Rwanda's Genocide: The Politics of Global Justice

Rwanda's Genocide: The Politics of Global Justice

by Kingsley Moghalu

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An insider account of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda  See more details below


An insider account of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

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"The defining event for the international community at its moral worst in recent decades was surely the Rwanda genocide in 1994: a failure of civic courage at the highest and most solemn level of international responsibility. In 2004-05 in Darfur, the world seemed to be dishonouring, yet again, the pledge of 'never again'. But in the meantime the United Nations had set up an international tribunal to hold perpetrators of the Rwanda genocide criminally accountable. Kingsley Moghalu's book is an insider account of the workings and significance of the tribunal. In examining the strategic and political factors, both domestic and global, behind the quest for international justice in Rwanda, Moghalu argues that the very concept of justice is on trial. He makes a persuasive case that the tribunal has made a major contribution to the development of international humanitarian law."--Ramesh Thakur, United Nations University
"Kingsley Moghalu's book provides an extremely important addition to our understanding of how our world does and does not respond to genocide. Moghalu takes us through the political minefield in which the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda was established and traces exactly how the Tribunal dealt with its major legal and political challenges. There are some tragedies here but also some heroes. It is an exceptionally well written and engrossing account."--Princeton N. Lyman, Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow and Director of Africa Policy Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

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