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Roman Villa

Roman Villa

by Gillian Clements

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Leah Hanson
Traces of the Roman Empire seem to litter Europe, North Africa, and western Asia. The Pont du Gard, the Colosseum, Pompeii, Hadrian's Wall, and other sites all provide evidence of its far-reaching influence. At its peak, the Empire radiated from Rome out to Spain, France, Britain, Germany, Egypt, and Turkey. But what was home life like for a Roman citizen? In this book, readers find a common thread linking these vastly differing groups of people: their homes. After a basic overview of the Roman Empire's geography, history, and leading figures, Clements draws a visual and verbal picture of Roman home life. From where villas were built to how their walls were constructed, we see detailed, how-to-like diagrams that clearly explain what a villa's structure may reveal about how Roman citizens lived. Brief examinations of home decoration (e.g., sculptures, wall paintings, mosaics) and home heating systems make this long-ago culture seem not so distant. Perhaps most interestingly, Clements alludes to the influence traveling architects, sculptors, painters, and stonemasons may have had on the spread of Roman culture and the unification the Empire as they preached their gospel of the ideal Roman home. Part of the "Building History" series. Reviewer: Leah Hanson

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Sea to Sea Publications
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Building History Series
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8.80(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range:
7 - 10 Years

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