Running Trax

Running Trax

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This triple-disc collection of dance music from the Ministry of Sound label features 60 club hits that are determined to propel your feet out the door and around the block as many times as humanly possible before collapsing in a fat heap just inches from your mailbox. Funk jams from Freemasons and Armand VanSee more details below


This triple-disc collection of dance music from the Ministry of Sound label features 60 club hits that are determined to propel your feet out the door and around the block as many times as humanly possible before collapsing in a fat heap just inches from your mailbox. Funk jams from Freemasons and Armand Van Helden, electro anthems from Dizee Rascal and Justice, and deep trance from Chicane and Sash! abound, resulting in an exhausting mix of potential blood, sweat, and tears that would be just as enjoyable at a small table with a cocktail, a companion, and a glow stick.

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Ministry Of Sound Uk

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Disc 1

  1. Intro  -  Alan Braxe & Fred Falke
  2. Call on Me  - Eric Prydz
  3. Let the Bass Kick in Miami Bitch  -  LMFAO
  4. aNYway  -  Duck Sauce
  5. Meet Me Halfway  -  Orangez
  6. Watch the Sun Come Up
  7. Million Dollar Bill  -  Airi L.
  8. I Want Your Soul  - Armand Van Helden
  9. Keep on Rising  - Ian Carey
  10. Don't Stop Believing  - R. Rafferty
  11. Stupidisco  -  Junior Jack
  12. Watchin'
  13. Boogie 2nite  -  Booty Luv
  14. Something Good '08  -  Utah Saints
  15. When Love Takes Over  -  Airi L.
  16. Destination Calabria  - Alex Gaudino
  17. What's It Gonna Be  -  Platnum
  18. In the Heat of the Night  -  Star Pilots
  19. Phat Beach (I'll Be Ready)
  20. American Dream  -  Jakatta

Disc 2

  1. Genesis  -  Justice
  2. Pjanoo  - Eric Prydz
  3. Bonkers  - Dizzee Rascal
  4. Pump It Up  -  Danzel
  5. Pump Up the Jam  -  Dons
  6. Cheap Thrills  -  Hervé
  7. Hi Friend
  8. Infinity 2008  - Paul Walden
  9. I See Girls (Crazy)  -  Studio B
  10. Supafly  -  Fugative
  11. Put Your Hands Up for Detroit
  12. Perfect (Exceeder)  -  Mason
  13. Day 'n' Nite  - Kid Cudi
  14. Let Me Think About It  - Ida Corr
  15. Rock 'n' Roller  -  Kano
  16. Rockin' at the Disco  -  Bandito
  17. Tell Me Why  -  Supermode
  18. Satisfaction  -  Benny Benassi & The Biz
  19. Boogers  -  M.Y.N.C.
  20. Dream On  -  Robyn

Disc 3

  1. Salva Mea  -  Faithless
  2. Children  - Robert Miles
  3. Greece 2000  -  Three Drives
  4. Poppiholla  -  Chicane
  5. For an Angel  - Paul van Dyk
  6. Sandstorm  -  Darude
  7. Operation Blade  -  Public Domain
  8. Time to Burn  -  Storm
  9. Heaven  - Yann "Yanou" Peifer
  10. Whatcha Say  -  G.G.
  11. Tik Tok  -  Scarlet
  12. The Way (Put Your Hand in My Hand)  - Divine Inspiration
  13. Do You Know (I Go Crazy)  - Lara McAllen
  14. Miracle  -  Cascada
  15. Cry for You  -  September
  16. Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)  -  Sash & Stunt
  17. I Promised Myself  -  Basshunter
  18. Listen to Your Heart  -  Edmée
  19. Don't Go  -  Starting Rock & Diva Avari
  20. Happy People  - Static Revenger

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Faithless   Vocals
John Matthews   Background Vocals
Princess Superstar   Vocals
MC Flipside   Vocals
Philip Cortez   Percussion
Nadia Mampaey   Vocals
Danzel   Vocals
Nina Babet   Vocals
Dany Caen   Vocals
Onika Henderson   Vocals
Amanda Wilson   Vocals
Hal Ritson   Vocals
Edmée Daenen   Vocals
Daz Sampson   Background Vocals
Diva Avari   Vocals
Harry Byart   Vocals
Sebastien Ziane   Vocals

Technical Credits

Steve Perry   Composer
Neal Schon   Composer
Steve Winwood   Composer
Guru Josh   Producer
Jonathan Cain   Composer
Utah Saints   Producer
Steve Angelo   Additional Production
Vince Clarke   Composer
Christian Falk   Producer
Stafford Floyd   Composer
Per Gessle   Composer
Stefan Kendal Gordy   Composer
Will Jennings   Composer
Robert Miles   Producer
Thomas Newman   Composer
Lee Robinson   Composer,Producer
Rod Temperton   Composer
Jim Vallance   Composer
Stacy Ferguson   Composer
Armand Van Helden   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Michelle Gayle   Composer
Sister Bliss   Composer,Producer
Duke Mushroom   Additional Production
Mike   Composer
John Matthews   Producer
Richard Searle   Composer,Producer,Remixing,Additional Production
Chicane   Producer
Justice   Composer,Producer
Paul van Dyk   Composer,Producer
Jens Wojnar   Producer,Engineer
Maxi Jazz   Composer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
Freshmaka   Additional Production
Simon Thornton   Mastering
Jose Nunez   Composer,Producer
Chuckie   Producer
Silvio Ecomo   Producer
Warren Clarke   Remixing,Additional Production
D.O.N.S.   Remixing,Additional Production
Roberto Concina   Composer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Shep Solomon   Composer
Trancy Spacer   Composer,Producer
Spacy Trancer   Composer,Producer
Thomas Alisson   Composer
Jonas Von Der Burg   Producer
Alex Gaudino   Producer
Reginald Brown   Composer
Harry "Choo Choo" Romero   Producer
Axwell   Additional Production
Js16   Producer
Static Revenger   Producer
Printz Board   Composer
MC Flipside   Writer
Ben Cook   Programming,Executive Producer
J. Von Der Burg   Composer
Straker   Composer
Benny Benassi   Arranger,Producer
Hedi Banon   Producer
Allen Pineda   Composer
Sarah Jane Scott   Composer,Producer
David Guetta   Composer
Paul Crawley   Composer,Producer
Johan Becker   Composer
Sylvia Gordon   Composer
Ian Carey   Composer,Producer
DJ Manian   Producer
Darren Styles   Remixing,Additional Production
Frank Knebel   Remixing,Additional Production
Lawrence Cole   Composer
Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald   Composer
Eric Prydz   Composer,Producer
Scott Simons   Producer
Freemasons   Producer
Stephen Singer   Producer
Dave Valler   Composer
Hal Ritson   Vocal Producer
Flor Theeuwes   Producer
Jeffrey Vissers   Producer
Nick Corelli   Remixing,Additional Production
Jason Herd   Engineer,Remixing,Additional Production
Daz Sampson   Producer
Fedde Le Grand   Composer,Producer,Additional Production
Thunder Deejay   Producer
Mason   Producer
Harry Romero   Composer
Ida Corr   Composer,Producer
Nick Carrelli   Composer
Joshua "Herve" Harvey   Producer
N. Von Der Burg   Composer
Fearless   Producer
Mina Poli   Composer,Producer
Joel Zimmerman   Composer,Producer
Kid Cudi   Producer
Ronnie Maze   Producer,Remixing,Additional Production
Aaron Evers   Producer
M.Y.N.C.   Producer
Michelle McKenna   Producer
A. Benassi   Composer
Frederick Falke   Composer
Duck Sauce   Producer
T. De Quincey   Composer
Snakebyte   Producer
Johan Fjellström   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
Joakim Udd   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
Daz Perkz   Producer
Burhan Genc   Composer
Paul Walden   Composer
Alain Macklovitch   Composer
J. Holley   Producer
R. Carlsson   Composer
Vito ''Junior Jack'' Lucente   Producer
O. Omishore   Composer
Dot Da Genius   Producer
Alain Quéme   Composer
Kesha Sebert   Composer
Benjamin Levin   Composer
C. Kirchner   Composer
D. Schommer   Composer
Dave Lewin   Composer,Producer
Manuel "Manian" Reuter   Composer
P. Daley   Composer
A. Felder   Composer
Jonathan Floyd   Composer
N. Harris   Composer
K. Rowland   Composer
D. White   Composer
Van Dam   Composer
Dawkins   Composer
Jaime Gomez   Composer
C. Berrier   Composer
I. Chronis   Composer
Christian von Staffeldt   Composer
Kevin Zaremba   Producer
Elliot Gleave   Composer
Yann "Yanou" Peifer   Composer,Producer
A. Bhagavan   Composer
Michael "Mikey J" Asante   Producer
Stephane Tedesco   Producer
Gordy Skyler Husten   Composer
Jean-Baptiste Kouame   Composer
Rune Reilly Kolsch   Composer
Keith Harris   Composer
D. McMillen   Producer
R. Rafferty   Producer
Molly Alice Smitten-Downes   Composer
Jimmy Sommerville   Composer
Ville Virtann   Composer
Harry Byart   Composer
Sebastien Ziane   Composer
Sabine Ohmes   Composer
Acovan Ruswuk   Producer
Nilesh Prasat   Mastering
Static Shokx   Remixing,Additional Production
Alfredo Larry Pignagnoli   Executive Producer
William Adams   Composer

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