RPG II, RPG III, and RPG/400 with Business Applications / Edition 2

RPG II, RPG III, and RPG/400 with Business Applications / Edition 2

by Stanley Myers, Stanley E. Meyers

ISBN-10: 0137830777

ISBN-13: 9780137830770

Pub. Date: 03/26/1991

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Prentice Hall
Publication date:
Edition description:
2nd ed
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8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

 1. The Data Processing Environment.

 2. Introduction to RPG Programming.

 3. Report Headings and Editing.

 4. RPG Calculations.

 5. Decision Making, Branching, and Looping with GOTO Operation Control.

 6. Structured Operations—IF/ELSE, DO, DOU, and DOW.

 7. The EXCPT Operation and Internal Subroutines.

 8. Multiple Record Data Files and Data Structures.

 9. Control Level Break Concepts and Processing.

10. Table Concepts and Processing.

11. Array Concepts and Processing.

12. Data Validation Procedures and Processing.

13. Disk File Concepts and Sequential File Processing.

14. Sequential File Maintenance with Matching Records, Chain, and Read Operations.

15. Indexed-Sequential Disk File Creation, Loading, and Consecutive Processing.

16. Indexed-Sequential File Maintenance.

17. DIRECT and ADDROUT File Concepts and Processing.

18. Interactive RPG II (System 36/34).

19. Physical Files (AS/400 and System/38).

20. Display Files (AS/400 and System/38).

21. RPG III/400 Interactive Processing.

22. Logical Files (AS/400 and System/38.

23. Printer Files (AS/400 and System/38).

24. Subfiles (AS/400 and System/38).

Appendix I: RPG II/III/400 Operations.

Appendix II: Control Language (OCL, CL, JCL) Operations.

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