Romeo's Playbook: A Man's Guide for Enhancing His Relationship and Sex Life

Romeo's Playbook: A Man's Guide for Enhancing His Relationship and Sex Life

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by L. a. Hunter

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Romeo's Playbook: A Man's Guide for Enhancing His Relationship and Sex Life 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is written for men. Hunter¿s purpose in for writing the book is to help men see how easy it is to change a poor relationship into a loving, rewarding, and exciting one. She writes from a woman¿s viewpoint, sharing insights into expectations, emotional, and sexual needs. A sports theme is used to present the playbook to attract a man¿s attention. The book will help you strategize and execute your romantic strategy. The author helps you through the steps of getting off the bench, pointers on moving to first base, then second, and third bases, and finally to hitting your home run. You are given an action plan, followed with a position statement, a plan for execution, and a coach¿s tip. Topics include intellectual acts to build your partner¿s self esteem. You will find pointers on the importance of touch, of being a gentleman, ideas for gift giving, and the importance of romantic dates. Hunter then moves on to setting a mood for intimacy. The book includes a chapter called ¿Coach¿s Extras¿ with helpful lists. An important bibliography is included. Simple Ideas are given for engaging communication, for planning informal and informal dates. I am putting my playbook in place next week. Hunters suggestions will put a smile on the face, and a twinkle in the eye of your special someone. The final chapter is simply named ¿Record Book¿. Templates are provided for keeping a record of your progress. Ideas follow that will help you create your own personal romantic game plan. This man¿s guide will enhance your love relationship. It is full of reminders to continue your courtship and establishing affirming expressions of encouragement and love. Whether your marriage is rocky or stable the suggestions in this book will bring a new freshness to your marriage. If properly used, this guidebook will insure that your marriage relationship grows and blossoms into a mature, exciting, rewarding, ongoing love affair.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (5/06) When I first got my hands on this book, I was wondering if it was going to be one of those negative game playing books on relationships. I was so relieved to discover that it wasn¿t. Romeo¿s Playbook is written by female author L.A. Hunter. When I started reading her suggestions, I kept thinking, ¿I want someone to treat me like that.¿ Gentlemen, if you want to know how women want to be treated, in this book you go directly to the source and get your information from a woman. Basically her advice involves common sense and consideration for your partner, be it man or a woman. It seems like in relationships, when the honeymoon stage wears off, these two components get dropped somewhere. Her play list really involves showing your partner respect and showing them that you love them. Many times it is just by using the right words. Women could also use much of this advice for how they treat their men. The first part of the book offers advice and lists how to put the advice to work. It includes some helpful tips. The second part of the book has a worksheet to keep track of important dates and a record of her likes and dislikes. This is not a bad record to keep. It is really disappointing to keep getting chocolate, when you have let your mate know that you don¿t like it, or god forbid, you are allergic to it! The third section offers a place for you to keep track of plays that you have developed on your own and the fourth part allows you to journal information on what you have tried and whether or not you need to adjust your delivery. This really does sound like some game playing, but when the plays involve things like, ¿Don¿t go to bed upset, Learn from your mistakes, or never make racy comments about another woman¿s body,¿ you really can¿t take offense at the rules. Hunter also explains why these rules should be followed. As a woman, I would like to think that explanations should not be necessary, but too often I have seen situations that should not have occurred and see that it is important for the man to understand things from the woman¿s perspective. I highly recommend this book to many people. First of all I recommend it to my future boyfriend/husband whoever he is, wherever he is. I also recommend it to my ex-husband and several ex-boyfriends. I think things could have been a lot different if they had read this book. Ladies, if you feel your man or a gentleman friend just doesn¿t have a clue about now to treat a woman, this is the book for them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A wonderful practical guide for the man on the inner workings of women handed to you on a silver platter. What you do with it is up to you. But if you want that edge to win read it, practice it, and apply it to your relationship and be a winner. Much is good common sense and not really secrets. Much is how you would wish to be treated yourself. So why do we ignore these simple golden tidbits? Our busy lives control us as we fight each day to have more leisure time. When we have this free time why not make the most of it and share it with the one you care most about in a happy harmonious fashion. Reading L.A. Hunter¿s Playbook gives you the distinct advantage to using this time wisely. Easy to read, understand, apply. Even the womanizer can benefit from this powerful guide. Don Juan, Casanova, and Romeo all the lovers the world knows can now be add to your list of accomplishments that may be the most important accomplishment you have ever achieved. Reemphasizing that romance, communication, and mutual respect are strong relationship building blocks L.A. takes it a step farther. Both men and women will benefit from this practical guide to better relationships.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Five Stars! Romeo¿s Playbook is the most interesting and fun relationship book I¿ve ever read. As a man, I don¿t really want to get caught reading a fluffy relationship book that¿s one of the best things about Romeo¿s Playbook, it appears to be a sports playbook with a football field on the front cover. Even paging through it quickly, it appears to be all sports. Each play has a Position, Execution and Coach¿s Tip, plus it¿s to the point. No guessing games or fluff, it tells you exactly what to do so you don¿t mess up. The chapters follow bases ¿ First Base: Your Intellectual Acts ¿ Second Base: Becoming Her Romeo ¿ Third Base: Gifts with More Meaning ¿ Home Run: Setting the Mood for Intimacy. There are also Coach¿s Extras and Record Book where you can have fun making your own plays. Ever since I read Romeo¿s Playbook, I understand my wife¿s feelings way more than I ever thought possible. Our relationship has grown to be so much more fun and romantic than it has ever been. The romantic ideas are great and I hit way more home runs now, the easy way.