Russian Favourites

Russian Favourites

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by The Red Army Choir

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  1. A Slavonic Maid's Farewell, march for band
  2. Polyushko Polye (Song of the Plains; Meadowlands; "O Field, My Fields")
  3. We Are the Red Cavalry, for chorus
  4. There, Far Away, Beyond the River
  5. Sacred War
  6. There March the Soldiers
  7. In the forest by the combat line
  8. The Sun Set Beyond the River
  9. Chorus of soldiers
  10. Eh, Ukhnyem (Song of the Volga Boatmen), folk song
  11. Troika, folk song
  12. Cliff on the Volga, folk song
  13. Hey, There's the Village
  14. Volga Burlack's Song
  15. Dark eyes ("Ochi chornye," "Black Eyes"), folk song
  16. The Brave Don Cossacks, for chorus & folk ensemble
  17. On the Road (A Soldier's Song)
  18. Midnight in Moscow for chorus

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Guest More than 1 year ago
To write anything but wholehearted praise of this music is to tack on an insult. This is the building block of history; meticulously played notes without which we as people are further isolated from the world. This is not only music, for plain music passes through the ears. This is nutrition, where upon every note one may feed, and where the notes settle in the soul to serve as reminders that we are all humanity, whether we speak Russian or English.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago