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Rosie's Tiger

Rosie's Tiger

by Anna Myers

In 1952 in Oklahoma, sixth grader Rosie enlists the aid of her new best friend, the flamboyant Cassandra, in trying to get rid of the Korean wife and stepson her older brother has brought back from the war.


In 1952 in Oklahoma, sixth grader Rosie enlists the aid of her new best friend, the flamboyant Cassandra, in trying to get rid of the Korean wife and stepson her older brother has brought back from the war.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
It's 1952, and Rosie, a sixth grader living with her widowed father in rural Oklahoma, worries about her adored older brother, Ronny, who's off fighting in Korea. When Rosie hears that he's on the way home, she's thrilled-until she learns about his Korean wife and her son. Huyani is sweet and pretty and Yong So is an adorable child, but Rosie feels jealous of Ronny's attention and worries that he will abandon her. She therefore solicits the help of her new best friend-who claims to be gifted with magical powers-to have Huyani and the boy returned to Korea. Myers (Red-Dirt Jessie) ably conveys time, place and character through Rosie's homespun narration. The story line is a little protracted and the ``magic'' of the best friend will be transparent to most in the target audience, but the portrait of Rosie is honest and convincing, the climax suspenseful and the resolution deeply gratifying. Ages 8-12. (Sept.)
School Library Journal
Gr 5-7-In a small Oklahoma town in the 1950s, sixth-grader Rosie Taylor, alienated and lonely, is grappling with a lingering sense of loss over her mother's death four years earlier and anxiety about her beloved brother, Ronny, who is serving in the army in Korea. Jealousy rears its ugly head when he sends word that he is coming home with a Korean wife and her young son. Cassandra, a flamboyant, perceptive new girl at school, befriends Rosie, and, claiming magic powers, coaxes her out of her shell and boosts her confidence. But Rosie is still unprepared for the arrival of Huyani and Yong So, and she becomes even more resentful when Ronny announces that they will be going away again, this time to college. Rosie's ambivalence toward the strangers is evident as she defends them against the ethnic slurs of some townspeople, while urging Cassandra to magically effect their return to Korea. Even Yong So's adoration fails at first to melt her heart until she comes to recognize and accept the new members of her family. Told in Rosie's voice, the narrative is fast paced, immediate, and full of authentic period detail. However, the inconsistent use of the colloquial is at times jarring. Nonetheless, the straightforward prose and well-developed characterizations subtly bring the story to life. A touching portrayal of the struggle of a young girl, sustained by love and friendship, to cope with wrenching change.-Marie Orlando, Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Bellport, NY
Frances Bradburn
A jealous love is the most heartrending of maladies, obvious to all but almost impossible to control. Jealousy is Rosie's tiger, a raging animal within her that threatens to destroy her relationship with both her father and her brother, Ronnie. Rosie has long awaited Ronnie's return from the Korean War, but it's marred by the wife and young son who accompany him. Only the budding friendship with Cassandra, a new girl in school who also is being reared by her father, allows Rosie enough perspective to keep her from total despair as she awaits the small family's arrival. Once Ronnie, pretty Huyani, and little Yong So are home, Rosie must confront the knowledge that while she instinctively likes Huyani and Yong So, she is frightfully angry at her brother for finding someone else to love. A lovely, low-key look at family dynamics with an interesting perspective on the magic of friendship.

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