Rounder Fiddle

Rounder Fiddle

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A loaded album featuring a wide range of fiddle music by Ricky Skaggs, Eddie Stubbs, Alison Krauss, Vassar Clements, and Byron Berline. More than 60 minutes of music.  See more details below


A loaded album featuring a wide range of fiddle music by Ricky Skaggs, Eddie Stubbs, Alison Krauss, Vassar Clements, and Byron Berline. More than 60 minutes of music.

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Rounder / Umgd


  1. Sally Goodin'  - Ricky Skaggs
  2. Pretty Polly Ann  - Brad Leftwich
  3. Wild Rose of the Mountain  - J.P. Fraley
  4. Lee Highway Blues  - Scotty Stoneman
  5. Walkin' in the Parlor  - Scotty Stoneman
  6. Sugarloaf Mountain Special  - Eddie Stubbs
  7. Willow Creek  - James Bryan
  8. Crossing the Catskills  - Vassar Clements
  9. Dusty Miller  - Alison Krauss
  10. Yew Piney Mountain  - Wilson Douglas
  11. Norman and Nancy  - Sam Bush
  12. Fat Back Meat and Dumplings/Tennessee Wagoner  - Art Galbraith
  13. Uncle Pen  - Richard Greene
  14. Rickett's Hornpipe  - Clark Kessinger
  15. Fire on the Mountain  - Bob Potts
  16. Wild Fiddler's Rag  - Mark O'Connor
  17. Cairo Waltz  - Norman Blake
  18. Indian Springs  - Blaine Sprouse
  19. Old Mother Flanagan  -  Bill and Libby Hicks
  20. Cheyenne  - Bobby Hicks
  21. Grand Hornpipe  - John Summers
  22. New Broom  - Byron Berline
  23. Yellow Barber  - Buddy Thomas
  24. Cacklin' Hen  - Fred Price
  25. Le Chamoix Cornu  - Kenny Kosek
  26. West Virginia Rag  -  Jabbour
  27. Angeline the Baker  - Stuart Duncan

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nancy Blake   Fiddle,Mandolin,Cello
Norman Blake   Fiddle,Guitar,Track Performer
James Bryan   Fiddle,Track Performer
Dan Crary   Guitar
Jerry Douglas   Dobro
David Grier   Guitar
Alison Krauss   Fiddle,Track Performer
Doyle Lawson   Mandolin
Tony Rice   Guitar
Ricky Skaggs   Fiddle,Track Performer
Tony Trischka   Banjo
Clarence White   Guitar
Sam Bush   Fiddle,Mandolin,Track Performer
Clark Kessinger   Fiddle,Track Performer
Michael Melford   Guitar
David Bromberg   Bass
Kenny Baker   Fiddle,Track Performer
Bill Plummer   Bass
Richard Greene   Fiddle,Track Performer
Buck White   Mandolin
Art Galbraith   Fiddle,Track Performer
Todd Phillips   Bass
Allen Shelton   Banjo
Bob Carlin   Banjo
Wilson Douglas   Fiddle,Track Performer
J.P. Fraley   Fiddle,Track Performer
Clint Howard   Guitar
Jabbour   Fiddle,Track Performer
Blaine Sprouse   Fiddle,Track Performer
Buddy Thomas   Fiddle,Track Performer
Mac Benford   Banjo
Mike Compton   Mandolin
Matt Glaser   Fiddle,Track Performer
Marty Cutler   Banjo
Andy Statman   Mandolin
Eugene Wright   Fiddle
Brad Leftwich   Fiddle,Track Performer
Byron Berline   Fiddle,Track Performer
Bette Berline   Piano
Roger Bush   Bass
Vassar Clements   Fiddle,Track Performer
Dudley Connell   Guitar
Skip Conover   Dobro
Kenny Kosek   Fiddle,Track Performer
Richard Crooks   Drums
J.D. Crowe   Banjo
Stuart Duncan   Guitar,Track Performer
Pat Enright   Guitar
Vince Gill   Guitar
Mark Hembree   Bass
Bobby Hicks   Fiddle,Track Performer
Roy M. "Junior" Husky   Bass
Walt Koken   Fiddle,Track Performer
Billy Ray Latham   Banjo
Richard Lieberson   Guitar
Everett Lilly   Guitar
David McLaughlin   Mandolin
Larry McNeely   Banjo
Lonnie Meeker   Guitar
Buell Neidlinger   Bass
Alan O'Bryant   Banjo
Mark O'Connor   Fiddle,Rhythm Guitar,Track Performer
Bobby Slone   Bass
Terry Smith   Bass
Scotty Stoneman   Fiddle,Track Performer
Eddie Stubbs   Fiddle,Track Performer
John Summers   Fiddle,Track Performer
Jerry Thomasson   Guitar
Bobby Thompson   Guitar
Richard Underwood   Banjo
Jim Watson   Guitar
Roland White   Mandolin
Bill Bachmann   Guitar
Marty Confurius   Bass
Larry Robbins   Bass
Fred Price   Fiddle,Track Performer
Jenny Cleland   Bass
Bob Potts   Fiddle,Track Performer
Art Rosenbaum   Banjo
Oscar Wright   Banjo
Vickie Owens   Dulcimer
Leona Stamm   Guitar
Tom Jackson   Banjo
Gordon McCann   Guitar
Bill and Libby Hicks   Fiddle,Track Performer
Annadeene Fraley   Guitar
Eric Olson   Banjo
Tom Thompson   Banjo
Gene Meade   Guitar

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