Rowntree and the Marketing Revolution, 1862-1969

Rowntree and the Marketing Revolution, 1862-1969

by Robert Fitzgerald

A business history of Rowntree, the successful and well-known confectionery manufacturer.See more details below


A business history of Rowntree, the successful and well-known confectionery manufacturer.

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List of illustrations; List of figures; List of tables; Foreword; Preface; Part I. Marketing and Competitors: Introduction: Rowntree and marketing; 1. Marketing history and competitive rivalry; Part II. Following the Market Leader, 1862–1930: 2. The partnership, 1862–1897; 3. Product development: the practice of 'trial and error', 1897–1930; 4. Marketing and sales: a company of tradition, 1897–1914; 5. Marketing and sales: a war economy, 1914–1921; 6. Marketing and sales: the failed initiatives, 1921–1930; Part III. Reorganisation and Systematic Marketing, 1897–1939: 7. Management and organisation, 1897–1930; 8. Labour, industrial welfare and scientific management, 1897–1930; 9. A strategic change of course, 1931–1939; Part IV. Controls, Mass Consumption and Marketing, 1939–1969: 10. War and rationing, 1939–1952; 11. Industrial relations and management, 1952–1969; 12. Rapid growth, 1952–1966; 13. Markets and the merger strategy, 1956–1969; Part V. Growth of a Multinational, 1897–1969: 14. Multinationals, exports and raw materials, 1897–1969; 15. Canada and the United States, 1920–1969; 16. South Africa, Australia and Europe, 1925–1969; Epilogue: marketing, Rowntree and the confectionery industry, 1862–1988; Appendices; Notes; Bibliography; Index.

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