Romance Romance [Original Broadway Cast]

Romance Romance [Original Broadway Cast]

by Original Broadway Cast

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  1. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) The Little Comedy  - Alison Fraser
  2. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) Letters / Goodbye, Emil  - Alison Fraser
  3. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) It's Not Too Late  - Alison Fraser
  4. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) Great News  - Alison Fraser
  5. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) Oh, What A Performance  - Alison Fraser
  6. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) I'll Always Remember The Song  - Alison Fraser
  7. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) Happy, Happy, Happy  - Scott Bakula
  8. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) Women of Vienna  - Scott Bakula
  9. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) Yes, It's Love  - Alison Fraser
  10. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) A Rustic Country Inn  - Alison Fraser
  11. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) The Night It Had To End  - Alison Fraser
  12. Act 1. (The Little Comedy) The Little Comedy (Finale)  - Alison Fraser
  13. Act 2. (Summer Share) Summer Share  - Robert Hoshour
  14. Act 2. (Summer Share) Think of the Odds  - Robert Hoshour
  15. Act 2. (Summer Share) It's Not Too Late (reprise)  - Alison Fraser
  16. Act 2. (Summer Share) Plans A & B  - Robert Hoshour
  17. Act 2. (Summer Share) Let's Not Talk About It  - Deborah Graham
  18. Act 2. (Summer Share) So Glad I Married Her  - Robert Hoshour
  19. Act 2. (Summer Share) Small Craft Warnings  - Robert Hoshour
  20. Act 2. (Summer Share) How Did I End Up Here?  - Alison Fraser
  21. Act 2. (Summer Share) Words He Doesn't Say  - Scott Bakula
  22. Act 2. (Summer Share) My Love For You  - Robert Hoshour
  23. Act 2. (Summer Share) Moonlight Passing Through A Window  - Scott Bakula
  24. Act 2. (Summer Share) Now  - Alison Fraser
  25. Act 2. (Summer Share) Romantic Notions  - Robert Hoshour
  26. Act 2. (Summer Share) Romance! Romance!  -  Company

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Original Cast Recording   Primary Artist,Indexed Contributor
Kathy Sommer   Musical Direction
Scott Bakula   Vocals
Alison Fraser   Vocals
Deborah Graham   Vocals
Robert Hoshour   Vocals
Jim Burns   Voiceover

Technical Credits

Peter Fitzgerald   Sound Design
Kathy Sommer   Vocal Arrangements,Dance Arrangement
Michael Starobin   Orchestration
Thomas Z. Shepard   Producer
Alison Fraser   Contributor
Vito Fiorenza   Art Direction
Keith Herrmann   Vocal Arrangements,Dance Arrangement
Stanley Green   Liner Notes
Barry Harman   Composer,Lyricist,Direction,Book
Steven Dale Jones   Costume Design
Deborah Graham   Contributor
Robert Hoshour   Contributor
Pamela Sousa   Choreographer
Ben Rizzi   Engineer,Engineering

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