Rock Chronicles: Every Legend, Every Line-up, Every Look

Rock Chronicles: Every Legend, Every Line-up, Every Look

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by David Roberts

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"An absolute must for any rock-music fan."

Arranged alphabetically by band name for ease of reference, Rock Chronicles offers a fascinating, encyclopedic study of the ever-shifting line-ups, appearances, labels, sounds and successes of 250 of the most important rock acts of the past fifty years. It is a must for any music fan.


"An absolute must for any rock-music fan."

Arranged alphabetically by band name for ease of reference, Rock Chronicles offers a fascinating, encyclopedic study of the ever-shifting line-ups, appearances, labels, sounds and successes of 250 of the most important rock acts of the past fifty years. It is a must for any music fan.

Rock Chronicles is designed for today's visually-savvy consumers. Innovative, color-coded infographics give at-a-glance coverage from 1960 to 2010. Insightful commentary highlighted with photographs gives the lowdown on every member, whatever their role in the band, however short-lived their time with them, and however well known.

Coverage is expanded for 50 of the biggest acts, with stunning displays of iconic photographs that chart their dramatic changes in appearance. Year-by-year color timelines trace the evolution of these influential bands. Total sales figures are given for the ten most successful albums. The book closes with a fact-filled, cross-referenced performer directory.

Comprehensive and compelling, Rock Chronicles is the essential reference for everyone who loves rock music.

Editorial Reviews

NOW Magazine
The subtitle aptly describes the scope of this encyclopedic survey of 250 rock acts. Find out who won what award, who played on what release and how every band broke up—or stayed together. Plus, excellent graphs that condense key info, and, of course, a ton of pics.
Louisville Courier-Journal
[Review for previous edition:] An encyclopedia for the rock music fanatic.
North Shore News - Terry Peters
[Review for previous edition:] For music lovers who are fascinated by details, this extensive collection will certainly appeal.
Shelf Life
[Review for previous edition:] A must-have if you love music.
Vancouver Sun - Francois Marchand
[Review for previous edition:] Rock Chronicles will fascinate any fan of music trivia.
Long Island Newsday - Kevin Amorim
[Review for previous edition:] For the music aficionado on your holiday shopping list, Rock Chronicles might fit the stocking.
Booklist - Rebecca Vnuk
[Review for previous edition:] More than 250 legendary rock 'n' roll bands (and more than 1,750 individual musicians) are profiled in this unique book... One- or two-page entries feature color-coded charts showing the core members of each band, their roles, and the time periods they were active... Readers can use this book to identify who was in what band, when, as well as find out who played on various studio albums. Fifty top bands (such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Who) get an additional two-page spread of color photographs. Numerous cross-references abound, and an index lists all of the performers noted in the book. An absolute must for any rock-music fan, this book would make an excellent addition to circulating collections.
Publishers Weekly
The year-in, year-out grind of rock stardom is meticulously mapped in this prosaic encyclopedia of notable bands. The AC/DC-to-ZZ Top selection includes 250 groups from the classic rock era and later (just a handful of stars from the 1950s appear), comprising all the familiar names along with influential obscurities—Captain Beefheart! Einstürzende Neubauten!— and representative Asian, continental and Brazilian ensembles. (The visually flamboyant groups—especially heavy-metal divas—get ogled in color photo spreads of grimacing long-hairs.) Colorful graphics detail album releases, sales figures, and shifting rosters of bandmates (16 people have staffed Iron Maiden over the years, only one permanently), but the focus on details tends to bog down the uneven interpretive essays: while some entries offer stimulating commentary on the music, others are mainly a record of personnel turnover among small fry. (Gossip is disappointingly sparse.) Casual data-mining reveals striking patterns: rock music is almost as male-dominated as pro baseball; bands are such onerous workplaces that their members can't wait to quit; and they always come back for sextagenarian reunion tours. At its best, this hit-and-miss medley will introduce browsers to music they hadn't realized they would like. (Oct.)
Library Journal
If there's one thing rock 'n' roll buffs all have in common, it's a love for talking about their favorite band lineups. Keeping track of all of these band member changes can be confusing. Thankfully, Roberts (Rock Atlas: 650 Great Music Locations and the Fascinating Stories Behind Them) provides a solution in this mammoth book. More than just a standard rock music encyclopedia, it includes head shots of current and former members of almost any band you can imagine, along with a handy time line for each group's entry, showing when and for how long each member participated. This can be helpful for a group like Fleetwood Mac, which has had 16 different members over its almost 50-year span. It also includes hundreds of full-color photographs of the bands in action. Note, however, that the book specifically focuses on guitar-based rock music—R&B and hip-hop groups are excluded. VERDICT With well-written and up-to-date entries for every band included, and fantastic photos throughout, this book will be a welcome and heavily used addition to any rock 'n' roll buff's library.—Brett Rohlwing, Milwaukee P.L., WI
School Library Journal
Gr 5 Up—Profiling about 250 rock bands or performers from AC/DC to ZZ Top-and including Chuck Berry and Arcade Fire-this alphabetically arranged encyclopedia offers opportunities for quick reference and casual browsing, if not systematic study. Each high-density spread sandwiches a narrative history in tiny type between thumbnail photos of a band's complete lineup and a color-coded time line that simultaneously identifies chief instrument and years of service for each major member, along with significant recordings. Selected bands get a second spread of small performance and album cover photos. Along with an index of names, the back matter includes selective lists of websites, Grammy winners, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Aside from occasional nods to such groups as A-Ha or Mano Negra/Manu Chao, the editor largely sticks to the British/North American scene, and his definition of "Rock" is loose enough to include Elvis Presley and the New York Dolls but (typically) not female performers such as Joan Jett or Heart's Wilson sisters. Furthermore, though Paul McCartney and John Lennon earn individual entries as well as collective ones, other influential solo musicians such as Sting, Peter Gabriel, and even Eric Clapton do not. Still, as a source of quick historical background (and where online resources are not available) this might be considered as an alternative or update for the Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll (Fireside, 2001) or other older surveys.—John Peters, Children's Literature Consultant, New York City

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Meet the Author

David Roberts has edited more than 20 music reference book projects at Guinness World Records, including British Hit Singles and Albums and Rockopedia. He is also the author of Rock Atlas: 650 Great Music Locations and the Fascinating Stories Behind Them.

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