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Run or Die

Run or Die

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by Kilian Jornet

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Shortlisted for the 2014 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award

National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2014

"The most dominating endurance athlete of his generation." — The New York Times

An exceptional athlete. A dominating force. An extraordinary person.

Kilian Jornet has conquered some of the toughest physical


Shortlisted for the 2014 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award

National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2014

"The most dominating endurance athlete of his generation." — The New York Times

An exceptional athlete. A dominating force. An extraordinary person.

Kilian Jornet has conquered some of the toughest physical tests on the planet. He has run up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro faster than any other human being, and struck down world records in every challenge that has been proposed, all before the age of 25. Redefining what is possible, Jornet continually pushes the limits of human ability, astonishing competitors with his near-superhuman fitness and ability.

Born and raised at 6,000 feet above sea level in the Spanish Pyrenees, Jornet climbed an 11,000 foot mountain — the highest mountain in the region — at age 5. Now Jornet adores the mountains with the same ferocity with which he runs them. In Run or Die he shares his passion, inviting readers into a fascinating world rich with the beauty of rugged trails and mountain vistas, the pulse-pounding drama of racing, and an intense love for sport and the landscapes that surround him.

In his book, Jornet describes his record-breaking runs at Lake Tahoe, Western States 100, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, and Mount Kilimanjaro—the first of his ambitious Summits of My Life project in which Jornet will attempt to break records climbing the highest peaks on each continent.

In turns inspiring, insightful, candid, and deeply personal, this is a book written from the heart of the world's greatest endurance runner, for whom life presents one simple choice: Run. Or die.

"Trail running's first true breakout star, [Jornet] has yet to find a record he can't shatter." — Runner's World

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"The most dominating endurance athlete of his generation." - New York Times

"Trail running's first true breakout star...[Jornet] has yet to find a record he can't shatter." - Runner's World

"Rarely has a top-of-the-world athlete offered such candor, honesty and wisdom while still in his or her prime as Kilian Jornet does in Run or Die...His time in the mountains has made him a wise old soul and a great storyteller...An intriguing read." - Competitor magazine

"Kilian Jornet is the world's best." - Outside

"An engaging read...Kilian is...the best mountain runner of any distance from one vertical kilometer to 100 miles, having won most every big race and set fastest known times on the biggest of peaks around the world." - Running Times

"We are brought into the heart and soul of who many consider the fastest ultrarunner to hit this planet. The story is raw. It is rough, and it is emotional. [The casual runner] may not feel the pain, the anguish, the push and pull of the emotions, but I can guarantee the mountaineer, adventurer, ultrarunner, or long distance athlete who ponders what sport and adventure truly mean to them will appreciate and take in what it means to be Kilian Jornet." -

"Jornet unspools a dream-like narrative of his thoughts on running in present-tense storytelling that brings the reader along on such romps as an eight-day crossing of the Pyrenees, a 165-km passage of the Tahoe Rim Trail, and a couple of record-breaking mountain climbs...Readers hungering to find meaning in their own running experiences will find poetry to savor here." - Canadian Running magazine

"Jornet also proves his ability as a talented writer and budding philosopher, effectively describing each scene with honesty and moving self-realizations. Readers will not only be able to visualize the beautifully painted mountain scenes, but will find themselves drawn into his adventures; tasting the mountain air and seeing the glint of first light with Kilian as their guide." -

"For us mortals in the loneliness of a long run when every muscle just wants to lay down on the grass perhaps it is best to ask,"What would Kilian do?' and run another mile." - ForeWord Reviews

"An inside story on some of the seemingly superhuman accomplishments of the best endurance mountain runner in the world." - Triathlon Magazine Canada

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Kilian Jornet is a world champion ultrarunner and ski mountaineer from Catalonia, Spain. Born in 1987, he was raised in the shadow of the Spanish Pyrenees. By age 5 he had completed the ascent of Aneto, the Pyrenees' highest peak. Among his many accomplishments in trail and ultra running, he is the four-time champion of Europe's Skyrunner World Series, three-time champion of the grueling Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, and 2011 winner of the world's oldest 100-mile race, the Western States Endurance Run in California's Sierra Nevada. He has set speed records on mountains across the globe, including Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak. Jornet is currently at work on a long-term project combining ski alpinism and running, called Summits of My Life, which will include speed-record attempts on the world's greatest peaks, including Mount Aconcagua, Denali, and Mount Everest.

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Run or Die 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
A_Sloan More than 1 year ago
Passion and Philosophy of an Ultra-Runner In Run or Die, Kilian Jornet takes us on a scenic tour of his great passion: competitive running. A world champion ultra-runner, Jornet has challenged himself on some of the most precarious and beautiful terrains the world has to offer. However, he remains mindful of the deeper philosophical implications of his actions by exploring why one runs and its parallels to everyday life experiences. In fact, this book concerns running as a sport and also a form of communing with nature. Sure, Jornet details a number of races and record-breaking moments, but he never loses sight of the majestic mountains, waterways, and flora that create the tone and atmosphere of each run. As running is a solitary sport, Jornet uses each run as an opportunity to commune with nature. Jornet’s passion for both running and nature electrifies this book, compensating for its lack-luster writing and flimsy storyline. Although the book has some parts that I found myself quickly skimming, there are some wonderful parts, especially his descriptions of pushing one’s body to the brink of its physical limits. Here we have the account of an unwaveringly devoted athlete of extraordinary magnitude. Run or Die is a decent read for anyone interested in endurance training. To that audience, I also recommend John Stevens’ Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei which conveys the trials of monks, who quite literally run or die. Much like Jornet’s vigorous running, these monks train by running over twice the length of a marathon daily. Both books will stir your motivation—endurance runner or not.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really wanted to love this book because of how much I love the movie "Unbreakable". This gave an interesting look into Jornet's life as an endurance athlete and had some very poetic descriptions and philosophies about training. However, it often just came off as a love letter to himself and a very descriptive race log. He tried to provide his views about life and love and the meaning of it all through his feats, but it all seemed quite sappy and pedantic.
Anonymous 9 months ago
He's really born to be a part of mountain
Anonymous More than 1 year ago