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Royally Matched

Royally Matched

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by Emma Chase

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Some men are born responsible, some men have responsibility thrust upon them. Henry John Edgar Thomas Pembrook, Prince of Wessco, just got the motherlode of all responsibility dumped in his regal lap.

He's not handling it well.

Hoping to help her grandson to rise to the occasion, Queen Lenora agrees to give him "space"--but while the Queen's away,


Some men are born responsible, some men have responsibility thrust upon them. Henry John Edgar Thomas Pembrook, Prince of Wessco, just got the motherlode of all responsibility dumped in his regal lap.

He's not handling it well.

Hoping to help her grandson to rise to the occasion, Queen Lenora agrees to give him "space"--but while the Queen's away, the Prince will play. After a chance meeting with an American television producer, Henry finally makes a decision all on his own:

Welcome to Matched: Royal Edition.

A reality TV dating game show featuring twenty of the world's most beautiful blue bloods gathered in the same castle. Only one will win the diamond tiara, only one will capture the handsome prince's heart.

While Henry revels in the sexy, raunchy antics of the contestants as they fight, literally, for his affection, it's the quiet, bespectacled girl in the corner--with the voice of an angel and a body that would tempt a saint--who catches his eye.

The more Henry gets to know Sarah Mirabelle Zinnia Von Titebottum, the more enamored he becomes of her simple beauty, her strength, her kind spirit... and her naughty sense of humor.

But Rome wasn't built in a day--and irresponsible royals aren't reformed overnight.

As he endeavors to right his wrongs, old words take on whole new meanings for the dashing Prince. Words like, Duty, Honor and most of all--Love.

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Emma Chase LLC
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The Royally Series , #2
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

Emma Chase lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two misbehaving (but really cute) dogs. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

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Royally Matched 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
AboutThatStory 4 hours ago
This was phenomenal. I didn't think it could better than Drew (Tangled) but then there was Jake (Sustained). And now, Henry. He dethrones them all! Henry and Sarah were such amazing characters. They were broken and suffering in their own way. I loved them remeeting and the connection they had. Henry is just so sweet and charming but wild and naughty, I loved his flirting and his dirty, teasing mouth. But he's also a lost soul and my heart hurt for him. Sarah was so so sweet and shy but I really liked her because she has that quiet presence that makes you want to listen. Their building friendship growing into more was beautiful, romantic, and full of swooney moments. The writing was prefect. I loved the fantastic build it had. This was such a full, amazing, and solid story filled with incredible details. I loved the humor and the fun but there was an undercurrent of emotion happening too and it was the prefect mix. I was pulled in from the begging. It was adorable, sweet, and witty but so full of heart and love. I couldn't wait to start and dive right in, I couldn't put it down and never wanted it to end all at the same time. I loved Royally Screwed and Prince Nicholas was fantastic but there was something so endearing about Henry, and about his troubles that drew me to him. I couldn't wait to read his story and learn everything. I wanted that broken boy to love and grow and be fixed. I love that this is dual POV and we get both Henry and Sarah's perspectives. They have so many hardships but I loved watching them come together and grow together, they're the perfect match. There is a nice amount of drama mixed in with everything balancing it all out perfectly. I was expecting a lot. I had high hopes. It was more than I could have asked for. I think Emma Chase broke the glass ceiling because it doesn't get any better than this. Royally Matched was a brilliantly woven romantic tale about two broken people, falling in love, growing, and becoming better versions of themselves together. I loved this from beginning to end. I laughed and cried and cheered. Henry officially has my heart! Complimentary copy received for honest review.
NPButterfly 4 hours ago
I really loved this book. Going in I was excited because I knew bits of Henry from Royally Screwed and I couldn’t wait to read his story. I was pleasantly surprised by how he was in the book. Cocky, funny and arrogant as expected, but he is also very sweet and I love a book where the cocky hero gets snared by cupid. That’s the kind of story you can expect with this book. A modern-day fairytale of the Prince who needs tamed and the damsel in distress that is the only one who can tame the wild beast. Henry and Sarah’s story kept me up late. I didn’t want to stop reading. Screw adulting, I needed to know how it ended. Sarah’s story is unlike your typical heroine. Her character is unique and I liked her immediately. The plot flows nicely and you can’t help but laugh at some of the antics that these two are surrounded with. Be prepared for steamy scenes and lots of laughs. I’m now patiently waiting for Royally Endowed.
FromTheSouth 4 hours ago
Prince Henry would definitely fit right in with Emma Chase’s Tangled and Legal Briefs’ hero main characters, folks. Seriously, I can mentally picture them all high fiving one another at a backyard barbecue welcoming him to their “former bad boys who have come to their senses and finally settle down with one lady love” man club. At least for me, he seemed to be cut from the same proverbial male cloth. No, he isn’t toting a briefcase and rushing to court, instead he’ll be holding his own court as king of his country someday. But alas, too accustomed to being known as the spare heir, along with an enormous excess of wine, women, and song, have left him mentally and physically overwhelmed for what lies ahead. When an unusual prospect of some fun and hopefully positive modern day publicity pops up in the form of a royal dating reality TV show, he’s hoping to turn the tide of the tsunami of hopelessness/insecurities/despair that’s been drowning him, along with spending some likely off screen, smexy time with the show’s gorgeous contestants. Then along comes sweet Sarah. She’s like a refreshing breath of fresh air and sunshine on a cloudy, dreary day to this hero. With a brief cameo at the end of Book 1, Royally Matched, these two meet again, and she soon reigns over his thoughts 24/7. His castle may be full of 20 beautiful blood bloods vying for the tiara title, but this prince is more interested in getting to know this Cinderella type heroine. With thick glasses and what is implied as less than stylish clothing, the fact that Henry notices her at all and is very intrigued proves he was on the road to redemption, folks. But you’ll have to endure some devilish, womanizing inner monologue in the beginning as he accesses each of the contestant’s assets and dates them on screen. With engaging writing that flows that is chalked full of Ms. Chase’s classic smexy scenes, witty/flirtatious banter, and her trade mark cocky/confident hero sporting a hidden softer side who finally wants the real deal with just one woman, we sit back and watch Henry became the man his family always knew he could be. Though at the very beginning of this story Prince Henry was already in the process of tackling the task of learning the regal ropes as a future king, it was nice to see he didn’t veer off to a path of self-destruction and decadent behavior as this romantic tale unfolded. It was refreshing to see him realize Sarah outshone all the other contestants without even trying. For me, my fellow romance book-loving friends, that is mainly what made this book a good match for this reviewer. Here’s to hoping you’ll feel the same. Title: Royally Matched, Series: Royally (Book 2), Author: Emma Chase, Pages: 276, stand-alone but part of a series best read in order, VERY steamy scenes, virgin heroine, former manho hero, no cheating, no love triangle, no OM drama, no cliffhanger, HEA, reality TV dating backdrop, lusty language, sweet heroine, references of child/spousal abuse, falls for the heroine early on. Book 1 - Royally Screwed, 10/16/16, Pages: 276 (Prince Nicholas & Olivia) Book 2 - Royally Matched, 2/21/17, Pages: 272 (Henry & Sarah) Book 3 - Royally Endowed, 6/15/17, no details available yet. (This review is based on advanced reader copy received via the PR firm in exchange for an unbiased, fair review. No compensation was provided to this reviewer, nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and author/publisher/PR firm.)
Teewee125 6 hours ago
Henry has lived in the shadow of his brother for his whole life . Now that his brother has abdicated the throne Henry must step in and be the Future King. His days of partying and living free must now come to an end . Responsibility Duty and honor must not take its place. but Henry can't just let go of that life of partying. he decides to find his future bride by starring in a reality show. Who knew that it would be the quiet girl in the corner that would grab his attention. Sarah was total opposite of what Henry was usually attracted to. She was quiet and shy. Henry was so different with her and Sarah was able to see the man no one else would see. During the day he would go about the reality show with women who had no chance to win him over and his nights we spent in Sarah's arms. It was a beautiful love story between two people especially how tender he was with her. The special bond they developed. Both helped each other. Henry helps Sarah come out of her shell and learn to live and Sarah helped Henry to understand and accept his responsibilities of being the Future King. A truly romantic love story you will not be able to put down. A 5 star story
Lashea677 10 hours ago
From lovable, carefree bachelor to clueless royal heir. In the blink of an eye, Henry's world of women and parties became littered with responsibilities and politics. And he hate's every minute of it. What's a playboy to do when the stresses of royalty become overpowering? A dating reality show? The party's just begun and quickly is spinning out of control. A rip roaring good time that is not afraid to be sexy. Ms. Chase humanizes a larger than life character by looking beyond the title and giving a glimpse of the flawed man. Full of light hearted fun.