Roosevelt's Centurion(lib)(CD)

Roosevelt's Centurion(lib)(CD)

by Joseph E. Persico

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Persico (Franklin and Lucy) here focuses on Franklin Delano Roosevelt's role as a wartime commander. Citing the roles of George Marshall, Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, and other key allied military leaders, Persico offers a history of the war from the viewpoint of its strategists, all the while stressing Roosevelt's hands-on control. While hardly unbiased (in fact, the book often seems a hagiography of Roosevelt and tends to damn Churchill with faint praise), there is much engrossing personal and historical detail. The narration is occasionally troubling, as when actor Dan Worden attempts to add verisimilitude to Persico's quotes by affecting stereotypical Japanese, German, or African American inflections. VERDICT Recommended for history buffs.—Forrest E. Link, Coll. of New Jersey, Ewing Twp.

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