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RV Living in the 21st Century: The Essential Reference Guide for ALL RVers

RV Living in the 21st Century: The Essential Reference Guide for ALL RVers

by Peggi McDonald

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Readers are raving at this new publication that offers an in-depth look at the camping lifestyle. RV Living in the 21st Century blends the valuable information of her best seller Spirit of the Open Road


Readers are raving at this new publication that offers an in-depth look at the camping lifestyle. RV Living in the 21st Century blends the valuable information of her best seller Spirit of the Open Road (published in 1997) with new technology, regulations and hurdles facing RVers of the present and the future. Like her first, this book too truly answers questions that ALL RVers will ask at some point during their on-the-road adventure.


As a professional RV lifestyle consultant, Peggi works from her RV-based office. Dealing with the frustrations when telephone and Internet access is frequently sporadic and at times non-existent. Throughout the pages of RV Living in the 21st Century, Peggi offers solutions to Internet connection problems using the cell, satellite, WiFi and others as well as living tips needed to enhance this super lifestyle. Anyone considering joining the millions of Canadian and Americans who enjoy the freedom of life on the move NEED a copy of this book in their unit.


The creative front cover features the picturesque mural highlighting the back of the McDonald’s motorhome - it entices the reader to open the book to learn more. An extensive list of topics and sub-titles replaces normal chapter headings - a comprehensive index adds to the ease of searching for an answer.  Photos explaining RV life-lessons and a number of the McDonald’s favourite destinations add a captivating touch to this publication.


This book is such a great teaching tool, loaded with indispensable information for new RVers but it is also beneficial for established RVers and for International Caravanners who dream about visiting Canada or the U.S. This is definitely a “must-have” publication. No RVer should ever leave home without it!



Authors Comments


John and I retired from the Canadian Military – Peggi (age 44) from the Air Force and John (age 48) from the Navy – with a combined total of over 59 years of service. (Although recently I was told that ‘in reality I never actually stopped working’.) During our careers we both had been posted extensively, choosing a retirement life of travel seemed exciting and inevitable – our pensions would assist with living costs. Selling the house plus many of our possessions freed up cash to buy our first motorhome (even though we knew little about it). Exploring Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico seemed a perfect way to enjoy the freedom of retirement. As newlyweds of only four years, we felt the world was our oyster – near two decades late we continue to enjoy this outstanding lifestyle - our odyssey continues. 


Peggi and John were novices and as green as they come when they bought their first motorhome in 1985.  Neither had ever camped previously, other than the occasional military field exercise where accommodations were giant tents.  When they retired from the Canadian Military there were very few books about RVing available to explain what to expect – none addressed the Canadian side of things.  With luck, shortly after purchasing their first ‘Kruisin Kastle’ they parked next to Jack and Eunice, seasoned RVers from Florida.  This twosome literally took the McDonald’s by the hand to explain many ins and outs. 


As Peggi’s writing evolved over the years, her stories were published in numerous columns for a wide selection of RV and senior’s publications plus on-line newsletters she writes as a similar helpful neighbour. Her expertise included a regular column on a 13-week TV series, RV Vacation Adventures, plus many radio and TV promotions.  In Spirit she relayed stories about their great experiences as well as those not so pleasant. Her new publication, RV Living in the 21st Century includes even more complex situations launch date – 20 May 2004. Peggi’s amusing tales of their interesting life lessons will keep you spellbound for hours and most include money-saving or safety-related alternative choices the McDonald’s learned along the way.


Her first book and a best seller Spirit of the Open Road, the Essential Guide for Canadian RVers was launched eleven years after they began their adventure. Now more than seven years later Peggi shares additional life lessons and RV Living ‘How-to’ in her newest guide, RV Living in the 21st Century, the Essential Reference Guide for ALL RVers – this publication addresses the majority of concerns of RVers touring North America. Get your copy today.



Editorial Reviews

Chuck Woodbury
This book covers everything from how to use the holding tanks properly, home remedies for medical problems on the road, choosing an Emergency Road Service or a camping club, RV household tips and more. Peggi is a master at how to find storage space in an RV and keeping a rig looking great, both inside and out. There's information about towing, fire safety, full-timing, getting mail and the Internet on the road, and much more. We love this book. You will, too.

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The ABCs of RVing


   Years ago a non-RVing friend remarked that he and his wife wanted to buy "one of those kinds of motorhomes that look like a bus". He stated he didn't want the type that looks like it's built on a truck. "We want a motorhome," he insisted.


   As a matter of fact, both units he described are motorhomes. The bus-style is a Class A and, the one built on a truck, is a Class C. The difference is the design, available storage space and cost.


   Don't be fooled by the designation of campers or mobiles or trailers and so on. In actual fact these words all describe recreational vehicles or RVs. If it has wheels and you can eat and sleep in your unit, it is an RV. Knowing the different types of RVs makes it easier to determine the style suitable to your lifestyle. Frequently, owners of one type can't understand why someone would choose another. Any RV that fits your budget and your present and future lifestyle expectations is the right RV for you. The time you plan to spend on the road is another consideration in the style you select. An RV is not expected to last a lifetime and your first RV will most likely not be your last. As your needs change, switching from one style to another is also possible.


   Always keep in mind that there are only two categories of RVs – towable and motorized. Decide what you want and make your choice from there. Towables include everything from a pop-up camper (tent trailer) to the more elaborate fifth wheel. Although the sizes and appointments vary, these models are all pulled by a separate vehicle and require proper hitch devices.


   Motorized RVs are self-propelled vehicles. In the motorized category there are four classes: Class A (these look like big buses), Class B (van conversions or those built on a van chassis), Class C (the living quarters are built right on to a truck chassis with an extension over the cab) and bus conversion (diesel bus shells are transformed into classy units by do-it-yourself handymen; some businesses also offer this service).


   To make the choice easier for you, I’ve listed a brief description of each class, starting with the towables.




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