Runaway Storm

Runaway Storm

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by D. E. Knobbe

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This first book in D. E. Knobbe's gripping Runaway series puts readers in the middle of a wilderness adventure that few could survive on their own.

Nate stole the kayak . . . sort of. His parents don't know where he is, and that's just fine with him. He's made it to the chain of sparsely populated islands off the coast of Vancouver, his kayaking dream come


This first book in D. E. Knobbe's gripping Runaway series puts readers in the middle of a wilderness adventure that few could survive on their own.

Nate stole the kayak . . . sort of. His parents don't know where he is, and that's just fine with him. He's made it to the chain of sparsely populated islands off the coast of Vancouver, his kayaking dream come true. So what could possibly go wrong?

For starters, he hadn't counted on real runaways making him feel like a fraud or on the cops chasing him into a wild and deadly storm. Nate hadn't planned to shipwreck on a deserted island either, or to have a run-in with a crazed drug smuggler, who drifted into the bay on a crippled Sailboat, ready to protect his stash with a loaded gun. Should Nate save himself or the Goth girl from Seattle who tried to rescue him? Between being chased by criminals, shot at, and almost drowned, their options aren't looking good.\

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VOYA - Amy Fiske
Fifteen-year-old Nate's life cannot get much worse. Following the breakup of his parents' marriage, Nate's mother drags him with her to New York to pursue a new work opportunity. Nate resents the disruption and misses his father, friends, and home in Vancouver. When his father reneges on a promised birthday kayaking trip to the Gulf Islands, Nate goes AWOL and embarks on the kayaking adventure alone. Predictably his quiet solo trip becomes far more complicated and dangerous than anticipated. He stumbles across a group of boys on the run from foster care and learns about real family problems. In an effort to elude the authorities, Nate steers his kayak into the path of a storm and shipwrecks on a seemingly uninhabited island. While marooned, he meets a girl and has a nasty encounter with a murderous drug smuggler. Knobbe crafts a classic rite-of-passage tale, complete with unreliable adults, exciting adventure, extreme peril, and a plucky protagonist who survives by his wits and grows from his experience. It is also an action-packed page-turner with a bit of romance to keep things interesting. The continuous action will keep teens engaged. Knobbe manages to leave no loose ends to the story, yet leaves the door open for a second book in the series. Librarians and teachers can give this brief book to reluctant readers, particularly boys who like adventure stories. Reviewer: Amy Fiske
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 8–10—Feeling abandoned by his divorcing parents, 15-year-old Nate decides to run away on a kayaking trip to the Canadian Gulf Islands. He deals with issues of food and shelter, and meets actual runaways on an island and helps them out. Then, a raging storm strands him on a small island where he runs into an angry Goth girl who ends up helping him. When drug smugglers show up, things just get worse. The story starts out slowly as it goes into much detail about planning and supplies. It picks up when the other runaways appear, but readers don't see many sides to their characters, and the problems that Nate assists with are easily solved. The last portion of the book charges forward when multiple characters and problems are introduced. While this pace is a welcome change, things move rapidly as the teenagers go from enjoying themselves to being shot at by one-dimensional bad guys, and there's a neat resolution. Those who can plow through the beginning will enjoy the action when they finally get to it, but most kids will have lost interest by this point.—Mariela Siegert, Westfield Middle School, Bloomingdale, IL

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Emerald Book Company
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13 - 17 Years

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Meet the Author

D. E. Knobbe is an author, educator, and freelance writer. She grew up in Vancouver, Canada and spent her youth adventuring in the Gulf Islands, the Cariboo-Chilcotin, the Yukon and Alaska. She is passionate about preserving our oceans and wilderness and believes the best way to bring that about is by igniting the same passion in others. Dawne has a B.A in Creative Writing and an M.A. in Professional Writing. Her work has been published in the L.A. Times, Fairfield Source, Kite Tales and many other periodicals. Dawne is also the executive editor for Toe The Line, a small press that specializes in ocean conservation publications.

She is the small events coordinator for the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators-Los Angeles and co-founder of the writer's group Sand Scribes. When she is not off adventuring around the globe with husband John and children Alexandra and James, Dawne hangs her hat in Huntington Beach, California.

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Runaway Storm 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
With his parents getting a divorce, 15-year-old Nate feels abandoned by his parents. Stealing a kayak, he sets off to some sparsely populated islands off the coast of Vancouver to get away from his life. When he gets there, however, he meets some real runaways who make him feel like a fraud. Fighting to survive, find food, and to have shelter, he and the runaways team together to beat the odds. Things aren't as hunky-dory as the group would hope, though. When a wild and crazy storm brings peril and cops chasing him, Nate is forced to take shelter on a small, remote island where he meets a Goth girl. When the storm also brings in a crazed drug smuggler who will do anything to protect his stash, things heat up and turn into a life-or-death situation. His only chance at survival depends on how well he can outsmart the enemy. Can Nate save both himself and the girl? The book starts off slow, but soon picks up and keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The characters and plot are interesting, and the action in the story is intense. Those who like Gary Paulsen, action, adventure, and survival stories will all enjoy RUNAWAY STORM.
SueInge More than 1 year ago
Fifteen year old runaway, Nate, is looking for adventure as he places his "borrowed" kayak into the pristine waters surrounding the Canadian Galiano Islands. He encounters the elements of strangers, enemies, and the unpredictable forces of nature providing him with an education in character building. It may be a bumpy ride for Nate, but this tale is spun so smoothly, the reader benefits from the character building lessons, too.
MaryG57 More than 1 year ago
Runaway Storm was an exciting read for all ages, not just young adults. Nate faces challenges that are thrilling and challening. Fighting to survive severe weather and criminals will keep you on the edge of your seat. I cannot wait for your next book. Write quickly!
Maggieroxyouall More than 1 year ago
I thought the best character in the story was the Goth girl. I liked how D.E Knobbe described her. Runaway storm had action going on the whole time. It's practically non-stop to the adventures this fifteen year old faces. And in the end, it seems that Nate (main character) has more knowledge on how to handle life then when he started out. I would recommend this book to Young adult readers looking for action and exciting thrills.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was very disappointing. Dont waste your time or money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KaelebsMomma More than 1 year ago
In 'Runaway Storm' by D.E. Knobbe, you're swept along on an exhilarating adventure with Nate who decides to take the fate of his summer into his own hands. Nate, our 17 year old protagonist, has been forced to deal with the misfortune of his parent's separation. Much to his dismay, Nate has been forced to move away from Canada to New York where his mother took a job and a new boyfriend. Nate is looking forward to him and his father spending the summer together on a much anticipated kayak adventure. However, when Nate finds out that his summer plans have been blown out of the water, he decides to take matters into his own hands. D.E. Knobbe is a wonderful writer. The words flow together in a wonderful sea of perfection. Knobbe really understands and relays adolescence coming of age in 'Runaway Storm'. This book is a page turner that readers of all ages will appreciate. Younger readers will also relate to the feelings portrayed by Nate. This book screams 'rite of passage' as young Nate makes the trip of a lifetime and one that he won't soon forget. He meets many along the way who help him reach maturity and some who are dangerous. He navigates through one of the worst storms of his life, both physically and mentally. D.E. Knobbe has a winner with her Runaway Series. This was one of the best, most action packed, heartfelt, realistic books that I've read in a long while. I can guarantee that you won't be dissatisfied with this one. Pick up a copy or two for the young adult in your life. I myself anticipate the release of 'Runaway Fire'. It can't come out fast enough and once it does hit the shelves, I'll be eagerly waiting in line with my copy.
BillyB More than 1 year ago
Runaway Storm BY: D.E. Knobbe PUBLISHED BY: Emerald Book Company PUBLISHED IN: 2010 ISBN: 978-1-934572-35-1 Pages: 223 Ages: Young Adult Reviewed by Billy Burgess In the first book of the Runaway series, author D.E. Knobbe introduces us to an almost fifteen year-old boy named Nate. He's a troubled kid who's having problems adjusting to his parents split and the recent move to New York. Nate decides he needs a break from his life and comes up with the prefect scheme. He's going to go kayaking by himself. He tells his mother that his dad wants him to fly to Vancouver while she is away in Paris. He forgot to mention that his dad is on a business trip. He is quickly on his way to Vancouver with two hundred dollars in cash and his mother's credit card. When he arrives at his father's place, he finds his birthday present - a brand new, yellow Kayak. Two of his friends, Mike and Eric, helps Nate buy supplies and help him get to Galiano Island. Nate launches his Kayak into the waters unaware of the adventures and dangers ahead of him. From drug dealers, to runaways and even a goth girl, this is a journey Nate will never forget. "Runaway Storm" is an exciting coming to age story. Male readers will easily connect with Nate and relate to some of the problems he faces. I will warn you that there is some mild language in this book. Overall, I enjoyed reading "Runaway Strom" and will look forward to the second installment in the series.
liza_Hallet More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Nate's mom and dad have moved on without really telling him what's going on then he finds out his Mom is staying in New York and expects him to stay too. No way! He grabs a kayak and heads into the wilderness around some islands off the coast of canada and the U.S. He gets chased into a deadly storm by the cops, then he shipwrecks on an island with no water and meets a goth girl names Kat. Together they end up fighting for their lives against a crazy smuggler guy who has a loaded gun.