Ruby Valentine Saves the Day

Ruby Valentine Saves the Day

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by Laurie Friedman

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Lesley Morrison (Vancouver, Canada) has studied animals within religious, spiritual, and multicultural frameworks for over fifteen years. She is also an avid bird watcher and wildlife rescuer.


Lesley Morrison (Vancouver, Canada) has studied animals within religious, spiritual, and multicultural frameworks for over fifteen years. She is also an avid bird watcher and wildlife rescuer.

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Publishers Weekly
In Ruby's second outing, she and her cockatoo, Lovebird, prepare for their Valentine's Day party. But when a snowstorm interferes, Ruby sobs and eats ice cream in her bathrobe. Lovebird suggests, "If no one can make it here,/ let's take the party there." At this point, Ruby becomes something of a Valentine's Day anti-Grinch, sledding down the hill from her home to deliver cheer to the residents of Heartland below. Though Ruby's realization—that it's not the "presents, cards, or cake" that makes a party, but friends—feels syrupy, her enthusiasm and generosity are infectious. Ages 5�9. (Nov.)
Children's Literature - Nancy Garhan Attebury
Ruby Valentine lives in her new little house, complete with heart-shaped windows, above the town of Heartland. She loves Valentine's Day so much that she and her white bird named Lovebird decide to plan the perfect Valentine's party. She designs lovely invitations and mails them to all her friends in town. Then she sets out to get ready for her party. She sews and hangs new pink curtains, cleans her house, decorates all the rooms, bakes tasty treats, and spiffs up her yard. However, while she and Lovebird sleep the night before the party, bad weather comes rolling along. A monstrous snowstorm covers the hillside with white, and no one from town can make it up the hill to the party. Ruby is in despair until Lovebird comes up with a solution. He decides that they should take the party to the town! They pack the box on their sled with party goodies and barrel down the hill. In Heartland, Ruby beckons all the people to the town square for the party. However, another problem soon becomes evident: all the treats were scattered on the hill during the wild ride down! Ruby is disappointed, but the townspeople point out that they can do things together. They make a snowman, roast marshmallows, and sing songs. Ruby learns that fun can still be had even when things don't go as planned. Fresh, clever illustrations are pleasantly dressed up with splashes of pink. They add to this rhyming tale to make the entire package a must-read for children who love to celebrate with good friends. Reviewer: Nancy Garhan Attebury

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Laurie Friedman is the author of many award-winning books for children. She writes the popular Mallory books, a series of chapter books for 7-10 year olds. Critics have praised the Mallory books, saying that Mallory deserves a place beside Judy Moody, Amber Brown, and Junie B. Jones. Laurie is also the author of numerous picture books including Love Ruby Valentine; I'm Not Afraid of this Haunted House; and Thanksgiving Rules. Laurie lives in Miami with her husband, two children, and her dog, Ollie.

Lynne Avril grew up in Montana, but she has lived in Arizona for a long time. Lynne knew she would always be an artist, but when she was younger her other passion was for horses. As an adult, her other passion is playing the bass in blues bands. Lynne received a BA in Art from the University of Montana in Missoula, got married, has two grown children, and likes to spend as much time as possible in Paris, France.

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Ruby Valentine Saves the Day 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Ruby Valentine lived high on a hill just beyond Heartland with her beautiful cockatoo named Lovebird. Their little chalet, complete with a heart-shaped door and windows, was the perfect place for them to have a special party. Of course it wasn't hard to guess that their favorite day of the year was none other than Valentine's Day. Ruby and Lovebird hadn't even unpacked all their moving boxes, but it was time to sit down, design some invitations and get ready to throw a party. The invitations were blissfully gorgeous and the envelopes even had special love stamps in the corner. When the mailman wheeled off on his bicycle with all the invitations, Ruby "hugged Lovebird with affection" and exclaimed that "they'd plan this party to perfection." Lovebird helped to hang the pretty pink and white dotted, lace curtains in the window and scribity scrubbed the floors clean by putting brushes on his claws. Ruby and Lovebird painted the walls (pink of course) and "they began to bake and cooked." Ruby did the mixing while Lovebird read the directions. When the inside was tidy and bright the pair put on their scarfs and went outside to tidy up the yard. The goody bags were filled, the gifts were wrapped, and the pink crepe paper was hung. Kiss, kiss, nighty night. Everything was just perfect, but when they woke up snow had blanketed the Valentine chalet. Were Ruby and Lovebird going to have their special party or were they going to have to wait until next year to celebrate? This delightful tale of Ruby Valentine's most special Valentine's Day ever will charm the reader. Everyone has a favorite holiday, but some people like Ruby simply love to "do it up big." I loved the aura of excitement that just oozed from the pages and felt Ruby and Lovebird's disappointment when the temperature began to dip and surprised them with an unexpected snowstorm. The artwork was nothing short of darling and had an aura of happiness and joy oozing from every page. Quill says: If your special holiday is when you find yourself folding paper and cutting out hearts (or even if it isn't), you're going to love this book!
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
We picked this book up from our local library. Loved the illustrations, the story and the rhyming. And it was a perfect read on Valentine's Day. You have Ruby who loves Valentine's Day and when she moves to the top of a mountain she wants to throw a party! Which is such a cool idea that is until a snowstorm hits. But what she does to turn around the bad luck is pretty cool, and the message at the end where we learn that it is better to be surrounded by people you love that is a terrific message to give out.  K enjoyed the story overall and the talking bird was his favorite. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heavensent1 More than 1 year ago
Ruby Valentine Saves The Day is the delightful tale of a young lady who organizes the most perfect Valentines Day party for the townspeople of Heartland. Ruby cleans the house, makes invitations and decorations, she gets everything ready for the big day. However, not everything in life can be controlled as Ruby soon learns when a huge snowstorm comes and puts a damper on her special day. With colourful and charming illustrations and a rhyming, sing-song like feel to the words, this book is sure to be a favourite among the little girls in your life. Value lessons include, realizing that not everything turns out as planned, so sometimes you have to bend with it and make the most out of what life deals to you. Even though Ruby's original plans did not work out, she, along with Lovebird, realize that every moment with the people you love, is a celebration. SYNOPSIS: Ruby's favorite day of the year rolls around again, and she and Lovebird work feverishly to plan the perfect party for everyone in Heartland. But when Valentine's Day arrives, an unexpected snowstorm threatens to ruin all of Ruby's plans. Will Ruby find a way to save the day, or will everyone in Heartland have to wait until next year to celebrate?