Rock Wives; The Hard Lives and Good Times; The Hard Lives and Good Times of the Wives, Girlfrien

Rock Wives; The Hard Lives and Good Times; The Hard Lives and Good Times of the Wives, Girlfrien

by Victoria Balfour, Harvey Wang

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Any woman who ever envied the wife of a rock star should read this book to see how lucky she is to have escaped a life described in the following way by the wife of Meat Loaf: ``I saw a lot of women that constantly cried . . . had terrible fights . . . calling the hotel and couldn't find their husbands.'' Several women interviewed were incredibly sheltered by their men; two, including the girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix, maintain that they were ignorant of their lovers' drug use. Most of these women claim to have been abused verbally and physically, left at home while their husbands toured, and they deny the existence of groupies: during the interviews, most dismissed the question. The one bright spot is Dave Wolff, the boyfriend and manager of Cyndi Lauper, the only man interviewed. Wolff and Lauper stand out in the book by showing respect for each other. Photos not seen by PW. January
Library Journal - Library Journal
Despite its rather lurid title, this compilation of interviews with the spouses or live-ins of some of rock's greatest stars is a serious and interesting work on a subject seldom given much coverage by the media: what it's like to be the ``love'' of a rock star. ``How do you contend with a frenzied lifestyle that has spawned groupies, grueling tours, and excessive amounts of drugs? What does it feel like to have yourself and your relationship under constant scrutiny? . . . Why do some women and their marriages survive in the rock world while others become drug addicts and divorcees?'' After reading these interviews with the spouses (or near-spouses or one-time spouses) of Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, and Jim Morrison, to name a few, one is closer to the answer. Some might say, ``Who cares?,'' but rock mavens will and Balfour's book is a readable examination of the topic. Rosellen Brewer, Monterey Cty. Lib., Seaside, Cal.

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