The Role of the Government

The Role of the Government

by Jacqueline Langwith

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VOYA - Marilyn Brien
The Role of Government in the Confronting Global Warming series presents historical efforts to confront air pollution and global warming from the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955 and the Kyoto Protocol to more recent laws, and discusses regulating carbon dioxide, reducing automobile emissions, making buildings more efficient, and carbon cap-and-trade. Health and Disease addresses the direct effects of extreme temperatures, particularly in urban heat islands and heat waves. Extreme weather conditions including droughts, hurricanes, and floods are health hazards. Patterns of infectious diseases are expected to change with global warming. Changes in food production, availability of water, and rising sea levels will necessitate adjustments to prevent disasters. There is no emotional handwringing in these books. The problems are faced objectively based upon scientific evidence and with straightforward solutions to those problems. The books have extensive up-to-date resources at the end of each chapter, as well as suggested printed and online resources at the end of the books. The citations alone make this a valuable handbook for researching global warming. These books will be useful across the curriculum and should appeal to a wide audience of students and teachers. The text is very readable, requiring minimal science background to gain an understanding of global warming as presented by the scientific community. Other volumes include Extreme Weather and Energy Production and Alternative Energy. This series is highly recommended for middle school as well as high school. (Confronting Global Warming) Reviewer: Marilyn Brien

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Confronting Global Warming Series
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