Round and Round

Round and Round

by James Skofield, James G. Hale

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Stuart Miller
A concept picture book that's totally unforced reveals science in the intimacy of daily life. "A circle has no beginning and no end," Dan's dad says. And as the two walk together in the spring evening and then return home for snack, bath, and bed, they find circles everywhere--from the moon in the sky, and the ripples spreading in the forest pool, to the rim of Dan's glass of milk. In the bath Dan and Dad poke the circles of each other's belly buttons, and the hug of Dad's arms is a circle, too. Beyond all the circles mentioned in the text, the lively, detailed pictures show a wealth of circles, large and small, in ordinary things--tires, plates, clock faces, spiderwebs, spectacles. Even if most preschoolers won't get as far as understanding the turning of the earth around the sun, this story will make them stretch to discover all the circles in their widening world.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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4 - 7 Years

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