Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Vol. 1

Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Vol. 1


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  1. Intro/ Pink and Black Days
  2. Party Tonight
  3. Bop Bop Baby Be Bop
  4. Till You Get Home
  5. Maybellene
  6. You're Never Too Old to Rock
  7. Eat Your Heart Out
  8. Rockabilly Queen
  9. Everybody's Moving
  10. One Cup of Coffee
  11. Don't Bother to Cry
  12. Stealin' a Move
  13. Another Day on Route 66
  14. C'mon Pretty Baby
  15. Sucker for a Cheap Guitar
  16. Lost and I'll Never Find the Way
  17. What's a Matter With the Mill
  18. Stay With Me
  19. Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee
  20. Haircut Boogie
  21. Stormy Weather
  22. Randr Saddles
  23. Poor Boy Paul
  24. Never Again
  25. Race w/ Cliff
  26. Road Trip
  27. Blues Train

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Maddox Brothers & Rose   Track Performer
Mac Curtis   Track Performer
Glen Glenn   Track Performer
Billy Swan   Track Performer
Narvel Felts   Track Performer
Kenny King   Track Performer
Marshall Lytle   Track Performer
Hayden Thompson   Track Performer
Don Weise   Track Performer
King Kerosene   Track Performer
Nu Niles   Track Performer
Harry Hepcat   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Sticks McGhee   Composer
J. Mayo Williams   Composer
Jeanne Page   Composer
Warren Farren   Composer

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