by Imagination Movers

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Razor & Tie

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Disc 1

  1. Dance Kung Fu
  2. Everybody Sing
  3. Blast Off
  4. Rock-O-Matic
  5. Remember When
  6. Firetruck
  7. Dear Old Dad
  8. Fast As a Cat
  9. Rain Rain
  10. Good Morning Sunshine
  11. Little Red Wagon
  12. Watermelon Meow Meow
  13. Animal Dancing
  14. Hey Rock
  15. Buckle Me In
  16. Superstar
  17. Gimme Strength
  18. Thank You

Disc 2

  1. Introduction
  2. Everybody Sing
  3. Catnip and Catnap
  4. Great Moments In Creativity, Pt. 1
  5. Blast Off
  6. Yuck Yuck, Pt. 1
  7. Great Moments In Creativity, Pt. 2
  8. Remember When
  9. Great Moments In Creativity, Pt. 3
  10. Dance Kung Fu
  11. Yuck Yuck, Pt. 2
  12. Little Red Wagon
  13. Yuck Yuck, Pt. 3
  14. Animal Dancing
  15. Great Moments In Creativity, Pt. 4
  16. Yuck Yuck, Pt. 4
  17. Thank You

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Imagination Movers   Primary Artist
Wendy Calio   Vocals
Rich Collins   Guitar,Harmonica,Drums,Vocals,Trash Cans,Group Member
Scott Durbin   Mandolin,Keyboards,Vocals,hooter,Group Member
Dave Poche   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Kenny Kerth   Trumpet
Jason Rhein   Vocals
DJ Beverly Skillz   scratching
Kyle Melancon   Drums,Keyboards
Genevieve Goings   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Daria Dzurik   Vocals,Steel Drums
Mike Spara   Grip
Scott "Scotty" Smith   Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Group Member

Technical Credits

Imagination Movers   Producer
Rich Collins   Composer,Executive Producer
Scott Durbin   Composer,Executive Producer
Dave Poche   Composer,Executive Producer
Jason Rhein   Producer,Engineer
Steve McCabe   Sound Design
Alex Engelman   Graphic Design
Richard Sven Shelgren   Producer
Matthew Kroese   Creative Editor
Jonathan David Evans   Director
Heidi Mae Habben   Executive Producer
Eric Riggs   Creative Editor
Carrie Shanahan   Creative Editor
Todd Isaacs   Creative Editor
Sean Hall   Animation
Scott "Scotty" Smith   Composer,Executive Producer
Ryan Martin   Cinematography

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