Romancing My Love (Love in Bloom: The Bradens, Book 9): Pierce Braden

Romancing My Love (Love in Bloom: The Bradens, Book 9): Pierce Braden

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by Melissa Foster

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Voted BEST BOOK SERIES by Supportive Business Moms, UK

*** ROMANCING MY LOVE is a USA TODAY Bestseller ***


After months of caring for her terminally ill mother, Rebecca Rivera is left all alone in a world she doesn't trust—but she's determined not to let her mother's death define her. Losing her job, having to pummel some jerk for


Voted BEST BOOK SERIES by Supportive Business Moms, UK

*** ROMANCING MY LOVE is a USA TODAY Bestseller ***


After months of caring for her terminally ill mother, Rebecca Rivera is left all alone in a world she doesn't trust—but she's determined not to let her mother's death define her. Losing her job, having to pummel some jerk for being too handsy, and living in her car are just temporary setbacks to an otherwise solid plan in finding her footing. Full of pride and used to being in control of her life, she's certain she can make it on her own. The last thing Rebecca needs is a man to fix her troubles—even if that man is strikingly handsome, wealthy, and charismatic Pierce Braden.

Pierce is a powerful real estate investor on the verge of a major acquisition. As the eldest of six siblings raised by a single mother, he's spent his life protecting those he loves. He's used to being in charge and making things right, and although he'd give his life for his family, he treats the women he dates as expendable—until he meets sexy and stubborn Rebecca Rivera, a woman who is as strong as she is vulnerable.

Passion ignites between them, and the two share their most intimate thoughts and desires. It doesn't take long for Pierce to realize that Rebecca is as determined not to be saved as he is to find a way into her heart. As their love grows, Rebecca must face fears she didn't even realize she had—and Pierce must learn the hard truth that sometimes less really is more. Is the power of true love enough for Rebecca and Pierce to learn to give up control and allow their hearts to take over?


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", loss, lies, grief, finding happiness in the face of adversity, romance, humor, bravery, hot hot hot sex scenes, marriages, births and totally awesome characters." —Supportive Business Moms, UK

"Like Nora Roberts, Melissa Foster has captivated me with her fantastic, sexy, romantic stories." —Kimberly Winning, avid reader

"Sensual, sexy, and satisfying. A captivating blend of the dance between lust, love, and life." —Bestselling author, Keri Nola

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EverAfter Romance
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Love in Bloom: The Bradens at Trusty CO Series , #9
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5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

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PIERCE BRADEN NEEDED to relax. He’d had a damn hard day. He’d sat through too many meetings, strategizing over the potential acquisition of the Grand Casino, a local property that he’d been eyeing for three years. Not to mention that he’d forgotten to turn on his phone that morning and missed calls from both his mother and one of his brothers, and when he’d called them back, they’d given him crap about it. The last thing he needed was to be fawned over by his employees, but when you owned most of the happening digs around Reno, and several more around the world, there weren’t many places he could go unnoticed. King’s Bar was a dive on the outskirts of town, and he hoped, a place he could just fucking relax.

He was crossing the dance floor to the bar when the scent of Curious—a perfume he hadn’t smelled in a decade—wafted past, trailing a hot, curvy ass, which was attached to a woman blazing a path toward the door. He didn’t blame her. The place reeked of alcohol and testosterone.

Some drunk guy stopped her, and Pierce watched as she turned on the guy. Holy shit. She was a hell of a lot more than a great ass. She was scorching hot, with dark—and at the moment, angry—eyes, heavy breasts, and a sweet little waist.

Another greasy-haired, sweaty guy grabbed her, and Pierce circled back, fire rushing through his veins. He couldn’t watch drunken assholes manhandle a woman. He took a step toward helping her as the guy leaned in close, his lips about to assail hers.

Through gritted teeth, she said in a low growl, “Let go of me.”

Before Pierce could push through the gathering crowd, the woman kneed the asshole in the groin, and when he doubled over with a loud groan, she grabbed his massive shoulders and slammed his face into her knee. His friend stepped in behind him, and the woman clocked the guy who was doubled over with a right cross to his chin, sending him sprawling backward against his friend. They both stumbled into a group of people. Pierce set a threatening, narrow-eyed stare on the asshole, then grabbed the woman’s arm and dragged her toward the door before the guy decided to retaliate or the manager kicked her out. She flailed and fought against his grip. Her body was trembling, and when the cool night air hit her, she blinked several times, as if she were trying to regain control. After what he’d just witnessed, he knew she could protect herself, but it was the momentary flash of vulnerability in her eyes that kept his hand on her arm.

“Let me go,” she demanded. “God, what is it about men grabbing me tonight?”

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to help by getting you out of there before the manager called the cops.” Pierce released her arm.

“Oh, he would have loved that. The jerk.” She shook her head.

“You’re shivering. Here, take my shirt.” He took off his Armani dress shirt and draped it over her bare shoulders, covering her tank top and leaving him in his undershirt.

She shrugged off the shirt and stepped back. “I’m fine.”

Pierce caught the shirt in one hand as it sailed toward the ground. “Okay. I just thought you might be cold. Can I get you a cab?”

She looked up and down the street, giving Pierce a moment to assess the feisty brunette. Her hair had been pinned up when he first noticed her inside the bar, and during the fight the messy bun had slipped to the nape of her neck. She had sharp features—a pointy chin, high cheekbones, thin lips, and a nose that perked up at the end. They might have looked harsh, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps elfin, on any other woman, but her dark eyes were big and round, softening all those sharp edges into a mask of angry seduction.

“Cab? No, thanks.” She drew in a deep breath and put her hands on her hips.

He wanted to put his hands on her hips.

Meet the Author

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented—perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.

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Romancing My Love (Love in Bloom: The Bradens, Book 9): Pierce Braden 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 42 reviews.
Mengel2 More than 1 year ago
Pierce couldn’t take his eyes off of the feisty woman at the bar.  Not only was she beautiful, he could sense something in her eyes.  Something that made him want to know more about her.  Unlike most women who threw themselves at Pierce, Rebecca wanted nothing to do with him.  Yes, he was tall and movie star handsome, but grieving the recent loss of her mother and trying to get her life back on track were here priorities right now.  Her mother’s landlord had been kind enough to allow them to stay rent-free while her mom was sick, but being the independent woman that Rebecca was, she could not allow herself to continue taking handouts … even if that meant she had to live in her car.  She knew that, before she could romance the thought of a man in her life, she had to find a job and a place to live.   But fate had other plans for Rebecca.  While at the Astral resort and casino interviewing for a job, she hears a familiar voice call her name.  She’d know that voice anywhere.  It’s the same one that’s been playing over in her head since the night she first heard it at the bar.  That sexy, manly voice belonged to none other than Pierce Braden.  Determined not to let this opportunity pass, he asked Rebecca to join him for a drink.  Only this time, she said yes!   Will their friendship fail before it even gets off the ground when Pierce finds out that Rebecca’s been living out of her car?  And what will Rebecca think when she finds out that Pierce doesn’t just work at Astral resort and casino, he owns it?   It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Melissa Foster’s writing.  She has the hottest characters and best stories!  But what made this book a bit different, and made me love it that much more, is that she touched on some serious subjects such as illness, death and homelessness.  Don’t get me wrong, you are still going to swoon over the alpha in this story just like all of her other books, but I enjoyed how she incorporated such sensitive topics as well.  Kudos to her for making me cry one moment and blush another!  Another book that you must put at the top of your “to be read” pile!
WordsofaSAHM More than 1 year ago
Melissa Foster is an amazing author! I have read so many of her books and she never fails to amazing me!! I am super glad that I was introduced into the Beck Valley Book Tours because this is how I was introduced to her books! I have my own Knight in Shining Armor, but I think if I didn’t, I would definitely want a Braden to be mine! Rebecca Rivera didn’t want or need that! She is super independent and has been through a lot of ups and downs. Mr. Pierce Braden has quickly become very taken with her, despite the fact that she isn’t the type of relationship material that he normally has! I like that he doesn’t try to swoop in and save Rebecca. There haven’t been many books of Melissa’s that I’ve read where I haven’t either teared up from sadness or laughter, and this book was absolutely no exception! Rebecca’s story is super sad, I think. She has recently lost her mom, the place where she lived and her job. Like me, she is too stubborn to ask for help! Pierce Braden, with out a doubt, sees past the walls that Rebecca has put up around herself and tries to break through. He does and it is awesome! There are more books coming from Melissa Foster and I absolutely can not wait!
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
Now you all know by now that I love reading Melissa Foster's contemporary romances. Romancing my Love was no exception-but it may be my favorite. Rebecca Rivera took care of her Mom all through her illness until the day she died. Rebecca had to remain strong and in control even though her world was collapsing around her. The last thing she wanted or needed was pity-unfortunately that is what she had herself convinced that anyone who tried to help her was doing-pitying her. When Rebecca literally bumped into Pierce after just quitting her bar tender job and fending off some obnoxious guy she fought the feeling of immediate attraction. Plus-at this point she was literally living in her car until she could get on her feet. One of her friends put her in touch with someone who gave her a job in an exclusive hotel/casino. Pierce, the owner of that hotel felt an immediate attraction to Rebecca as well when he saw her in a local bar and was not used to being put off by women. Nor was he used to having women tell him that his gallentry was not needed! He was rich and woman usually fell all over him-but this feeling he had for Rebecca was different. Needless to say Pierce was pretty controlling himself which also stemmed from his background. Could these two ultimately let go of their insecurities and embrace the love they obviously felt for one another? Read the book--I refuse to give up the plot!
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
What happens when a take charge, alpha kind of guy and a woman who is hanging on by a thread, but determined to do things her way meet, clash and keep secrets from each other, all while growing nearer and nearer both physically and emotionally? Is it possible to truly care for someone you will not trust with your inner secrets? Is it fair to prejudge others based on your specific criteria? As hard as the handsome and wealthy Pierce Braden tried to be supportive and caring to Rebecca Rivera, she found fault, felt threatened or being pitied. Rebecca has judged the world and found it lacking in all ways after years of caring for her dying mother, while putting her own life on hold. Can Pierce break through Rebecca’s barriers and open her eyes to the real world around her? Is it worth the pain? The trouble? The uphill battle? Romancing My Love by Melissa Foster is filled with doubt, mistrust and the need for love. Her characters are slightly different than most romance characters. Rebecca is damaged, her life has had some ups and recently, many downs, but her ego and pride and need to “keep up appearances” of being in control and independent goes a little too far into a selfish need to prove to the world, including herself that she is” woman-hear her roar”. Pierce goes beyond book boyfriend with his patience and need to understand Rebecca and give her all of the space she needs. With a cast of “in the background” characters, the spotlight is definitely on the actions and interactions between this couple. With hot and explicit sexual tension, Melissa Foster does bring home another quick read with her signature style of writing!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I seem to be alone in my opinion in this, but take it as it is. I'm a huge fan of Melissa Foster, have read every story in this series and several of her others. This story, however, was severely lacking. At first, based on interactions from Pierce in previous books and his character at the beginning, I really liked him. At first, I really liked Rebecca as she seemed like (key words) a strong self aware female. After about 10 chapters, I couldn't stand either of them. Rebecca quickly morphed into a woman lacking in self-confidence and unwilling to adapt or find compromise in any way. It becomes an argument between Rebecca and Pierce just to open doors or pay for meals! And there is no shame whatsoever in doing what you have to do to survive, but Rebecca feels so much shame in herself that she projects it on others and accuses them of such. Though this may have been a goal of Foster to present this, it creates a frustrating and unrealistic view of this couple. Rebecca accuses Pierce of pity and protectiveness and Pierce pretty much just roles over and takes it (not what I would call an alpha in any sense of the word), all within a week of meeting each other. Rebecca doesn't even want to take a recommendation or connection for a job; this is how jobs are found nowadays! This book left me sorely disappointed and was difficult to get through. Rebecca wasn't the strong female character that we have become used to reading in Foster's books. Rather, she came off as lacking in confidence, uncompromising, and a bit whiny. Pierce came off as a man who will just role over and do anything to keep the girl. The protective, family-first alpha we had been introduced for took a back seat to ensuring that the girl he is sleeping with gets her way. This won't keep me from reading Melissa Foster's future books, but I am sorely disappointed in this one. I suggest reading it so that you know what is going on in her future books, but don't expect it to be of the caliber of her previous books.
LadyStephM More than 1 year ago
Book #9 in the Love in Bloom series about the Bradens, this book is a love story that can be read as an independent book. The main character Rebecca Riveria is an independent strong woman who has spent months taking care of her ailing mother until she passed. Left to her own devices, Reva is left alone in a world that throws obstacles in her way, unemployment and temporary homelessness. Rebecca meets wealthy ladies' man Pierce Braden, who is not only charming but a gentleman. Rebecca, who is unaware who Pierce is, shuts down  his advances despite her attraction to the handsome stranger, the last thing she needs is a romantic affair. Pierce, who similar to Rebecca is used to having control and caregiver of his 6 other siblings. These two learn to compromise, trust, and share control.  I'm not one to give away the details of books so you have to pick up the book and discover Rebecca and Pierce on your own. I will say this book is a captivating romance novel that had me wishing the story wouldn't end. This novel is definitely a must read for the romantic, the independent, and the strong-willed. The Love in Bloom series boasts novels for each of the Braden siblings and this bookworm will definitely look to read the other novels on this family.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
Romancing My Love (Love in Bloom #17) by Melissa Foster Rebecca is all alone with no job and nowhere to live. With her trust issues she just wants to push everyone away. Pierce is ready to step in and defend her when she takes care of herself. He realizes she is strong if she was not ready to breakdown. Can Pierce break through her walls and capture her heart? Will she keep shutting him out until he no longer wants her? Love the chemistry between these two. She is so broken and you just hope his love will help her heal. Melissa's stories are always wonderfully written and never disappoint. Her characters feel like real people. You might laugh and cry during her books but you will always get a great story that is heartwarming and sweet at the same time!!
dewer421 More than 1 year ago
Rebecca has gone through an awful lot in her short lifetime, and it's changed her in several different ways. It's made her strong and self-sufficient, but it's also made her unable to accept help from anyone (even Pierce opening a door for her!) To be quite honest, she's lucky that Pierce became hooked on her enough to make him keep pushing her. But Pierce has problems of his own, since he starts the book as a workaholic womanizer who has no interest in settling down with anyone. So the two of them obviously have problems to work out, which means lots of misunderstandings, arguments, and of course lots of HOT scenes! I liked getting glimpses of Rebecca's and Pierce's relationships with their friends, families and coworkers, but I wish they were fleshed out a bit more. I could easily read 100 more pages of this book! I'm new to reading Melissa Foster, but I'll definitely be buying the previous books and getting caught up. I see several days of reading in my immediate future! *I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.
BookWormAndMore More than 1 year ago
Are you looking to escape from the real world into a wonderful hot and steamy book? If so, then you need to pick up this book or any other book in this series. The only thing I suggest is that you don't start reading this at night. I started it at 10 pm, and couldn't put the book down. So, I was up to about 2 or 3am finishing the book. It was the perfect escape from a stressful day, though. This one really helped me get past my bad day. As my mom has always told me, things could be worse, and this book proves that point. Rebecca has gone through hell and is one hell of a survivor. I can not even imagine going through everything Rebecca has. Like her, I would be so afraid to trust or of losing someone else. Of course, my biggest fear is losing my husband. I don't think I could handle losing him but we won't even get to that. The point is that Melissa Foster's characters are so real, so vivid. You genuinely care about what happens to them. If you are like me, you end up having dreams about them, too. I know I'm weird but I did have a dream about Samantha and Pierce. I give Romancing My Love 5 stars. It is like stepping into another world that, of course, ends with a happy ending that will have you smiling from ear to ear. It is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings. This book is for mature audiences due to some very hot and steamy love scenes that will delight you, too. This book can be read as a stand alone book but if you like this one you will love the entire series. I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
Pierce Braden is the picture of success, being the owner of numerous properties, including casinos and resorts. He can have any woman he desires, and frequently does. That is, until he happens upon Rebecca Rivera. With a body that catches his eye, Rebecca has nothing to do with Pierce. He found her to be the total opposite of what he is used to, and is intrigued enough to not give up. Especially when he discovers that she has business savvy that can match him. She doesn’t know how rich and powerful he is, and doesn’t care. What Pierce doesn’t know is that Rebecca has hit bottom, and is living in her car. What happens when opposites attract? Yep, they fall fast and hard.  I love each character that Melissa Foster adds to her books. They are just the perfect personalities for each story. Usually my favorite is a side character, but this time I have to go with Pierce. He is perfection magnified. I loved Rebecca too, but got bored with her hang-up of Pierce knowing she was homeless. I would love to see their story go on to include them helping out Henry and Daphne, and Mr. Fralin. In an honorable way, that is.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 8 months ago
An interesting story about love and how early life experiences affect preception and behavior later in life. I'm glad that Rebecca and Pierce were able to work through their problems and find their "happy-ever-after." LA-TXN
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
zlinski More than 1 year ago
From the first scene, Pierce realizes that Rebecca isn't like the other women he associates with..She's self sufficient. This is evident when she takes out several men who try to accost her in a bar all on her own. He's used to taking care of women, opening doors, and paying the bills. Rebecca will have none of that....or she isn't used to that. She's had a difficult life. She's been her mother's caretaker, and now she has to live out out of her car to get by now that her mother has passed away...she WON'T accept charity! She is now unemployed due to the altercation in the bar. A friend refers her to the HR department of a resort, but she's unaware that the man she met the evening before after the bar altercation is the owner. Pierce, to his family, is the fixer. Ever since his father abandoned the family he took on the role of man of the house. He's the one his sibling turned to when they needed help. Will his status at the resort cause Rebecca problems? Will her need for self sufficiency cause strife in their relationship? Will his need to take care of things come in between them??
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story of love are like the rest in the series, exceptional!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She was one lucky girl. The writer did well in telling both of their lives.
nadzNR More than 1 year ago
The thing I like the most about the Melissa Foster’s series is that you can read them out of order and not be lost. Romancing My Love #17 in the Love in Bloom series and #9 in the Braeden series is no exception. Romancing My Love is the kind of story that will stir up your emotions, but the one it resonated for me was the pain of losing a loved one. Having recently lost my mom under the same circumstances as Rebecca, the female protagonist, it was easy for me to relate to her and the pain she was going through. I understood exactly how she felt and for me this story brought back some painful, angry and happy memories. Rebecca likes to be in total control of her life. She is self-sufficient and detests relying on others for help, as such when she met Pierce Braden, who was determined to be her knight in shining armor, she was having none of it. Pierce an entrepreneur and billionaire was captivated by Rebecca the first time he laid eyes on her. He is a womanizer whom could have any woman he wanted. Women were always throwing themselves at him so he was pleasantly surprised when Rebecca was not susceptible to his charms at first. Due to his persistent nature, he was able to wear down her resistance. These two are great together, but Rebecca is afraid to trust her heart to Pierce. Her desire to be in control at all times ends up affecting her ability to trust and to allow Pierce to love her the best way he knows how. Pierce is patient with her and is willing to love her on her own terms even if it meant suppressing his desires to protect her. This was not easy for him as he is the type of man that any woman would love to have in their lives. He is loving, sensitive, compassionate and passionate. After reading this book I have to say without a doubt that Melissa Foster has joined my list of must read authors. She is skilled at weaving a story that pulls you in and keeps you entertained to the very end. Her stories are usually based on some real life issues to which her readers can relate. Romancing My Love is a beautiful and romantic story that will tug at your heart strings and will stay with you for days.
HeatherJG More than 1 year ago
Melissa Foster does it again! From the first page I was completely hooked and couldn't put it down! (Which made coming back from lunch breaks at work PAINFUL!) When we first meet the VERY independent Rebecca she's teaching some jerk a painful lesson, literally. She's a woman who can hold her own and once she meets Pierce it takes them a while to find balance. The characters in this book really do demand your attention from the moment they're introduced. I would love to see how the rest of the Pierce/Rebecca story goes but I'm sure we'll see them again in other Braden books......I hope!
ItsMySideOfLIife More than 1 year ago
We meet Pierce Brandon  a powerful real estate investor who’s used to being in charge and making everything right. He will do anything for his family, and is a protector to those close to him. When he meets fiery and stubborn Rebecca Rivera sparks are flying and he just can’t walk away.    Rebecca is unlike any woman who’s crossed his paths, though there’s fire in her eyes she wants nothing to do with him at first.  He doesn’t know that she’s grieving and trying to get her life on track and trying to move forwards, only problem is  he finds her crossing his path again and this time he just can’t let her walk away. Rebecca has to find a place to live and a job , after her mother’s passing she’s left with needing to get her life in gear and fast. Determined not to let anything get in her way, or let her down she heads straight forwards with priorities and they do not include a handsome man at a bar. Meeting Pierce ignites some heat she can’t afford to deal with, can’t even considering her situation. She’s in a tough place in her life but they soon end up crossing paths once again and this time she doesn’t turn away. Problem is, secrets start coming out making  things get more than a little tricky testing out a path they barely even started to head down. Will they survive or will their fiery passion sizzle out before it gets a chance to really heat up?  For the amount of books that Melissa Foster is pouring out you would think ( I'm being honest now, don't get mad! Stick with me it's good)  that there'd be a few repeat story ideas, or something that repeats, sounds familiar, a twist, a plot anything! If you thought this, you'd be wrong. Just as wrong as I am each time I pick up one of her books for review. Never a repeat, never a "I know what will happen" . Nope, Foster once again deliveries a wonderful read that grabs you from the first chapter. If you need a pick me up or a nice enjoyable read, I highly recommend Romancing My Love. 
A_Gluten_Free_Mom More than 1 year ago
I love love love Rebecca! She is a strong woman who I think many people can relate to. Everyone struggles in their lives, some more than others, but Rebecca makes you think it will be okay. Another thing I absolutely loved was the setting. Reno, NV is a place in my own home state. A place I've actually been to a few times (and am visiting again next month). This book varies a little from most of Melissa Foster's other's in the Braden series. Family still plays an important role, but the steamy hot scenes are fewer. She focuses more on the building of an awesome relationship, which I think is a super important aspect of a lasting love. 
Stressed_Rach More than 1 year ago
As you might already know I love the Bradens, the whole Love In Bloom series and the author Melissa Foster so I was excited to read the next instalment, Romancing My Love. This book is Pierce and Rebecca’s story. Pierce Braden is just like the other Braden men, very handsome, women would literally throw themselves at him, wealthy,  he owned property, resorts and casinos and has a beautiful soul again like the other Braden men. Rebecca Rivera has had a hard time, she recently lost her mother and is grieving but is trying to get things back on track. No job and nowhere to live she needed to focus on getting those two things sorted so when Pierce and Rebecca meet she basically blows him out and wants nothing to do with him,but he doesn’t give up. The walls she has put up to protect her are solid and Pierce needs to find a small crack and break those walls so she will let him in. This is a truly beautiful story, the chase, the romancing the hotness it has it all. Another brilliant instalment to this fantastic series.