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Rose and Thistle: English and Scottish Music

Rose and Thistle: English and Scottish Music

by The Revels

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  1. Blessed Be That Maid Marie (English)
  2. Les Bouffons
  3. The old yeare now away is fled (English)
  4. The Black Alman, for chamber ensemble
  5. What Child Is This? (Greensleeves)
  6. Pastyme with Good Companye for 3 voices
  7. Courante
  8. The Twelve Days of Christmas
  9. Deo Gratias, motet for 4 voices (SATB)
  10. Sweet was tha song the Virgin sang
  11. Preludium, for lute, P 98
  12. Mrs Nichols Almand (Mistress Nichols Almand), for 5 viols/violins & lut
  13. The Earle of Essex Galliard, for 5 viols/violins & lute (from "Lachrimae")
  14. Volta, for 4 viols/violins & continuo, P 27
  15. Da Day Dawn (The Day Dawns), carol (Shetland Islands)
  16. All Sons of Adam, carol (Scottish)
  17. My Lord of March Paven
  18. Galliard
  19. Lytill Blak
  20. Coulter's Candy, folk song (attrib. Robert Coultart)
  21. The Three Craws, folk song
  22. Will Ye No' Come Back Again?, folk song
  23. Blue Bonnets Pipe March / Drops of Brandy
  24. Some Say the Devil's Dead, song
  25. The Four Tradesmen, folk song
  26. Ca' the Yowes (Call the Ewes), song
  27. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second Wife
  28. The Haughs of Cromdale, folk song
  29. A Medley of Reels: The Pitnacree Ferryman / Mrs. McLeod of Raasay / Jen [
  30. Sae Will We Yet, song
  31. A Medley of Highland Pipe Tunes: Scotland the Brave / The Rowan Tree / [
  32. Rorate coeli desuper (Drop Down, Ye Heavens, from Above)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Revels   Primary Artist,Choir, Chorus,Ensemble,Children's Chorus
Angus Macdonald   Pipe
David Coffin   Recorder,Vocals,Penny Whistle,Shawm,Rauschpfeife
Steve Solomon   Bass (Vocal)
Ray Wright   Vocals
Revels Children's Choir   Children's Chorus
Jimmy Lawton   Vocals
Dan Stillman   Recorder,Sackbut,Dulcian,Shawm
Jim Congo   Tenor (Vocal)
Mac Howland   Tenor (Vocal)
Ken Pullig   Trumpet
Phillip Swanson   Trombone
Revels Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Christian Bonnet   Vocals
Jack Lynch   Vocals
Ian Dixon   Pipe
Lynne Beasley   Alto (Vocal)
Nat Coolidge   Bass (Vocal)
Lillian Torrey   Vocals
Matt Szostak   Hurdy-Gurdy,Tabor
Laura Gulley   Fiddle,Violin
Donald A. Duncan   Bass (Vocal),Vocals
Gregory Fritze   Tuba
Lori Green   Vocals
Sarah Hebert-Johnson   Vocals
Michael Kolowich   Tenor (Vocal)
Jack McCreless   Fiddle,Bass (Vocal)
Greg Hopkins   Trumpet
Jennifer Webb   Soprano (Vocal)
Kenneth Pope   Horn
Tom Arena   Vocals
Amaya Abadia Manthei   Vocals
Maite Abadia Manthei   Vocals
Sophia Barney Farrar   Vocals
Jennifer Bliss   Alto (Vocal)
Anne Renwick Boy   Alto (Vocal)
RuthAnne Callen   Alto (Vocal)
Stephen Campbell   Bass (Vocal),Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Ruth Canonico   Vocals
Sarah Cantor   Recorder,Cornemeuse
Noah Coolidge   Vocals
Lynne Dichter   Soprano (Vocal)
Claire Dickson   Vocals
Benjamin Eckstein   Tenor (Vocal)
Rose Feinman   Vocals
Abe Finch   Timpani
Kristin Fleischmann Rose   Vocals
Emerald Forman   Fiddle
Douglas Freundlich   Lute,Violone
Janice Fullman   Vocals
Dick Goettle   Tenor (Vocal)
Stephen Hackbarth   Vocals
Sarah Higginbotham   Soprano (Vocal)
Isabelle Holt   Vocals
Jonathan Janezic   Vocals
Joseph Janezic   Bass (Vocal)
Jesse Kass   Vocals
Mélodie Kinet   Vocals
Ariela Knight   Alto (Vocal)
Lily Kruskal   Soprano (Vocal)
Angus Lansing   Viola Da Gamba
John Lazenby   Vocals
Paul Leahy   Vocals
Margot Leonard   Soprano (Vocal)
Lily Lewis McNeil   Vocals
Walter Locke   Vocals
Wendy Loomis   Alto (Vocal)
Joshua Mackay Smith   Vocals
Mike MacNintch   Leader,Scottish Small Pipes
Donald Duncan   Bass (Vocal),Vocals
Harper Mills   Vocals
Matt Mrachek   Vocals
Woody Nussdorfer   Bass (Vocal)
Luke Olivier   Vocals
Jake Otto   Drums
Jedidiah C. Otto   Pipe
Dave Overbeck   Vocals
Catherine Pixton   Vocals
Tom Pixton   Accordion,Harpsichord,Tenor (Vocal)
Jessica Raine   Soprano (Vocal)
Alison Foote Reif   Soprano (Vocal)
Chris Ripman   Vocals
Cambridge Symphonic Brass Ensemble   Brass Ensemble
Valerie Peterson   Vocals
Shara Lewis   Alto (Vocal)
Amaya Abadia-Manthei   Vocals
Olivia Rizzo   Vocals
Ruth Anne Callen   Alto (Vocal)
Sophia Barney-Farrar   Vocals
Erika Roderick   Alto (Vocal)
Mayhew Seavey   Vocals
Angus MacDonald   Pipe
Gigi Turgeon   Fiddle,Violin
Fiona Wada-Gill   Vocals
Janet Nelson   Vocals
Mary Chavez   Vocals
Jane Tankersley   Vocals
Marty Tulloch   Vocals
Sarah Knight   Vocals
Joshua Mackay-Smith   Vocals
Gemma Smith   Fiddle
Ken Pope   Horn
Jaya Tripathi   Vocals
Scottish Highland Pipes and Drums   Ensemble
Nathaniel Smith   Fiddle,Vocals
Lily Lewis-McNeil   Vocals
Kyla Tornheim   Soprano (Vocal)
Jack Lynch   Vocals
Bobbie Sproat   Alto (Vocal)
Jim Lawton   Vocals
Kristin Fleischmann-Rose   Vocals
Maite Abadia-Manthei   Vocals
Lucien Olivier   Vocals
Richard Taylor   Bass (Vocal)
Philip Swanson   Trombone
David Torrey   Bass (Vocal),Tabor

Technical Credits

Tony Cuffe   Composer
Thoinot Arbeau   Composer
William Byrd   Composer
John Dowland   Composer
Michael Praetorius   Composer
George Emlen   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,Music Direction
David Griesinger   Engineering
James Oswald   Composer
Bill Winn   Engineering
Roger Ide   Cover Photo
William Chatterton Dix   Text
Tom Pixton   Liner Notes
Judy Erickson   Liner Notes

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