The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains

by Molly Aloian

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Children's Literature - Barbara L. Talcroft
The rugged Rockies—site of North America's Continental Divide—were carved out by huge glaciers during successive ice ages. Readers of this "Mountains Around the World" series will discover that the Rockies are sometimes called the backbone of North America, stretching from British Columbia in Canada to New Mexico in the United States. Formed seventy-five million years ago, this chain controls climate over a wide area and contains glacial lakes, deep valleys, and mighty peaks like Mount Elbert in Colorado. The rugged terrain was explored from the seventeenth century by indigenous peoples, missionaries and traders from France, and British and American pioneers like Alexander Mackenzie and Lewis and Clark. Especially appealing is a section on Rocky Mountain ecology: in the coldest areas grow tough larch trees and colorful lichens; lower down quivering aspens flourish. In valleys and canyons are found predators like mountain lions, bobcats, wolves, and grizzly bears (the beautiful Canada lynx is adapted to higher elevations); their prey includes beavers, otters, minks, and the well-named bighorn sheep. Photos of the striped bittern, the mountain bluebird, and the strikingly-marked Harlequin duck represent more than 300 bird species nesting in the Rockies. While the author discusses the Rockies' many National Parks, oil drilling, and the mining and lumber industries, she gives little attention to cities, ski resorts, and summer festivals that attract millions of tourists and residents. As a Canadian, she is perhaps more optimistic about the future of the Rockies than Americans who see increasing threats to the fragile eco-systems. Protection measures listed seem feeble in proportion to the danger. Illustrations are large, spectacular color photos; a Rockies timeline, a good glossary, and a short bibliography will help aspiring mountaineers begin further research. Reviewer: Barbara L. Talcroft

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