Running Scared (Rarities Unlimited Series #2)

Running Scared (Rarities Unlimited Series #2)

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by Elizabeth Lowell

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The remarkable Elizabeth Lowell is a master alchemist who miraculously transforms the elements of suspense, adventure, and sensuality into New York Times bestselling gold.

Risa Sheridan knows everything there is to know about gold -- its history, its secrets, its allure, its perils.See more details below


PerfectBound e-book exclusive extras.

The remarkable Elizabeth Lowell is a master alchemist who miraculously transforms the elements of suspense, adventure, and sensuality into New York Times bestselling gold.

Risa Sheridan knows everything there is to know about gold -- its history, its secrets, its allure, its perils.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Who would have thought there'd be a market for retro kitsch la Remington Steel, complete with two protagonists fighting their attraction for each other as well as dumber-than-doorpost crooks? Apparently, Lowell, whose long string of romantic suspense novels (Moving Target, etc.) have earned her a Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award. This latest involves antiques, druid gold and psychic powers and is set primarily in post-mob Las Vegas with side trips to Sedona, Ariz. Risa Sheridan is a consultant for Rarities Unlimited, hired by casino mogul Shane Tannahill to find something spectacular to display at a New Year's Eve opening bash for his new gallery. It looks like Risa's hit pay dirt when she comes across some gold druid pieces that a WWII vet purloined from Wales during the war. But there are complications. Risa's childhood friend Cherelle, a faux psychic who goes by the name of Lady Faulkner, had been scamming the vet and is now in pursuit of the gold, too. Then there are Shane's rival casino bosses, who are looking for something to frame him with so they can edge him out of the picture. Can they somehow use the discovery of druid loot to achieve that end? Lowell's research is thorough, but it's often presented awkwardly, with copious information on authenticating antique jewelry as well as slightly more interesting background on druidic lore. The narrative is formulaic from start to finish: will any reader not guess that after Shane warns her away for safety's sake, Risa still dangerously goes for the gold solo in the end? An all-talk wrap-up takes the edge off the action, but Lowell's readers will be more interested in the romance, anyway. 7-city author tour. (One-day laydown Apr. 30) Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
Library Journal
Curator Risa Sheridan knows old gold. Her boss, Shane Tanahill, owner of the Las Vegas casino the Golden Fleece, wants only the best for his Druid Gold show. When an old friend from Risa's unhappy past breezes into town loaded down with the stuff, people pop out of the woodwork, each wanting a piece of the action and willing to kill for it. This is the second Rarities, Inc. novel from Lowell so there is a familiar background cast to help keep the good guys in line. Carrington MacDuffie has a sweetness of voice that adds the right elements of romance to the plot without sacrificing the harder edge of the story. Though MacDuffie has a tendency to overemote and her Irish accent needs work, her smooth delivery makes for overall pleasant listening. For larger libraries and Lowell collections.-Jodi L. Israel, MLS, Jamaica Plain, MA Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Ancient Celtic gold has everyone running in circles. Just one look at the priceless treasure is enough to send a shiver down the spine of Risa Sheridan, antiquities expert with the exclusive appraisal firm of Rarities Unlimited. She alone knows that the runes and symbols engraved on the artifacts and jewelry have the power to heal-or harm. What she doesn't know: their provenance. And, being dead, the owner can't tell her where he dug it up. Pvt. Virgil O'Connor stumbled across the treasure while wandering in a Druid grove in Wales during WWII. He smuggled it back to the States and later found that it brought him only bad luck and a lifetime case of the heebie-jeebies that nothing could cure-though Cherelle Faulkner certainly tried. She's Risa's childhood friend and fellow survivor of trailer-park foster homes, and she's been conning poor old Virgil for a while, pretending to be his spirit guide. Thus the gold falls into her hands after his death, though she has no idea of its antiquity or worth. But Las Vegas mogul and multimillionaire Shane Tannahill collects Celtic tchochkes and, boy, does he want these, hoping to feature the treasure in a blockbuster exhibition at the Golden Fleece, his Vegas entertainment complex, if Risa can just verify its authenticity. Enter assorted lowlifes and criminals, all with Damon Runyonesque names and personalities, who heist some of the treasure. The chase, natch, is on. Will Shane fall for Risa's enigmatic intelligence and merely physical charms? Should Risa give her heart to him or to Niall, the broodingly handsome owner of Rarities Unlimited? And will bad girl Cherelle do the right thing in the end? Fast-moving romantic suspenser that gets off to agood start, but the Keystone Kops-like complications are just plain silly. From the indefatigable author of similar tales of priceless art and improbable crooks (Moving Target, 2001, etc.).

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HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
Rarities Unlimited Series, #2
Product dimensions:
6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.25(d)

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Chapter One

Los Angeles
Friday, October 31

Even though Risa Sheridan was only an occasional consultant to the international firm of Rarities Unlimited, she didn't resent flying from Las Vegas to Los Angeles for a few hours of work. She never knew what treasures a client might have brought to the company's headquarters so that Rarities could "Buy, Sell, Appraise, Protect." All she could be certain of was that whatever she would be inspecting was at least four hundred years old -- and usually much older -- because ancient jewelry was her specialty.

Risa's feeling of anticipation flattened when she looked through the double glass doors that led to Rarities' offices; Shane Tannahill was already on the other side of the bulletproof glass. Despite the fact that she had left Las Vegas before he did, her boss had beaten her to Los Angeles.

Shane had one of his hands tucked into a pocket of his black slacks. The other hand anchored the soft leather jacket he had slung over one shoulder. A visitor's badge hung on a chain around his neck. Angular face impassive, jade green eyes narrowed, dark hair neatly trimmed, he lounged against the guard desk. Waiting for her.

He wasn't a patient man.

Bloody L.A. traffic, she said silently.

It wasn't her fault that her plane had been held on the ground in Vegas for a security check. Then in L.A. a semi truck hauling gasoline had turned over on Sepulveda, blocking the easiest exit from the airport and thoroughly screwing up the city's already overburdened surfacestreets.

And making her late.

Risa's pulse might have kicked with more than irritation when she spotted Shane, but her steps didn't hesitate or quicken. Nor did she check that her short black hair was smoothly in place and her unstructured blue jacket was hanging straight. Other women might have licked their lips for that extra shine or sucked in their belly or stuck out their chest to look their best for Shane Tannahill.

Not Risa.

She had fought to get where she was. She loved her job as curator of gold objects for the Golden Fleece, Shane's Las Vegas entertainment complex. She wasn't going to lose everything she had worked for simply because of his handsome face and killer grin. Better that she rub her boss the wrong way than the right.

Shane's work ethic was simple and inflexible: no lying, no cheating, no stealing, and no sex. He didn't touch the female employees. End of subject. But if a woman didn't want to accept that and he was interested in an affair, he would find her another job. Only then would a good time be had by all.

No matter how intelligent, appealing, rich, and maddening Shane might be, Risa wanted her job more than she wanted to do laps around the sex track with any man. Even one of the few who had ever really interested her.

It's the forbidden fruit thing, Risa told herself briskly. No man is that sexy after you wake up with him. Or without him, more likely.

The guard released the automatic locks for Risa. The door swung open.

She gave the uniformed man a bright smile. "Good morning, Jersey. How's the thumb?"

Jersey, who was about seven feet of muscle and bone, blushed. "Who told you?"

"Mmmm" was all she said. She didn't want Shane to know how often she and S.K. Niall chatted. Shane was friendly with the two heads of Rarities, but that friendship didn't slop over into business. Shane wouldn't be pleased knowing that his curator talked several times a week with Niall -- Rhymes with kneel, boyo. I'm not a bloody river. At the moment the Golden Fleece didn't have enough business with Rarities to justify such frequent communications. But Risa was lonely, and Niall was safely involved with Dana Gaynor, the other head of Rarities.

"I can't believe I slammed my thumb in the desk drawer," Jersey muttered.

"Yeah, Dana really ought to wear a warning bell when she walks around," Risa sympathized, fighting a smile.

Shane didn't bother to fight it. He flashed the kind of grin that made men and women alike blink and draw closer, as though to a fire.

Jersey's blush deepened.

"You'll get used to Dana's walk," Risa said. She tossed her purse on a moving belt like those at an airport checkpoint and strolled through the metal detector's field without setting off a single buzz. "All the men do. Eventually."

"Uh, yes'm." But Jersey was shaking his head while he watched the screen that displayed the contents of Risa's purse. Nothing but the usual. The metal alarm didn't quiver. The nitrate alarm didn't go off. Neither did any of the other chemical alarms. Not that he expected anything like that to happen -- not with a consultant. But he wasn't paid to make personal judgments. He was paid to put everyone who walked in those doors through the scanners, and that included Dana Gaynor and S.K. Niall.

Shane took Risa's purse as it popped out the other end of the scanner. He tossed it to her with a quickness that had caught more than one person off guard.

She snagged her purse with a deceptively lazy movement of her arm. He wasn't the only one with good reflexes. "Thanks." She turned to Jersey. "Anything else?"

"Just this." He handed her a staff pass dangling on a long neck chain. "New rules."

She put on the chain and the colorful bit of plastic that stated she was a consultant. "Since when?"

Shane answered before Jersey could. "Since someone threatened half of Rarities Unlimited."

"Dana was threatened?" Risa asked, startled.

"No. Niall."

"Whew," Risa said, blowing out a breath. Besides being a friend, Niall was half owner and head...

Running Scared. Copyright © by Elizabeth Lowell. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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