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The Ruthless Charmer (Rogues of Regent Street Series #2)

The Ruthless Charmer (Rogues of Regent Street Series #2)

4.0 17
by Julia London

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No woman could resist Julian Dane. Except Lady Claudia Whitney. Julian had known her since childhood, but the headstrong lass had grown into a beautiful woman. Julian vows to teach her everything he knows about passion. But Claudia, in her most innocent ardor, promises to challenge him to the most dangerous emotion of all: wild, all-consuming love.

The rogue


No woman could resist Julian Dane. Except Lady Claudia Whitney. Julian had known her since childhood, but the headstrong lass had grown into a beautiful woman. Julian vows to teach her everything he knows about passion. But Claudia, in her most innocent ardor, promises to challenge him to the most dangerous emotion of all: wild, all-consuming love.

The rogue met his match in the woman he was forced to wed....

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
"... a rising star."—Romantic Times
Kathe Robin
The intense emotional power of these richly drawn characters gives Ruthless Charmer elevates the book to new heights. The love story is never overshadowed by the lessons of compromise and understanding or the characters’ psychological baggage, but readers will see how Ms. London has woven current problems into this historical.
Romantic Times
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The tragedy of errors between its equally willful hero and heroine hinder the plot of this second installment (after The Dangerous Gentleman) in London's The Rogues of Regent Street series. Unbeknownst to both Julian and Claudia is the depth of the other's affection. Consequently, when Julian's friend Phillip, a fellow dashing, supercilious, lady-killing "Rogue," becomes infatuated with Claudia, she returns Phillip's affection, until he is killed in a senseless, drunken and suicidal duel, for which Julian blames himself and for which Claudia, in turn, blames Julian and the Rogues' fast lifestyle. Nevertheless, life goes on, and the frequent bantering and flirting between Claudia and Julian eventually leads to an intimate encounter on a garden bench. But the couple are discovered by a member of the social establishment and forced into marriage to save Claudia's reputation. Believing that Julian is heartless and cruel and that their marriage is a loveless one, Claudia goes against Julian's wishes by helping his younger sister, Sophie, secretly meet with the man of her dreams--an abusive blackguard who is only after the family fortune. Unfortunately, London loses the romance amid all the turmoil of her plot. But this won't be enough to turn off historical romance fans, for London has always satisfied her readers by providing plenty of lavish 19th-century settings and costumes. (Oct.) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.

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Random House Publishing Group
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Rogues of Regent Street Series , #2
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4.15(w) x 6.85(h) x 0.95(d)

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Paris, France, 1836

Aha! He was being smothered by a pair of breasts.

That at least explained the strong scent of a woman. Julian shifted between the two luscious mounds and gasped for air as a most delectable female creature murmured unintelligible phrases in his ear. Unfortunately, even the touch of the little French goddess couldn't raise him higher than half-mast. A crane couldn't raise him higher than half-mast—damned appendage was nothing but trouble of late.

Julian sighed, realized he was still holding a bottle of whiskey, and managed to take a good swig of it before burying his face between her breasts again. A bead of perspiration trickled down his temple and he couldn't help smiling; perhaps he just wasn't trying hard enough. As if on cue, sweet Lisette sighed longingly, inflaming all of his masculine senses—except that one, curse it to hell—and Julian attempted to position himself for another go at it. His fingertips brushed a taut nipple; his palm cupped the firm swell of her breast—

The cold hands on his shoulders startled him so badly he couldn't even cry out. Suddenly, he felt himself being lifted and heard Lisette's muffled shriek as the bottle of whiskey flew out of his hand and scudded across the bed. He caught just a glimpse of the elaborate frieze moldings on the ceiling before he hit the hard wood floor with a resounding thud.

Now that hurt. Wincing painfully, Julian glanced up at his assailant. "What in blazes did you do that for?" The response was the toss of his shirt onto his head. He yanked it from his face and glared up at the infidel towering high above him—Louis Renault, otherwise known in this godforsaken country as Monsieur le Comte de Claire. A scoundrel if Julian had ever known one, an insufferable Frog with all the manners of a toad, and most unfortunately, the husband of his sister Eugenie.

Unsteadily, Julian gained his feet.

With disapproval seeping through every pore, Louis let his gaze sweep over Julian as he folded his arms across his chest. "Did you come to Paris to make trouble for me? Is that how you repay my kindness to your sister?" he demanded in that smooth, silky way he had of speaking English, and stooped to pick up Julian's trousers. "Come. Your frolic is fini. You must go from here."

Go? Julian glanced at Lisette, who smiled seductively and twisted a blonde lock around one finger. From here? His focus slipped to the rumpled bedding—ho there! Where was his whiskey?

"Kettering, listen to me!" With supreme effort, Julian forced himself to look at the Frog—no small feat given that there appeared to be at least two of him. "You are in danger. . . . Do you understand?"

He understood all right. "Ridiculous," he mumbled, and waved dramatically at the little French goddess. "What danger is Lisette?"

With a snort, Louis tossed his trousers to him, which Julian caught clumsily against his chest. "If you do not leave Paris at once, Monsieur LeBeau will see you shot. Or worse. Dress, will you?"

Dress. One glance down his naked body and Julian silently agreed that he ought to at least cover up the offending parts. All right, he'd dress, but he wasn't going anywhere with Louis. He was going to crawl right back into that bed and pick up where he had left off. Needing both hands to attempt the trousers, he dropped his shirt and lifted one leg. He missed.

This would, apparently, require some keen navigational skills. "Mon Dieu! I'll be forced to carry you from here!" Louis exclaimed, and grabbing Julian's arm—rather tightly—steadied him so that he could get his trousers on. "I distinctly warned you of the trouble you were causing, didn't I? LeBeau is a hateful man. I told you this, more than once I told you this, but would you listen? No! I ask you now—Madame LeBeau, is she so appealing for all the trouble you've caused?"

Julian paused with one leg in and one leg out of his trousers to ponder that. He could vaguely recall seeing Gisele LeBeau. Had she actually kissed him again? Probably. The woman could fill an ocean with her gall.

"What, so you think he would ignore this?" Louis heatedly continued. "Some of the most important names in Paris attend the balls on the Boulevard St Michel. How could you humiliate him so? Dallying with his very own wife!"

Actually, Gisele had cornered him when he wasn't looking, not the other way around. And what was he to do? When a comely woman pressed her breasts against him, he was only human. "Ha!" Julian interjected, thrusting the second leg into his trousers with such force that he swerved right into Louis's chest. "LeBeau is a . . ." —he had to think about this—"a shrimp. With ears," he added firmly, and clumsily attempted the buttons.

A hard jerk of his arm, and Louis was suddenly standing so close that Julian had trouble focusing on his flaring nostrils. "You would do well to heed my advice, mon ami. In France, a discreet affair is something a man expects and may tolerate, but to publicly coqueter with his wife in the most crowded ballroom in all of Paris is another thing entirely. These things turn deadly when a man's honor has been compromised! Trust me, LeBeau will see you dead if you remain here!"

The image that conjured up suddenly made Julian laugh. For some unknown reason, so did Lisette.

A rapid-fire, heated string of French fairly burst from Louis's lips. Although Julian thought he spoke French fairly well, when Louis was in a mood, he spoke that fast, never-let-an-Englishman-understand-you French. Hell, even Lisette seemed to be having trouble keeping up with him. With an impatient flick of his wrist, Julian said, "You fret like an old woman, Renault. Off with you now."

What was amazing, Julian would later recall, was that he never saw Louis move. He never even felt the impact of Louis's fist against his jaw. He just had the strange sensation of flying before everything went black.

Meet the Author

Julia London was raised on a ranch in West Texas, where she spent her formative years in the middle of vast wheat fields driving a tractor at the reckless speed of five mph. In spite of her humble beginnings, Julia went on to earn a degree in government and eventually landed in Washington, D.C. There for nine years, Julia had her brush with greatness when one day she actually shared an elevator with a senator from Iowa. She eventually returned to Texas and now lives in Austin with two enormous Labrador retrievers. Wicked Angel is Julia's second book and a sequel to her first, The Devil's Love. Julia is currently working on her next book for Dell.

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Ruthless Charmer (Rogues of Regent Street Series) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a fan reader of romance novel. This was the first of Ms. Julia London for me. I found it frustrating. The story is ok but the writing did not have a smooth flow. Dont buy it, there are a lot better books to read.
Anonymous 1 days ago
HEAVENLY, I began it in the late morning, could not put it down! Kudos to julia London!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"May I join?" The silver she cat meowed. {This is evil, right?}
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lady Claudia Whitney seemed immune to the legendary charms of Julian Dane, the Earl of Kettering. She fancied Phillip (Lord Rothembow) even though he was one of the Rogues of Regent Street. When Adrian killed Phillip during a ridiculous duel, she blamed Julian. She was far from immune though. She kept herself busy fighting for education of women. She wanted nothing more than to open a school for women.

Julian cared for Claudia more than anyone could guess, but Claudia seemed to detest him. Even his charm, which never failed before, bounced off the defenses that guarded her heart. When he ended up compromising her (not on purpose) she had no choice but to marry him. Julian then found out that his troubles had only just begun!

*** A sweet, but tantalizing romance! I especially enjoyed Doreen from the factory and Julian's dry-witted butler! A fun read! ***
harstan More than 1 year ago

In 1834, Julian Dane feels like his world ended when his friend Adrian Spence was forced to kill another crony Phillip Rothembow in a duel. Two years later, the death still haunts Julian, who seems bored with everything, finding temporary amusement in the precarious arms of a parade of females. In his entire life, only his childhood friend Lady Claudia Whitney has rejected his charm. Claudia has labeled Julian as a Rake with a capital R.

However, that changes when Julian and Claudia are caught kissing. To save her reputation, he knows he must marry her. She wants nothing to do with him, especially at the cost of her beloved independence. He broods over the death of Phillip, who Julian feels was Claudia¿s true love. Although passion threatens to enflame them, neither one is ready to admit, even to themselves, that love has blossomed between them.

The ruthless charmer, the second novel in Julia London¿s ¿The Rogues of Regent Street¿ (See THE DANGEROUS GENTLEMAN) is a captivating historical romance. The story line continues the train of thought set in the first novel as readers gain an understanding of the psychological problems eroding Julian¿s well being. The era comes alive through the cast and Claudia is a wonderful, feisty heroine, but Ms. London¿s plot belongs to THE RUTHLESS CHARMER whose mind has frozen that one deadly moment, haunting him forever.

Harriet Klausner