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Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk

Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk

Post-punk might've given way to the brighter and more pop-oriented sounds of new wave around 1982, but "post-punk" as a label has been affixed to many bands that have come and gone since, including a large cluster of herky-jerky yahoos that were floating around in the early 2000s, most of whom were quickly bundled together for their throwback appeal. The two-disc


Post-punk might've given way to the brighter and more pop-oriented sounds of new wave around 1982, but "post-punk" as a label has been affixed to many bands that have come and gone since, including a large cluster of herky-jerky yahoos that were floating around in the early 2000s, most of whom were quickly bundled together for their throwback appeal. The two-disc Post Punk, an addition to the Rough Trade Shops series, curiously binds two waves -- if you'll pardon the use of the word "waves" -- without considering the wealth of like-minded bands that came and went between them. Nineties bands like Six Finger Satellite, Dog Faced Hermans, and Trenchmouth could fit neatly into this design; however, the time apparently wasn't right for a revival of the '90s post-punk revival. That's a shame, because those bands were just as thrilling and are just as deserving of inclusion, if not more so than some of the lesser 21st century outfits. (What's more, the names are just as absurd as Crispy Ambulance, one of the names here.) With or without the gaffe, Rough Trade has put together another lovingly packaged and attentively sequenced compilation. It doesn't take the easy route, and instead mixes the obvious in with some rare gleams that are liable to placate the most fussy obscurantist. Scritti Politti's presence is likely to perplex those who are only familiar with the group's mid-'80s pop-chart run, yet their early days are ripe for the picking, best represented by the scratchy spirals and lazily swaying lurch of "Skank Bloc Bologna." Delta 5 never made an album that rivaled anything from like-sounding Leeds peers Gang of Four, but "Mind Your Own Business" -- steady peasoup-peasoup rhythm, hectoring group vocals, jagged guitars -- clings to the ribs as well as "I Found That Essence Rare." Other typically neglected acts, from Family Fodder to Essential Logic to Maximum Joy, are featured alongside more familiar ones like Wire, PiL, and the Fall. Out of the latest school, the Rapture, Erase Errata, and Gramme lead the way, along with the sadly departed Life Without Buildings, who bowed out in true post-punk fashion after a handful of singles and one great album. Along with continuing Rough Trade's excellent run of compilations, Post Punk also rates with In the Beginning There Was Rhythm, New York Noise, and Mutant Disco -- fellow retrospectives that are just as fun as they are historical.

Editorial Reviews

Entertainment Weekly - Rob Brunner
Post Punk plays like a near-flawless mixtape made by the hippest people on earth. (A)

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Emi Import

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Barry Adamson   Bass
James Chance   Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Colin Newman   Guitar,Vocals
Howard Devoto   Vocals
Bruce Gilbert   Guitar,Vocals
Keith LeBlanc   Drums
Keith Levene   Guitar
Graham Lewis   Bass,Vocals
Lora Logic   Saxophone
Andy Partridge   Guitar,Vocals
Marc Riley   Bass
Adele Bertei   Electric Piano
Arto Lindsay   Guitar,Vocals
Tristan Honsinger   Cello
Barry Andrews   Keyboards
Vicki Aspinall   Guitar,Violin,Vocals
Steve Beresford   Piano,Keyboards
Gina Birch   Bass,Vocals
Will Bradley   Drums
Peter Brewis   Drums,Vocals
Karl Burns   Drums
Dan Catsis   Bass
Terry Chambers   Drums
Don Christensen   Drums
David Craig   Bass,Vocals
Robin Crutchfield   Keyboards,Vocals
Ana Da Silva   Bass,Vocals
Craig Derry   Vocals
Epic Soundtracks   Drums,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping
Dave Formula   Keyboards
Robert Gotobed   Percussion,Drums
Jody Harris   Guitar
Jowe Head   Bass,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping
Martin Jackson   Drums
Jah Wobble   Bass
June Miles-Kingston   Drums
Leo   Drums
John Lydon   Vocals
Skip McDonald   Guitar
Julian Marshall   Piano
Stuart Moxham   Organ,Guitar
John McGeoch   Guitar
Daniel Miller   Synclavier
Jake Milton   Drums,Vocals
Ted Milton   Saxophone,Vocals
Ikue Mori   Percussion,Drums
Colin Moulding   Bass,Vocals
Philip Moxham   Bass
George Oban   Bass
Palmolive   Percussion,Drums
Yvonne Pawlett   Bass
Renee   Guitar,Vocals
Gareth Sager   Guitar,Saxophone
Mark E. Smith   Vocals
John Turnbull   Bass
Simon Underwood   Bass
John Waddington   Guitar,Vocals
Doug Wimbish   Bass
Tony Wrafter   Saxophone
Dennis Young   Percussion,Marimbas,Roto Toms
Jenny   Trumpet,Vocals
Michael Upton   Voices
Alison Statton   Voices
Chip Carpenter   Drums
Kelv   Drums
Pat Place   Guitar,Slide Guitar
Cynthia Sley   Vocals
Fritz Catlin   Drums
Martin Frederix   Bass
Laura Kennedy   Bass
Charlie Llewellyn   Drums
A.A. Turnbull   Percussion,Background Vocals
Dee Pop   Drums
Richard McGuire   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Melodica
Keith Dobson   Guitar,Vocals
Roger Freeman   Percussion
Diaz   Metallophone
Bill Kleinsmith   Conga
Richard Edson   Trumpet
Valerie   Drums,Vocals
S. Mills   Guitar
Laura Rogers   Drums,Vocals
Abbo   Vocals
Mark Doffman   Drums
Ramona Carlier   Vocals
Jane Crockford   Bass
Ollie Moore   Saxophone
Julz   Guitar
Angie Barrack   Vocals
Lislot Ha   Drums
Janine Rainforth   Clarinet,Vocals
Keith Darbyshire   Bass
Marlene Marder   Guitar
Robert Davenport   Guitar
Alan Hempsall   Vocals
Gary Madeley   Drums
Luke   Bass
Kiki Moorse   Group Member
Melissa Logan   Group Member
Salvatore Principato   Percussion,Vocals
Sue Tompkins   Vocals
Robert Johnston   Guitar
Chris Evans   Bass
Chrigle Freund   Vocals
Digger   Drums
Luke Jenner   Guitar,Vocals
Matt Safer   Bass,Vocals
Vito Roccoforte   Percussion
Tom Heslop   Vocals
Dave Crowe   Drums
Jane   Bass
Miyuki Furtado   Bass,Vocals
Jennifer Rogers   Guitar,Vocals
Stuart Action   Guitar
Biggles Books   Guitar,Background Vocals
Dil   Drums
Jan Beetlestone   Voices
Kate Corris   Guitar
Pete Crease   Guitar
Alig Fodder   Guitar,Prepared Piano
Dominique Levillain   Voices
Barry Hyde   Guitar,Vocals
Ian   Turntables
Steve Jameson   Bass
Dan Katsis   Bass
Chris Leigh   Trumpet
Scott Hartley   Percussion,Drums
Jeannette Lee   Synthesizer,Keyboards
James Johnstone   Guitar,Keyboards
Bruce Smith   Percussion,Drums

Technical Credits

James Brown   Composer
Bush Tetras   Composer
James Chance   Composer,Producer
Fall   Producer
Gang of Four   Producer
Colin Newman   Composer,Liner Notes
Raincoats   Producer
Scritti Politti   Producer
Swell Maps   Producer
Tackhead   Producer
Young Marble Giants   Producer
Howard Devoto   Composer
Bruce Gilbert   Composer
Keith Levene   Composer
Au Pairs   Producer
Crispy Ambulance   Producer
Delta 5   Producer
Essential Logic   Producer
Graham Lewis   Composer
LiLiPUT   Composer,Producer
Lora Logic   Composer
Andy Partridge   Composer
Pigbag   Producer
Pop Group   Composer,Producer
Mayo Thompson   Producer
UK Decay   Producer
Junior Byles   Composer
Dennis Bovell   Producer
Ray Davies   Composer
Bobby Byrd   Composer
Viv Albertine   Composer
Dave Anderson   Producer
Charles Ball   Executive Producer
Karl Blake   Composer
Martin Bramah   Composer
Hugo Burnham   Composer
Don Christensen   Producer
Etienne Conod   Producer
Paul Foad   Composer
Tony Friel   Composer
Green Gartside   Composer
Andrew Gill   Composer
Robert Gotobed   Composer
Peter Hammond   Composer
Martin Hannett   Producer
Dave Hunt   Producer
Jonathan King   Composer
Robert John "Mutt" Lange   Producer
John Leckie   Producer
Ron Lenhoff   Composer
John Lydon   Composer
Stuart Moxham   Composer
John McGeoch   Composer
Andy Miller   Producer
Ted Milton   Composer
Dick O'Dell   Producer
Public Image Ltd.   Producer
Bethan Peters   Composer
Adrian Sherwood   Composer,Producer
Grant Showbiz   Producer
Mark E. Smith   Composer
Stephen Street   Producer
Mike Thorne   Engineer
Geoff Travis   Producer
John Turnbull   Composer
Victor Van Vugt   Producer
Ashley Wales   Composer
Lesley Woods   Composer
Liquid Liquid   Producer
23 Skidoo   Producer
Dennis Young   Composer
Rick Walton   Producer
Rob Warr   Producer
Nial Jinks   Composer
Big Flame   Producer
Ted Gaier   Composer
Hans Platzgumer   Composer
A.A. Turnbull   Composer
Renee Scroggins   Composer
Richard McGuire   Composer
Alan Riggs   Composer
Keith Dobson   Composer,Producer
Bill Sargent   Producer
Nobby Clark   Producer
D. Hunt   Producer
S. Mills   Composer
Gramme   Producer
Maximum Joy   Composer,Producer
Prats   Producer
Jane Crockford   Composer
Janine Rainforth   Composer
Keith Darbyshire   Composer
Robert Davenport   Composer
Alan Hempsall   Composer
Gary Madeley   Composer
Kelvin Knight   Composer
Tim Goldsworthy   Producer
Sue Tompkins   Composer
Robert Johnston   Composer
Luke Jenner   Composer
Matt Safer   Composer
Vito Roccoforte   Composer
Erase Errata   Composer,Producer
Tom Morley   Composer
Rogers Sisters   Composer
Stewart Pickering   Producer
Georges Leningrad   Producer
Ed Bahlman   Producer
Alig Fodder   Producer
Angela Hayward   Cover Design
Barry Hyde   Composer
Ian   Sound Effects
James Murphy   Producer
Dave Allen   Composer
Ross Millard   Composer
Scott Hartley   Composer
Simon Best   Composer
Jane Munro   Composer
David Brewis   Producer
David Cunningham   Producer,Instrumentation

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