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Children's Literature - Gisela Jernigan
Camilla was a lonely little girl until, one day, she found a large fancy hat in the garbage, complete with a bird made of real feathers. Camilla promptly fell in love with the bird and named it Rosata. She talked to Rosata and insisted on wearing the hat everywhere, much to the concern of her mother and the amusement of her classmates. When Teresa, a new girl, moves in next door, Camilla is able to gradually switch her affections from the inanimate Rosata, to the human Teresa. Bright, child-like watercolors contribute to this fresh approach to the familiar security object theme.
Annie Ayres
Entranced by an old hat "decorated with velvet flowers and a small bird made out of real feathers," Camilla names the bird Rosata and talks to her "gently every day." Even though her family and classmates find the unusual friendship peculiar, Camilla is happy and content to have a hat for a best friend and loyally takes Rosata everywhere. When a little girl just her age moves in next door, Camilla makes a new friend and eventually leaves Rosata safely atop her bedroom bookcase when she goes to play with her neighbor. Filled with bold and simplified shapes painted in velvet-soft watercolors, the illustrations are colored with the poignancy of growing up and making friends. Tenderly told, this picture book could be included in any story hour that features special friendships.

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4 Years

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