Russian Church Music

Russian Church Music

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by Slavyanka

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Harmonia Mundi Fr.


  1. Otce Nas (Lord's Prayer)  (03:14)
  2. Blessed Is the Man  (07:31)
  3. Sye Nynye Blagoslovitye Gospoda (Behold, Bless the Lord)  (04:20)
  4. O Lord, Save Thy People  (01:13)
  5. Having Fallen Asleep in the Flesh, hymn for chorus (harmonization of Easter Exaposteilarion)  (01:48)
  6. By the Rivers of Babylon  (04:29)
  7. Voskliknitye Gospodyevi (Make A Joyful Noise)  (02:46)
  8. Glasom Moim (With My Voice)  (03:16)
  9. Milost' Mira (For the Mercy of Peace)  (07:22)
  10. Salvation Is Created (Spaséñiye sodélal), for choir, Op. 25/5  (02:36)
  11. Pryeidye Syen' (The Shadow of the Law Passed Away)  (02:34)
  12. Dostoino Yest' (It Is Fitting)  (01:39)
  13. Pryeidye Syen' (The Shadow of the Law Passed Away)  (02:24)
  14. Lord, Now Lettest Thou Thy Servant Depart (Nynye Otpushchayeshi)  (03:12)
  15. Milost' Mira (For the Mercy of Peace)  (02:34)
  16. Pater Noster, for chorus  (02:03)
  17. Glory to God in Heaven  (05:12)

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Russian Church Music 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't remember enjoying a CD of men's voices more than I enjoy this one. It suits my moods, and can move me toward happiness when I'm blue. Mother and I fight over this one!