Rock Hard And Wet (Nymphs of New York, #1)

Rock Hard And Wet (Nymphs of New York, #1)

4.4 5
by Jennifer James

She’s got three days to find a mate, and plans on giving out lots of test rides.

BBW nymph Callie can’t help but aggravate grumpy, boulder in the mud gargoyle Theo from the first second she meets him. He’s gorgeous, attractively battle scarred, and has a serious hard on for following the rules.



She’s got three days to find a mate, and plans on giving out lots of test rides.

BBW nymph Callie can’t help but aggravate grumpy, boulder in the mud gargoyle Theo from the first second she meets him. He’s gorgeous, attractively battle scarred, and has a serious hard on for following the rules.

She’s determined to show him a great time, despite his insistence that she behave herself—or he’s tossing her out of New York City on her luscious ass.

But the only person who bosses Callie around is Poseidon, and since the Greek god has given her a three day pass to find her mate, she’s going to live it up whether the brooding, alpha male likes it or not.

He’s got no patience for giggly, hormone driven nymphs wreaking havoc in his neighborhood.

After a five hundred year prison sentence for daring to love outside the gargoyles’ strict societal conventions, gargoyle shifter Theo’s focused on guarding the humans of Brooklyn and keeping his twin Logan out of trouble. He’s lonely and aches to be accepted back into the Aerie of New York—something that can only be accomplished by being vigilant and following every rule to perfection.

But when two nymphs on holiday invade his territory, he finds himself trapped in the lush, curvy embrace of a being he should never have touched. Mates outside the Aerie are forbidden, but Theo finds his heart and his head are once again at odds with each other when it comes to love.

Can a gargoyle who can’t swim find his mate in a nymph whose magic is tied to the ocean?


This had to stop. Right now. And there was only one way he could think of to get her to shut up. It was time to accept his loses and turn the tide of the battle to minimize the damage on his side.

“Callie.” He threaded his hand into her hair just behind one ear and clenched the back of her skull with enough pressure to let her know he had control.
She glanced up at him, and the acceleration of her heartbeat filled his ears, drowning out everything around him but her.

Theo lowered his head and kissed her, the first woman he’d held in his arms in five hundred years. Her taste on his tongue when she opened to him exploded and overwhelmed his control. He ground his mouth on hers, desperate to get closer, to crawl inside her and soak up her carefree joy. She tasted like sunshine and water, the dew in a meadow on a summer morning, sweet honey, and the scent of tiny wild roses.

The kiss did its job. It shut her up, got her to stop commentating on the very public sex not twenty-five feet away, but it came with a price. His d*ck sprung so hard in his pants he had to grit his teeth against the surge of pain.

He gripped her by the a** and picked her up off the ground. Her strong fingers dug into his hair, tugging on the long strands trailing onto his collar. She mewled in frustration, long legs twining around his waist. Callie undulated her hips on him, and he almost burst.

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Rock Hard And Wet (BBW Paranormal Romance) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
njp42474 More than 1 year ago
Callie is a nymph who is dragged to NYC by her best friend Petra, who wants them to find mates. Theo is a gargoyle who has recently been freed from a 500 year prison sentence.  The last thing he is looking for is a mate. A chance encounter between Callie, Petra, Theo and his brother Logan changed everything.  Callie and Theo head off together and sparks fly, lots of sparks.  Hot, steamy, full of sex sparks.  But he starts to worry.  He’s been warned not to take up with someone outside his race, that’s what happened before, and that’s why he was in prison.  But he feels the pull, and in order to protect her, he sends her away. Sending her away doesn’t protect her and he’s faced with the fear of past repeating itself... If I say anything further I’ll ruin the book for you.  So you will just have to read it for yourself to find out what happens. I’ve had the honor of reading many of Jennifer’s books and I’ve never been let down.  I liked the idea of Nymphs and Gargoyles because it’s not a paranormal storyline you (or at least I haven’t) seen often in books.   As always with Jennifer’s books the story is balanced, well written and didn’t feel rushed.  I loved the characters and felt connected to them, even if I am a mere mortal. *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*
Mebuffy More than 1 year ago
Hold on to your undies, cause this one starts off with a bang.  I began to fear that this story would focus too much on sex, and a lot of it, but I needn’t have worried.  Sure there’s plenty of sex, but there’s so much more.  The menagerie of creatures that popped up and the mythology were so interesting that I was completely enthralled. The plot itself was riveting.  The conflict was so sad, there’s a horrific attack, a gratifying climax, and a very adorable ending that I can’t tell you about because it would spoil too many surprises.  The abilities exercised by Theo and Callie towards the end were really neat, as well as some others periodically, but particularly towards the end. As for the characters, there’s quite a mixture.  The villain is truly evil and thoroughly hateable.  I liked Logan as well as our couple right from the start, but for some reason took a bit to warm up to Petra.  I worried about Theo and Callie, thinking they were both too jaded and cynical to let themselves love.  Callie has such a lonely past and Theo has such a heartbreaking history that you can’t help but root for them.  I ended up loving all the characters though (except of course the villain) and very much anticipate future books in the series to get more of them! Rock Hard and Wet is an awesome, well rounded, naughty read that is utterly enchanting and will leave you with a smile.
_DVF_ More than 1 year ago
When your sister nymph wants you to go earth side so that she can find a mate... perhaps she isn't always telling the truth. Love strikes people at the strangest times. True love will conquer all, or so they say. Will true love be able to help Callie and Theo see that they are meant for each other or will all the outside "stuff" keep them apart? Can't wait for the next installment!
Chelsea_Rafferty More than 1 year ago
This was my 1st book by Jennifer. I was intrigued with the idea of Gargoyles and of course a Nymph. They aren't overly done species in the paranormal world and that is hard to find.  We've got Callie, a spunky Nymph who's with her fellow sister Nymph. They are exploring and generally being nymph-like...seductive, mysterious, causing a wee bit of trouble. Two Gargoyles come after them and one of them is very cranky and gets right under Callie's skin. She does enjoy mettling him a bit and trying to get him to loosen up his stranglehold on his emotions. Though as we devolve deeper into the story, you do feel for him because you know why he is the way he is.  And of course we've got a psycho path or two running around that creates some excellent tension throughout the story. Theo and Callie's story is great. Lots of great sweaty, heart-pounding sex, with a beautiful love story at the end. Its hard to believe things will work out in the positive for this couple... but it does have a very HEA so don't fret. I loved the ending and how she tied them together. It was unexpected and very neat.  If you like awesome Paranormal Romance/Erotic stories you should give this book a go. I'm looking forward to any/all spin offs of this story! ;) Please! :D Say a certain Greek God or maybe a frustrating twin brother hmm? ;) Btw, I did receive this book in exchange for my honest review. That never affects my own opinion on books and I only rate high if I believe the author deserves that rating :) Jennifer definitely earns a 4 stars for this beautiful story! :)
blaise_zillah More than 1 year ago
A hot steamy read with a unusual couple, that makes you laugh and feel flushed from there sex scenes. Callie at first seems really flirty and flighty but as the book went on we see diiferent side to Callie and the mischief she causes well it was hard not to laugh or cheer her on. Theo is hiding some pain and Callie's fun loving side seems to slowly bring out a less brooding Theo. There were some interesting developments between the characters, some nail biting moments and some interesting sex scenes involving water. It was a great read and can't wait to read more about some other characters we meet or see a glimpise of these two again.