Round the House & Mind the Dresser: Irish Country House Dance Music

Round the House & Mind the Dresser: Irish Country House Dance Music


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  1. Come to the Fair/Sixpenny Bit/The Barren Rocks of Aden
  2. Mike Sullivan's/Tom Billy's
  3. The Twenty-One Highland
  4. Sean Haye's/If There Weren't Any Women in the World
  5. The Little Fair Child
  6. Limerick Races
  7. The First of May/The Last of June
  8. Tune for the First Part of the Lancers
  9. Casey's Favourites
  10. Padraig O'Keefe
  11. Untitled/Untitled/Lord Moira
  12. The Stack of Barley/Bantry Bay
  13. The Road to Ballisadare
  14. Tune for the Mazurka
  15. She Hasn't the Thing She Thought She Had /The Cat in ...
  16. McDermott's/Memories of Sligo
  17. The Worn Torn Petticoat/Denis O'Keefe's Favourite
  18. Katy Jones Reel
  19. Mrs. Kenney
  20. Up and Away/The Merry Girl
  21. Julia Clifford's/Bill the Weaver's
  22. Marquis of Huntley/Skin-A-Ma-Rink
  23. Stack Ryan's
  24. Batt Henry's Favourite
  25. Reagan's
  26. The Versavienna/
  27. Return of Spring/The Mountain Pathway
  28. The Flowing Tide

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gene Kelly   Accordion
Rose Murphy   Fiddle,Melodeon
Ed Reavy   Fiddle
Michael Coleman   Fiddle
Paddy Killoran   Fiddle
Hugh Gillespie   Fiddle
Margaret Barry   Banjo
John Duffy   Fiddle
John Kennedy   Fiddle
Ed Lee   Piano
John O'Leary   Accordion
Bernard O'Sullivan   Concertina
Jimmy O'Brien   Drums
Julia Clifford   Fiddle
Frank Quinn   Fiddle,Vocals
Paddy Sweeney   Fiddle
Ed Geoghegan   Piano
Payne   Tenor Saxophone
Billy Clifford   Flute
Tom Caulfield   Fiddle,Leader
Charles Bender   Piano
Joe Flanagan   Accordion
Reg Hall   Piano
Thomas Jacob   Piccolo
John McGettigan   Fiddle
Packie Dolan   Fiddle
Michael Gaffney   Banjo,Mandolin,Mandolin Banjo
John McKenna   Flute
Michael Gorman   Fiddle
Jim Morrison   Fiddle
Michael "Straighty" Flanagan   Tenor Banjo

Technical Credits

Mick Moloney   Engineer
Tony Engle   Producer,Engineer
Alan Feldman   Engineer
Bill Leader   Engineer
John Tams   Engineer
Alan Ward   Engineer
John Leonard   Engineer
John Coakley   Engineer
Neil Wayne   Engineer
Reg Hall   Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes
David Baker   Engineer

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