Rough Trade Shops: Country

Rough Trade Shops: Country


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Emi Import


Disc 1

  1. Wearing the Robes of Bible Black
  2. Take Me Down to the Hospital
  3. Country Death Song
  4. Jellyfish
  5. I Cut Myself
  6. Lust
  7. Fancy
  8. The Devil in the Details
  9. Gary's Song
  10. Tapedecks All Over Hell
  11. Life Is Fine
  12. When the Helicopter Comes
  13. The Crooked Rose and the Briar
  14. South of Cincinnati
  15. Lil Wallet Picture
  16. The Night's Too Long
  17. Ghost on the Highway
  18. Come Back to Your Man
  19. Blind Willie McTell

Disc 2

  1. Until You Came Along
  2. Drifting
  3. Riding With Mary
  4. Ain't No Hangman
  5. Night Time (Ain't Got No Eyes)
  6. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
  7. Lost Highway
  8. Houses on the Hill
  9. Billy Austin
  10. Lonely Lights
  11. Give My Heart to You
  12. The Girl from Brownsville, Texas
  13. Good Guys and Bad Guys
  14. Strugglin' Horse in Hollywood
  15. Hair of the Dog
  16. This Train
  17. Border Radio
  18. Spreading the Evening Sky With Crows
  19. Gin and Juice
  20. Feel Better
  21. Can I Sleep in Your Arms?

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Willie Nelson   Guest Appearance

Technical Credits

Willie Dixon   Producer
Dwight Yoakam   Composer
Dave Alvin   Composer
Camper Van Beethoven   Producer
Exene Cervenka   Composer
John Doe   Composer
Dream Syndicate   Producer
Bob Dylan   Composer
Steve Earle   Composer
Green on Red   Composer
Mekons   Producer
Replacements   Composer,Producer
Russ Tolman   Composer,Producer
Lucinda Williams   Composer,Producer
Freakwater   Producer
Joe Henry   Producer
Jonathan Segel   Composer
Souled American   Producer
Steve Arrington   Composer
Clive Langer   Producer
Leon Payne   Composer
Rainer Ptacek   Composer
Snoop Dogg   Composer
Peter Buck   Producer
Harry Wayne "K.C." Casey   Composer
Hank Cochran   Composer
Paul B. Cutler   Producer
Chris D.   Producer
Warren Defever   Producer
Mark Eitzel   Composer
Jay Farrar   Arranger
Richard Finch   Composer
Gordon Gano   Composer
Bobbie Gentry   Composer
Joe Hardy   Composer,Producer
Peter Jesperson   Producer
Victor Krummenacher   Composer
Greg Leisz   Producer
Greg Lisher   Composer
Gary Louris   Composer
David Lowery   Composer
Paul Mandl   Producer
Todd Menton   Composer
Chris Molla   Composer
Mark Olson   Composer
Brian Paulson   Producer
Chris Pedersen   Composer
Jeffrey Lee Pierce   Composer
Jim Scott   Producer
Wally Sound   Producer
Michael Stipe   Producer
Mark VanHecke   Producer
Eric Westfall   Producer
Richard Buckner   Composer
Paul Stark   Producer
Curt Kirkwood   Composer
Tarnation   Producer
Howe Gelb   Composer,Liner Notes
Carla Bozulich   Producer
Brett Sparks   Composer
Craig Schumacher   Producer
Lee Parvin   Producer
Rennie Sparks   Composer
Joe Adducci   Composer
Vickie Hopkins   Licensing
Andre Young   Composer
Ben Reynolds   Composer
Ryan Adams   Composer
Caitlin Cary   Composer
Raymond Turner   Composer
Alan Tyler   Composer
John McGrath   Licensing
Brant Slay   Composer
Lincoln 65   Composer
Michael Krassner   Producer
Mike Stewart   Producer
Jason Molina   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Ted Stevens   Composer
Broken Family Band   Composer
Scott O'Connor   Licensing

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