphere that would have had many a more experienced star heading for the safety of the theatre's interior, but even he couldn't quite comprehend the full craziness of what was going on. 'I have no other words but "bizarre",' he told reporters at MTV News, as he made his way down the red carpet. 'I left my brain at the door. It's completely insane. You never expect it – I'm completely deaf!'

Certainly, the reaction for what had initially appeared to be no more than a small, cult movie was quite beyond what Robert had experienced previously – and he had appeared in the Harry Potter films before now. 'This is crazier and louder than I was prepared for,' he continued to Entertainment Weekly. 'With every week, the fervour and anticipation seems to grow. This is my life. People know my name and ambush me in public and try to figure out what hotel I'm staying at and ask me to bite them and want to touch my hair. I have accepted it as real now, but it still feels surreal.'

It was surreal. Fans were so smitten that what they were doing was downright peculiar: 'There were some girls who had scratched the side of their necks, so they were freshly bleeding when they came up to get a signature,' Robert revealed. 'They were like, "We did this for you." I didn't know what to say. "Thank you, guys"?' The fan reaction surrounding Rob was certainly extreme – and sometimes dangerous. Just a month earlier, an autograph-signing session in California had gotten so out of control that one girl had her nose broken and another fainted, leading security guards to have to scrap the event.

One person who did seem to have some understanding of why the fans had gone so wild, however, was the actress Kristen Stewart, who was naturally attending the premiere with Rob and the rest of the cast, wearing an attractive one-shoulder dress with a cream-and-black top and a red skirt: the perfect Twilight colour palette. Kristen was Rob's co-star, playing the role of Bella Swan in the film: the ordinary American teenager who gradually realizes she's fallen in love with a vampire. In the book and the film, Edward and Bella have an extremely intense relationship, and Kristen realized that it was that – along with Robert's undeniable physical charms – that was making the fans behave in the way they did.

'The book is pretty hard core and the fans are passionate, so I understand it,' she said to reporters at US magazine. 'I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. Everyone is talking about it, but nobody has seen it. It's hard to talk until you see it.'

Such was the hysteria that night that even long-established A-list Hollywood icons had to struggle to make their presence felt. Jamie Foxx was seen pushing his way through the crowds so that his daughter could meet the handsome actor, while Kim Basinger and her daughter Ireland were also pictured with Rob. But then Rob was having to get used to this attention. Shortly before the film premiered, he was named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the Ten Breakout Stars of 2008. This was the big time – and Rob was taking centre stage.

It was the culmination of a year-long growing excitement, between him being publicly named for the part and attending the film premiere. Yet this was by no means a one-night-only affair; rather, it exemplified Rob's new way of living. Having relocated from his native England for the making of the film, and having been the focus of such a huge amount of scrutiny over the past twelve months, Rob had had to grow up fast. By this time, he had been living in a rented apartment in LA for the best part of a year, and was constantly having to cope with finding fans, now referred to as Twihards, waiting for him: 'These little teenage girls will sometimes be camped outside, but it's fine,' he was quoted as saying in Entertainment Weekly. 'There's something about people who like this book – they're always extraordinarily polite. If they were old men, I'd probably move.'

Now, those fans were finally getting the chance to see the film they had been waiting for. A lot hinged on the way that Twilight was received, not least a sequel, with all the added attention that would heap on its attractive young star. He may have had a year to get used to it – but the fact was that for Robert Pattinson, life was never going to be the same again.

It was all a far cry from a year previously. There had been great excitement when it had been announced that a film was to be made of the first of Stephenie Meyer's vampire series, Twilight: by means mainly of word of mouth, the books had turned from cult teen reads into a sensation, and were now selling in their millions. Meyer herself was being hailed as the new J. K. Rowling. Certainly, she had produced another series of compulsive reads with a fresh take on the supernatural. For the books' appeal was multi-faceted: not only was there the central love story between Edward and Bella, but there was this different way of portraying vampires, as creatures who could make moral choices.

In the case of the Cullens, the clan in which Edward lived, they chose to be good. These were vampires who would deny themselves human blood, slaking their terrible thirst with that of animals instead, but at a terrible cost to themselves. Ever vigilant, the vampires exercised self-control, but never lost their taste for human flesh.

Due to the books' massive popularity, there was great expectation surrounding the casting of the central figure of Edward Cullen – expectation that turned rapidly into bemusement when Rob's name was announced. 'Robert who?' seemed to be the reaction of most commentators, for although this was a young actor with a solid body of work behind him, he was far from being a household name. Indeed, the most notable element about Rob – apart from his striking appearance – was that there was a Harry Potter connection there, given that he'd played Cedric Diggory in the films, but otherwise, the producers were taking something of a risk. It was one that was to pay off in spectacular style.

Stephenie Meyer, however, was sure from the outset that Rob was the right choice, and it was she who announced the casting on her blog. 'I am ecstatic with [film entertainment company] Summit's choice for Edward,' she wrote. 'There are very few actors who can look both dangerous and beautiful at the same time, and even fewer who I can picture in my mind as Edward. Robert Pattinson is going to be amazing.' She was right.

For a time, however, it looked as if the producers might have made a dreadful mistake. Even from the fans who were shortly to become Rob's greatest supporters, there was a very briefly lived hostile reaction. Rob's mother felt compelled to tell Stephenie Meyer that she'd read online that her son was wretched, ugly and had the face of a gargoyle: 'I apologized to Rob for ruining his life,' said Stephenie. The canny author was, however, equally aware that this attitude was not going to last for long, and that, having had to put up with initial hostility, Rob was about to have to deal with something very different indeed: widespread adulation.

In fact, so concerned was Stephenie about the effect that this might have on him that she went to the film-makers. 'I asked the producer, "Is Rob ready for this? Have you guys prepped him? Is he ready to be the It Guy?" I don't think he really is. I don't think he sees himself that way,' she relayed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

She was certainly right about how he was soon to be perceived: within a few months, the typical online posting on the numerous message boards that were set up to discuss the film about Rob read as follows: 'When God made Robert Pattinson, He was just showing off.'

In many ways, Rob seemed just as bemused as everyone else. Given that he had previously worked as a model, he could not have been unaware that his physical appearance was not displeasing, but even so, the emphasis on Edward's looks, and by implication his own, clearly made him go a little red.

'The casting people talked to me and said, "Read the book,"' he told the website www.agirlsworld.com during an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con, one of the numerous events that the stars of Twilight were required to attend in the run-up to the premiere of the film. 'I did and I just thought, "This is really dumb. It's just so pointless, even going up for it," which is what a lot of the fans said.

After I initially got cast, it was like, "He wasn't even on the shortlist." It was really left-field casting. It is kind of weird. I spent a long time thinking, "How can I take the whole beautiful thing as an interpretation?" I realized that it's just Bella saying that he's so beautiful, and she's in love with him and obsessed with him. He could be a piece of cheese and she'd say the same thing.'

Indeed, the critics might have been dumbfounded, but after that first reaction, the fans were not. From the moment Stephenie, the creator of the original Edward, gave Rob her endorsement, he turned into a heart-throb, almost literally overnight. The slightly bemused producers of another, very different film, How to Be – of which more later – reported a huge rise in interest in their flick as it was submitted to the Rhode Island International Film Festival: the reason, of course, was that Rob had a role (and a very different role from the brooding and romantic Edward, at that).

Edward himself was now far more than just any old romantic hero: he was to die for. He was a demi-god. He had the face of an angel, the looks of a young Greek god. He was brooding, moody, a tragic figure in some ways because he believed his vampiric status had taken away his soul, and yet capable of great passion once he'd found the right woman, which it took him the best part of a century to do. He was right up there with Heathcliff and Mr Darcy – the enduring heroes of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, respectively – in the desirability stakes and, on top of that, he was the participant in a slightly tricky love affair ... and you don't get more attractive in the eyes of female fans than that.

Rob was to talk more than once about the fact that vampires had a certain sex appeal, yet he was able to see them as piteous creatures, too; something that gave an added layer of depth to his interpretation of the role. As Rob had pointed out, Edward never wanted to be a vampire, nor chose to be one, and when, after almost 100 years of searching for a mate, he fell in love with a mortal, that carried within it potential tragedy. But he was also able to see beyond that to the innate tragedy of all vampires. Fans felt that way about it, too – it was certainly Stephenie Meyer's take on their situation – another indication that Rob understood the mentality of the people who so loved the book and the characters within.

But, although he often seemed to eclipse all others, Rob was not the only star of the show. There was also, of course, intense interest in the character of Bella, a role that had gone to the young actress Kristen Stewart. The relationship between Edward and Bella is central to the book: it was of paramount importance, therefore, that the two stars had the necessary chemistry as well. It was an issue Rob was very aware of – so much so, in fact, that his on-screen reaction to Kristen was another important element in getting him to accept the role. Indeed, the relationship between the two lead actors proved so heated that there were later to be persistent rumours that the two of them were romantically involved.

'When I was looking at the book and I thought it was impossible to play the character, I did the screen test with Kristen and I just really didn't expect the girl who was playing Bella to be like that at all,' he said to www.teenhollywood.com. 'It just drew something out. That's why I really wanted to do the movie, afterwards. It just felt really right, in the screen test. She's really, really good. She's an amazing actress. She'll be really, really big. In a lot of ways, Bella is a damsel figure in Twilight, but Kristen is kind of tough. It's interesting because you see this young, mortal girl having this relationship with, basically, a demi-god and she's a lot stronger, in a lot of ways, and he looks to her for support, which I really liked. Kristen really has that strength in her.'

As filming began, Rob and Kristen gave an interview to MTV News, in which they revealed tantalizing snippets about how they were playing the roles. The two were then asked about the inevitable comparison with Harry Potter. 'I think they're both big moneymakers ... Two big ole machines, pumping out movies,' said Kristen rather pragmatically.

Rob was more thoughtful. '[They] are using different metaphors for things,' he said. 'The strange thing about this [Twilight] is that it's so deeply entwined with sexuality, much more so than Harry Potter, as virtually all vampire things are – mainly because it's a love story. Harry Potter isn't really a love story, so a lot of the metaphorical stuff [in Twilight] is about teen lust. It's a very erotic movie.'

All of this was eagerly seized upon by the fans, who were by now desperate for any information that they could glean about their heroes and the new film. The marketing campaign was getting into gear: to whet fans' appetites still further, one of the most central scenes in the film, the fight in the ballet school in which Bella nearly loses her life, was screened on MTV.

If truth be told, the fans' reactions to the book and to Robert were now such that a marketing campaign almost seemed superfluous: as long as the film was a reasonably accurate reflection of the book, it was all but assured of massive success. And as public adoration of Robert continued to grow, the wisdom of the casting seemed ever more apparent.

In July 2008, any doubts there might have been about what a sensation the film was turning out to be were allayed by Comic-Con.

Comic-Con is a four-day convention held annually in San Diego: originally a showcase for comic books, it has expanded to include all aspects of the entertainment industry. These days, stars of forthcoming films are often scheduled to make an appearance at Comic-Con, to meet the fans – and, of course, to build up the hype.


Excerpted from Robert Pattinson by Virginia Blackburn. Copyright © 2010 Virginia Blackburn. Excerpted by permission of Michael O'Mara Books Limited.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Virginia Blackburn is a journalist and the author of more than 20 celebrity biographies, including David Beckham: The Great Betrayal, Kylie: Story of a Survivor, and Robbie's Secrets. She is interviewed in the documentary Robsessed.

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Robert Pattinson: The Unauthorized Biography 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
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Robert pattinson is so cute and hot. He really is good looking too:)
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HE ROCKS ALL THE WAY!! 100%!!!;))
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Edward is so hot but i have a bf sorry mr pattenson ;(
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Edward is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!Team Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This my FAV BOOK!!!!
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i love robert and i will love this book
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Omg love this book 5 stars for me because i love learning about robert pattinson
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I love the comets you wrote about me... oh by the way this is Robert Pattison. I love you too!
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Love him hes hot but i also have a bf
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The annoymous on april 30 is so right. GO ROBERT PATTINSON!
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He is soooooooo hot
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I love him i love i love edward
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Hey everyone can you believe that in only like 5 or 6 months the final TWILIGHT movie will be out :'-( Idk what i will do after ROBERT'S done the movies. I think that we should all protest that Stephanie Meyers make another book on the life after Bella and Edward have Renesmee. Whos with me?? A always got TEAM ROBERT/EDWARD <3 <3
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If she ditched you for a stupid guy then she is not your friend
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I like both edward and jacob