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by James L. Rubart

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On a rainy spring day in Seattle, young software tycoon Micah Taylor receives a cryptic, twenty-five-year-old letter from a great uncle he never knew. It claims a home awaits him on the Oregon coast that will turn his world inside out. Suspecting a prank, Micah arrives at Cannon Beach to discover a stunning brand new nine-thousand square foot house. And after


On a rainy spring day in Seattle, young software tycoon Micah Taylor receives a cryptic, twenty-five-year-old letter from a great uncle he never knew. It claims a home awaits him on the Oregon coast that will turn his world inside out. Suspecting a prank, Micah arrives at Cannon Beach to discover a stunning brand new nine-thousand square foot house. And after meeting Sarah Sabin at a nearby ice cream shop, he has two reasons to visit the beach every weekend.

When bizarre things start happening in the rooms of the home, Micah suspects they have some connection to his enigmatic new friend, Rick, the town mechanic. But Rick will only say the house is spiritual. This unnerves Micah because his faith slipped away like the tide years ago, and he wants to keep it that way. But as he slowly discovers, the home isn’t just spiritual, it’s a physical manifestation of his soul, which God uses to heal Micah’s darkest wounds and lead him into an astonishing new destiny.

"An extraordinary read. Part The Screwtape Letters, part The Shack."

--Robert Liparulo, best-selling author of Comes a Horseman

"A profound spiritual tale spun with imaginative flair. I'm looking forward to more from Jim Rubart."

--James Scott Bell, best-selling author of Try Fear

"Unforgettable. The kind of book that is talked about long after the last page has been turned. The universe of readers is richer because of this debut novel."

--Alton Gansky, author of Enoch and Certain Jeopardy

"Two words about Rooms: blown away. It's been a long time since I read anything this unique and truly creative, and even longer since a book held me in such rapt attention during the moments I was reading it--and long after."

--Deborah Raney, author of the Clayburn novels

"A wonderful book . . . Since I began reading it, I've been captivated. It isn't often that a book pulls me so deeply into the fictive dream that I dream about it at night."

--Terri Blackstock, author of Predator and Intervention

Winner, Best Inspirational Novel of 2010

--RT BOOK REVIEWS Reviewers' Choice Awards

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Debut author and professional marketer Rubart has created a suspenseful tale in the vein of Ted Dekker's House, in which inexplicable happenings take over and direct a character's life. Twenty-five-year-old Micah Taylor receives a mysterious letter from a great-uncle he never knew informing him of a home built for him by said uncle. His interest piqued, Micah, a wealthy software company owner, takes off for the Oregon coast to visit his newly acquired 9,000-square-foot house. What he finds is a shape-shifting, mind-boggling revisiting of his past that jeopardizes his future. With only a handful of letters as his guide, Micah tries to summon up the courage to face old wounds that somehow are connected to various rooms in the house itself. As soon as Taylor opens one door, in floods a sea of memories that he must choose to face or run from. Rubart's work clips along nicely, and his premise is compelling. (Apr.)

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B&H Publishing Group

Copyright © 2010 James L. Rubart
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-8054-4888-7

Chapter One

Why would a man he never knew build him a home on one of the most spectacular beaches on the West Coast?

Micah Taylor stared out the windows of his corner office overlooking Puget Sound, rapping his palm with an edge of the cryptic letter. Cannon Beach, Oregon. Right on the ocean and built by his great-uncle Archie, at least that's what the letter claimed. But of all the towns up and down Highway 101, why there? A place that repulsed him. A place he cherished. Both at the same time. Fate wouldn't be that cruel.

Shake it off. There couldn't really be a house in that spot with his name on it. No way. Not there. This was exactly the kind of practical joke his team might try to pull off. No one would ever accuse RimSoft's culture of being stoic. If they only knew how badly they'd misfired this time. Micah sighed.

But if the letter was real-

"Time to go, boss."

Shannon stood in the doorway, eyes bright behind her Versace glasses, short-cropped salt-and-pepper hair outlining her face. She'd been Micah's administrative assistant for three years. Smart and not easily intimidated, what churned in her five-foot-eight frame made her one of the strongest links in his company's chain.

"I hate being called boss." Reminded him too much of his dad.

"Yes, I know." She pulled her glasses down and gave him her pirate look-one eye closed, the other squinting.

Micah tried to smile and tossed the letter announcing his inheritance onto his desk. Shake it off, he told himself again. It didn't help.

"You all right?"

"Yeah. Great." He grabbed his notebook and wagged his finger at Shannon as they walked out of his office. "You shouldn't call someone boss when you're almost old enough to be their m-"

"-much older sister."

"Right," Micah said as they fell into step and marched down the halls of RimSoft. Normally he loved Fridays. The creativity his team poured out was astounding. If employing people better than yourself were an Olympic event, Micah would be swimming in gold.

But today wasn't a regular Friday. Today a bizarre letter sat on his desk trying to dredge up memories he'd buried forever.

As they turned the final corner on the way to the conference room, Kelli Kay, one of Micah's more talented programmers, approached. "Want to hear something really cool?" Her red curls bounced like a Slinky.

"Absolutely." Micah kept walking-now backward-his Nikes scuffing lightly on the teal carpet.

Single mom until four months ago, Kelli put herself through computer school while working forty hours a week and taking care of her ten-year-old son. Never complained about fifty-hour weeks. Never complained about sixty-hour weeks.

"My kid won that art contest I told you about last week; he's headed to L.A. this summer to compete in the national-"

"You serious? Listen, if he places, let's fly him and you and that new husband of yours to New York to see the MET. I'll bring Julie, and we'll all go check out the art with him and time it so we catch a Mariners-Yankees game."

"Really?" Kelli half-jogged to keep up with him.

"RimSoft's already made $2 million off that little antivirus program you developed last year. You're amazing." Micah turned and picked up his pace.

Shannon picked up hers too, her white Adidas running shoes helping in the effort. He couldn't believe this was the same woman who showed up her first day wearing three-inch heels and a business suit straight out of Uptight Dresses for Corporate America. Micah told her to get rid of the heels and put on whatever she loved wearing and felt comfortable in.

"You could actually stop when you talk to people."

Micah frowned at Shannon. "We have a meeting. You know, the company? Work to do. Software programs to develop. Lots of sales. Happy stockholders. Make money. All that stuff." He brushed past a lush, broad-leafed dracaena plant and walked faster.

"You're not exactly yourself this morning."

"A lot on my mind."

"They just want more time with you, Micah, to know you like them."

"I like everyone. But, to be sure, let's get out an e-mail that says, 'From Micah Taylor. To you. I like you. I really, really like you.'" He pushed open the conference room door and held it for Shannon. He returned her glare with a forced smile.

The conference room was small but comfortable. No vaulted ceiling, no massive table, just two light tan leather couches and six overstuffed espresso brown chairs all circling the center of the room. RimSoft's version of Camelot. The room wasn't designed for ego; it was crafted for efficiency.

The couches held two people each. On one couch sat Micah's head of Legal, with his jet-black hair and John Lennon glasses. Next to him slumped his VP of Mergers and Acquisitions, thirty-one years old but looked fifty with his premature gray hair. On the other couch perched his VP of Marketing, looking more every day like a young Oprah. Next to her sat his chief financial officer. Two of Micah's software development VPs sat in the chairs.

Shannon also sat in a chair; Micah paced in front of his.

On a table in the center of the room sat a steaming pot filling the air with the aroma of Seattle's Best Coffee. Clumped next to it were mugs from Disneyland, the University of Washington Huskies, and cups with RimSoft's logo on them.

Good. All the pieces were in place. Time to check out the condition of the chessboard.

"All right," Micah said, a slice above his normal volume. "Let's roll. Where are we with the i2-Rock alliance?"

"Done," his Mergers VP said.

"We love their hardware; they still love our software, right?"


"Excellent, great work." Micah focused on Oprah's twin. "Is the ad layout done for Wired?"


"Last one you did was a home run into the rafters, so let's keep the hits coming." He turned to his right. "Beta testing on version four is done, right?"

"Finished Wednesday."

"Very nice work. I can't believe you already have it almost bug free." Micah looked at the head of his legal team. "You've finished the docs for the Bay-C buyout?"

"Not quite." The man glanced up at Micah. "We're almost there."

Micah stopped pacing. What was this guy's problem? Everyone else knew how to fire on all cylinders. He couldn't afford to have the guy keep playing with his B game.

Micah whipped his pen around on his yellow notepad like a poor man's Picasso, then held it up for everyone to see. "This is a sketch of underwear. But not just ordinary underwear; it's asbestos underwear." He turned to the head of Legal. "You need a pair."


"Well, you said your team would be done on Tuesday. It's now Friday. So since it isn't done, your team falls into the category of 'liar, liar, pants on fire.' I would think the asbestos underwear would help squelch the flames a bit."

The head of Legal squirmed and mumbled, "We'll get it done by the end of the day."


"End of the day."


"By two o'clock."

"What comes out of a toaster?"

Legal Guy frowned and shifted in his chair. "Toast?"

"You're not sure?"




"It's nine thirty now. What will you be if your docs aren't finished by noon?"

Legal Guys's face flushed. "Toast."

"A little louder please so the whole class can hear."

"I'll be toast."

One of Micah's team coughed. The rest kept their eyes glued to the agenda.

Micah turned and looked out the conference room windows overlooking Puget Sound. One breath. Two. Wow. Not the way to win friends and influence stock splits. He turned back to his team. "Okay, let's move on."

A half hour later Micah glanced at each member of his team. "Thank you. For two things. First, for being good enough at what you do that this company could no doubt survive without me. Second, for not being so good there's no room left for my input." He grabbed his notebook and strode toward the door.

Too harsh in there on Mr. Always-Late-Legal? Probably. Micah sighed. Definitely. Where did that stuff come from? He rolled his eyes. Micah knew precisely where it came from. Cannon Beach.

Shannon stepped into the hallway just ahead of him and clipped down the hall like a speed walker.

In two bounds Micah caught up to her. "Hey, slow down."

She walked faster and didn't respond.

"You've got that Micah-was-a-jerk look again."

She looked up at him with a thin-lipped smile. "It's only the first time this year. You're improving."

They walked seven paces in silence. "I was trying to make a point with a little humor. That's not who I really am."


Four more paces.

"You're right; I was a royal, platinum-certified jerk in there," he whispered. His face grew warm as he fingered the scar on his left palm. "It's just ... some realities about life have stuck with me whether I wanted them to or not."

"So you weren't this way from birth?"

Not always. Only since he was nine.

He looked down as he gave his head a tiny shake.

"Zero! Zilch! Nada! That's what you'll always be, kid!" The rest of the scene-the torn jersey, the humiliation, the message-tried to surface, but Micah slammed the vault to his heart shut and the memory vanished.

By the time he arrived at his office, his breathing steadied and his focus shifted to the letter from his great-uncle that sat on his teak desk. Micah picked it up and flopped into his black leather chair. The yellowed paper was probably white once, though the fluid script looked as crisp as if it had been scrawled yesterday.

The envelope it came in had been sealed with wax, the outline of a lion's head distinct in the dark-blue paraffin. Micah leaned back and stared at the name above the return address. Archie Taylor. Definitely strange.

Archie was his great-uncle whom he knew less than a paragraph about. He'd been dead since the mid-nineties, and Micah had never met him. Archie had made quite a bit of money and hadn't married, but the rest had always been a mystery. Until Micah's late teens, he hadn't known Archie existed. When Micah had asked, his dad only said Archie was odd, a man to stay away from.

Micah opened the letter and wondered once more if it was real.

September 27, 1990 Dear Micah, You are likely shocked to have received this letter as we never had the opportunity to know each other. The reason for the letter will surprise you more. I have asked a friend to mail it when you turn thirty-five or when you acquire enough financial resources that you no longer need to labor. Consequently, if you are reading this letter before reaching your thirty-fifth birthday, you have already made a significant amount of money, which is sometimes a beneficial occurrence at a young age but usually is not. If my instructions have been carried out, a home was built during the past five months on the Oregon Coast, four miles south of Cannon Beach. I designed it for you. I assume by this point you've asked yourself why I would choose to build this house in Cannon Beach of all places. You likely already know why. Because it is time to face your past. It is time to deal with it. My great desire is that the home brings you resolution and restoration, and if the builder followed my directives, I believe it will. It will certainly-if you'll forgive the cliché-upset your applecart if you allow it. The home is all you. Your great-uncle, Archie P.S. There should be a key enclosed with this letter as well as a card with the address.

Micah reread the last line and frowned. "The home is all you"? Typo. Must mean all yours. He leaned his head back till it hit the back of his chair. His dad was right. This guy was a whacko.

Face his past? His past was dead. Buried. Forgotten.

And it would stay that way.

* * *

A noise in the hall made Micah look up. Julie. Good. Back to real life. Julie was the perfect business partner. Tenacious skiing partner. Recent romantic partner.

Her shoulder-length blonde hair bounced as she pranced through the door of his office, her crisp beige suit complementing her gleaming pearly whites.

"Hey!" Micah rose from his desk and opened his arms.

When she reached him, she ruffled his dark brown hair and kissed him softly.

The faint scent of Safari floated up to him. She never wore too much, almost not enough. Julie. Powerful yet tender at times. Driven and radiant. It was nice to have her back.

"How was the trip, Jules?"

"We're richer, but I'm so glad it's over." She slid out of her blazer, flicked a piece of lint off the lapel, laid the coat across the back of Micah's chair, and patted it once. "I did find the perfect SLR digital camera to add to my collection. You'll model for me, please? Your baby-blue eyes are worth taking up two or three hundred megs on my laptop."

When they'd started RimSoft six years ago, he never imagined they'd strike such a rich vein in the software gold rush. Of course, he'd never imagined their long-term platonic relationship would bud into romance, either.

Micah sat down and stared at Archie's letter. He had to get down there. And if the house existed, get rid of it. Now.

"You with me here?" Julie leaned against Micah's desk.


"I asked about Monday's board meeting, and I think waiting five seconds for a response is long enough." She laughed.

"Sorry, didn't hear you. Brain freeze. I got a bizarre letter from a long-lost relative. In fact, this weekend I might have to go-"

Julie pressed two fingers against his lips. "We cannot allow those thoughts to escape."

"What thoughts?"

"Of nixing our Whistler trip this weekend. You and me and snow and spring skiing and fireplaces and old, old bottles of cabernet. Ring any bells?"

"Hmm." He grinned, raised his eyebrows, and hoped Julie would understand a change in plans.

"If you're canceling, you'd better have a really, really good reason." She straightened the collar of his olive green polo shirt.

"Apparently I've inherited a house right on the ocean, just south of Cannon Beach."

"Cannon Beach?" A scowl flashed across her face. "Didn't you once tell me you hated Cannon Beach?"

"I used to love it."

"What? You did?"

"Forget it." Sorry, Archie. The emotions that stupid letter wanted him to face would never see daylight.

Julie stared at him, but he ignored it.

"Let me see something." Julie leaned over him as her red fingernails danced over his keyboard until a sampling of Cannon Beach oceanfront homes for sale flashed on-screen. "Take a look at these prices." She tapped his monitor. "Your little gift could be worth $3 million plus. Throw a sign on it and make some quick cash."

"Exactly. The quicker the better."

"That's why I love you, Micah. Cha-ching. Where did this mystery house come from?"

He picked up the letter and drew it across his hand like a blade. "My great-uncle, whom I've never met, had it built for me."

"You never met him and he gives you a house?"

"Weird, huh?" Micah snapped his fingers. "So this weekend, let's head for the sand, see if it's real, and if it is, put a For Sale sign on it and make some money."

"Instead of Whistler?" Her shoulders sagged.

"You're right." He ran his finger over the surface of the letter. "Let's go skiing."

"Wow. You really need to get this taken care of, don't you?"

Julie didn't wait for an answer. A few seconds later, Google Earth splashed onto Micah's monitor. "Address?"

Micah read it to her off the letter. In moments they gazed at a patch of dirt overlooking the ocean.

"Not even a pile of concrete," Julie said.

"Maybe, maybe not." Micah punched a few keys. "Look. That satellite image is seven months old. Archie's letter says the home was built by somebody during the past five months." Micah's gaze stayed riveted on his screen. "There could be-"

"How 'bout I make you a deal so you can go to the beach, Mr. Break-My-Heart."

"Hey, it's not that important for-"

"No, no, stay with me here. I know that look. You have to go. If you switch out our weekend at Whistler for a week in the Alps, we have a deal."

"Then you'll come with me this weekend?"


"What? I'm not sure I want to do this by myself."

Julie slid her finger across Micah's cheek and turned his head toward her. "Something tells me you need to do this alone."

It would be his first time in Cannon Beach in more than twenty years. And his last. Without question the last.

Excerpted from ROOMS by JAMES L. RUBART Copyright © 2010 by James L. Rubart. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

James L. Rubart is a professional marketer, speaker, and writer. He serves on the board of the Northwest Christian Writers Association and lives with his wife and sons in the Pacific Northwest.

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Rooms 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 330 reviews.
MichelleSutton More than 1 year ago
Rooms is a tragically beautiful and deeply insightful novel about a soul's redemption. Utilizing mind-twisting conflicts and heart-wrenching loss throughout the story, the author illustrates in a profound way how often to gain what we need we must first abandon what we thought we'd always wanted. Taking it one step further, it made me think in a completely new way about how 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13 states that "without love, I am nothing" (paraphrased by me to illustrate this point). I have to warn people who may want to read this book that it will make you uncomfortable. Like near-frostbite hurts when the flesh is being slowly restored to a living thing, the truth in the story may hurt as the author's insights massage the dead places in your heart back to life. This is a life-changing story about what it costs to follow Christ and the great lengths our Savior will go to in order to reach our hearts. I challenge everyone to read it. I know I'll be thinking about this book and its message for years to come. This is also a perfect illustration of how fiction can be used to inspire and instruct in the same way Jesus used the parables. Through Micah's story readers are challenged to take a look inside their own soul. Which voice are you listening to?
Kelli_Kunkel More than 1 year ago
ROOMS is unbelievably thought-provoking and will become one of your favorite stories no matter what your preferred genre of books. One of the best books I've ever read! This enthralling story keeps you reading to the end. It will force you to reflect on your own journey in life, your spiritual beliefs, and the personal choices you have made. An awesome gift for the ones you love. Fantastic for book clubs.
13RM13 More than 1 year ago
Believably unbelievable! I loved this story! Micah Taylor, is given a house in Cannon Beach, Oregon that his great uncle had built. The more time he spends there, the more bizarre and strange things happen to him. It turns out that the house's rooms are "windows" into his heart. This book inspired me to look into the rooms of my own world with questions. This is a moving, insightful read that, I'm sure, will inspire all who read it!
Chickfilady More than 1 year ago
Micah, a young software genius, sits on top of the world in his penthouse apartment. Everything in his life is just as he wants it to be. Multi-million dollar company, perfect girlfriend, everyone listening to his every word....what more could he want? When Micah receives a letter from a long lost great uncle, telling him he has inherited a house on the beach...the very beach where it happened...his entire life changes. Everything he has fought to have, everything he thought he wanted....know he's not sure. Seattle or Cannon Beach? Which life is truly his? Which world is real? New author James Rubart does an excellent job of taking us inside the life of Micah...inside his mind...inside his heart. As Micah struggles to decide which path he will choose, the reader is tugged in both directions as well. If you are looking to do some soul searching, then this is the book for you.
DoctorBOOK More than 1 year ago
I have read maaaannny books! I have read Ted Dekker! Frank Perretti! Robin Parrish! C.S. Lewis! Others you probably have never even heard of! They are all wonderful authors, but something about Rubart(author of the book you are looking at) just...makes me love his book!! Read it in 2 days!! Loved it and its #1, always will be, unless Rubart releases more! Those who agree, look forward to his new books: THE BOOK OF DAYS released in January 2011, THE CHAIR released in October 2011. Buy it!! Its worth reading!! Can't find any better!!
Read_A_Book More than 1 year ago
While I knew that this novel was Christian Fiction, I was not expecting as much preaching as I noted in this novel. I was thinking it would be more along the line of a Frank Peretti book, in which God is a focus, but allusions are made more than direct preaching. However, that is not what I found in this novel. Rooms started out just as any novel does, enticing the reader through the manifestation of a house and the mystery behind Micah’s eccentric uncle, but about a quarter of the way through, the novel becomes a constant preaching of the Bible, which is okay, but I felt that it took away from the story at large. While the mystery was still evident within the novel, I felt that the religious preaching and connotations were overbearing and made it hard for me to progress with the novel, as I became a bit bored. I would recommend this to any strong believers in the Christian faith as the book does a great job expressing the Bible’s message, but it honestly wasn’t my cup of tea. One star.
DustyCraine More than 1 year ago
I think this book is getting some unfair reviews because of the fact that it's a Christian book. And while that should be obvious to someone who was browsing for books in Christian Fiction or was familiar with the author it may not be obvious to the people who grabbed the book during Barnes & Noble's Free Friday event. That Free Friday event is how I got this book. I read the blurbs. I know what I'm getting into before I download those Free Friday books. But some people just leap before they look and were obviously not this book's intended audience. But enough of that, let's get to the review. This book is unapologetically, right up in your face about Christianity. It carries a very strong "you're either with us or you're against us" vibe, which is fine if you find yourself on the right side of that divider, but it's likely to insight some anger if you aren't. And for those of the reading public who got this book from the afore mentioned giveaway, they are likely to close the book after a few chapters. This book is definitely for the Christian viewing public. The question becomes "Is it Christian fluff or is there something to the story?". I think it's a bit of both. There are situations in which the driven, determined, success-oriented protagonist behaves unbelievably. Despite growing up with a bit of God in his background, he has been living in the secular world for so long it seems unreasonable that he would so willingly concede the life that he'd built. But even this could be explained away by the fact that he's not faced with your average conversion event. There is something very overtly supernatural happening. I liked the way the story juggled Micah's two lives so skillfully. This story device allowed me to be caught off guard by twists and unsure of how things were going to play out. In this regard I felt like Micah did, I didn't know what was going to happen next. Who's role would change in his life or how he'd be received. I didn't know how his life was going to change by his decisions and that gave the book a nice "just one more chapter" aspect to it. I've read that this book is comparable to The Shack and in the regard that someone meets their maker in an abode that isn't what it seems and leaves with their life changed, it is. But I found both stories enjoyable for different reasons. I wouldn't assume to know what to expect in Rooms just because you read The Shack. If you're into Christian Fiction give James L. Rubart and Rooms a try.
Mama_of_4 More than 1 year ago
I was glad that this was a free download. I would have been disappointed if I had actually purchased this story. It was a strange spiritual journey story that was a bit long and was a bit out of the box. I would not talk anyone out of reading it, but I will not read it again. Could be an interesting book club read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked most of this book. It kept me interested until the last few chapters. Then things started to be predictable. I was hoping this would be more like THE SHACK. All of that said, the concept of every action has a consequence is evident in this book. The idea of a house reacting to your actions played well for me. I liked the characters; they felt real. The upright ones acted correctly; those floundering were wondering; those not caring went about their merry way regardless of others. I would buy this book again. For the most part I enjoyed it.
SharonALavy More than 1 year ago
I have a very large stack of TBR (to be read) books. I always feel behind. But when I saw this book advertized for the Kindle I could not resist. I ordered it and read it within a couple of days. It held my attention and I could not put it down easily. I have The Shack in my TBR pile too, but because of the controversy surrounding that book it has not made it's way to the top of my pile. I highly recommend ROOMS. I did not find any untruthful presentation of God in the allegory of this story. I believe Christians can be rich. But if you have any doubts that the path you are following pleases God, then riches can be wrong. Think about it, poverty can be wrong too. It all depends on if you live your life to honor God.
d155890 More than 1 year ago
Not usually the type of book I would read, But it was very enjoyable and fun the read. Makes you really think about the things in your lije. and the decisions you make.
Kratz More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. It is a Christian novel and one should be aware of that before reading. The plot held my attention and I felt like I got to know the protagonist. I could relate to him in many ways. The writing isn't excellent but it is good and the analogies and parable were good.
debhgrty More than 1 year ago
Deb’s Dozen: His house. Designed for him. Unexpected and disturbing. Rooms changing overnight—why? Rooms is a strange and wonderful book—disturbing and intriguing at the same time. Micah Taylor has been given a house back in Cannon Beach, a place that holds memories he still has nightmares about. His estranged Uncle Archie had the house built especially for Micah—why he has no idea. Still, Micah is curious enough to go investigate despite his father’s advice to the contrary. Driving from Seattle to the beach, Micah doubts his decision and dawdles along the way until he slowly drives up a long driveway and sees … the house. The house is spectacular—right on the beach. The architecture is superb and when Micah enters the house, he feels at home. As he walks from place to place within his house, he feels more and more at ease—the letter from Archie was right; the house could have been designed with Micah in mind. While exploring the town to see what has changed, Micah meets Rick, an auto mechanic with whom he has instant camaraderie. He feels Rick could become a great friend. Stopping into the town’s ice cream parlor, he meets Sarah, but his instant feelings are not those of camaraderie, but that she could be the one. At home again, Micah continues to explore and … wait, that room wasn’t there before! How could he have missed a room? What will he find? Are there more yet undiscovered rooms? What keeps him here and keeps him coming back to Cannon Beach from his company in Seattle? Micah will find he has decisions to make … which will he choose? The house that fits him like a glove, or the hustle-bustle and fame of his software company in Seattle. I loved Rooms. I loved the writing. I loved the descriptions. I fell in love with the characters. In many ways, I felt I was reliving my life and some of the decisions I have made along the way. James Rubart has the ability to make the reader a part of the story—silent observers, sometimes encouraging, sometimes saying, “Don’t open that door!” You will enjoy the journey Micah makes. I was late to discover James Rubart but am so happy I did. You will love and be challenged by his books. Both my husband and I rate Rooms: A Novel Five Stars! James Rubart is the author of seven novels, which have won the Christy, the INSPY, and the Romantic Times Book Reviews awards. He is also a professional speaker and consultant helping others perfect the business of speaking and writing and publishing. He and his wife live just outside Seattle, Washington. Find out more at Jameslrubart.com.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rooms was a very interesting book. I could hardly put it down. Four stars for making me love it and sending the message that God is all-powerful, loving, caring, forgiving, and merciful. Missing the last star because I was honestly confused by a lot, but it was also slightly predictable at the same time. Micah really could be dense not to see a few things that were extremely clear, but that may be a "forest vs. trees" thing. On the other hand, I suppose if one is not where you should be with God, it might also be harder to recognize. That bugged me. Conclusion: It was worth buying and reading, and I'll read it over more tham once. Great book!
Carol_RN More than 1 year ago
I got this book for a light read and it is interesting enough to keep your attention for hours == but I also found that as a Christian myself, the statements made by Micah's "self" in the dark room were sometimes right on the mark and other times subtlely deceiving. This book made me look in my own dark room. If you are not a Christian, this book will still be a great read.
Joyous-Reader More than 1 year ago
Reading this book has been an exciting adventure. It is one of the most thought-provoking books I have read. Many times I visualized myself in the main character's position and wondered what I would do.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is absolutely...astounding. I told myself when I finished..."If God could just show me my soul in a house with rooms like that, I'd change." LOL...I heard God's voice as clear as day say to me, "I show myself to you EVERYDAY!" and I promise since I've finished this book, I've been on a journey of breaking strongholds and truly seeking out the things that are keeping me from God. Rubart is a truly annointed writer and I look forward to reading his other novels.
BookieFP More than 1 year ago
Awesome book. It was the first book I downloaded for my Nook. I couldn't put it down. I"m anxiously waiting for the Book 2 or anything else from Mr. Rubart. He pulls you in and all the characters are people you want to know.
aware4life More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! From the very beginning to the very last page the writer had me!! I could not put it down. I longed for the moment I was able to turn the next page. It moved something inside me that I can't put into words. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. I looked for more books and I think this was Mr. Rubart first but can only pray it won't be the last. Im a writer and it's been a long time that I have enjoyed a book like this! Again, Thank You! Blessings Dr. Jeanette Magdalene aware4life.com
Chrytech2 More than 1 year ago
Along the lines of The Shack but geared more toward the business person. If you liked The Shack you should really enjoy this.
Loves More than 1 year ago
this book is amazing. i couldnt put my nook on all day. i finished it in like 10 hours because it really is so breath taking. loves it.
mary1952 More than 1 year ago
What a great story!! I have recommended it to all my Christian friends. This writer says it all. It does make you wonder if your trust is strong enough. Absolutely a must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Only one way to describe it....Awesome-Sauce!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago