Sacred Path Workbook; New Teachings and Tools to Illuminate Your Personal Journey

Sacred Path Workbook; New Teachings and Tools to Illuminate Your Personal Journey

by Jamie Sams

An invaluable new companion to the bestselling Sacred Path Cards, thising even more of the Native teachings to discover personal truths and one's path in life.


An invaluable new companion to the bestselling Sacred Path Cards, thising even more of the Native teachings to discover personal truths and one's path in life.

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How to Use the Individual Applications

Along with the applications discussed in the Sacred Path Cards™ book, each of the forty-four Sacred Path Cards™ have further applications that are covered in the following pages. This section of the workbook allows you to seek deeper understanding of any one of a card's lessons and to view the wisdom and the challenges as an initiation step. With this understanding, you will be able to work through the lesson in your own way depending upon how the lessons apply to your circumstances.

In working on one aspect of your situation you can pull one card and apply its singular lesson to your life. In so doing, the lesson of that card may be learned and another solution may appear. As always, you are free to discover which of the many meanings, challenges, or lessons of each card apply to your situation. In using this portion of the workbook, seekers are given many ways to apply the questions asked or challenges mentioned.

Every person's experience will be different. The cards are designed to help you develop a sense of knowing rather than to give flat answers. My purpose in designing section I in this manner was to offer abundant applications and food for thought. The number of levels of experience that every person can reach in this style of self-examination is limitless. Because we are each unique and have different needs, it is most appropriate to allow each seeker to discover why and how the card's lesson is meant in as many different situations as possible. This is the Sacred Path of the Self discovering the Self.

Please note that each time you pick a card, its application may be differentas you approach your growth process in new ways. There is a timelessness to truth that will expand your understanding with each new life experience. The key to personal illumination is trusting your process.

As you delve deeper into the creative ways you have chosen to experience life, you may see a pattern in the cards. You may come up with many of the same cards over and over again as you meet different aspects of each lesson. This pattern assures you that you are creating every type of situation in order to meet each lesson's challenges head on. This is not the time to pick at your shadow and say "I thought I had already learned that one!" in disgust. In trusting the process, we meet every aspect of our challenges and know the joy of completion at the end of the trail. You have created the repeat lessons to make you stronger and more self-assured, so now your task is to find opportunity in the growth pattern.

This section of further individual applications is intended to allow you to find the forgotten pieces of the puzzle and to construct your picture of life in wholeness. The reminder presented in every card that you pick is the time is now and the power to find needed solutions lives inside of you.


Prayer/Inner Peace

Individual Applications

The Pipe card teaches us the balance of male and female, outer world and inner world, as well as the truth or illusion that dwells in all things. When we are grateful for every thought and action in physical life, we may then appreciate the importance of those experiences as we further understand how these lessons have assisted our growth. There can be no inner peace unless we quiet the mind and reflect upon the here and now. The Pipe can assist us by stopping us long enough to smoke Our Relations by bringing the goodness of their Medicines into our lungs and bodies. In so doing we are, in effect, seeking union with the other Earth Tribes that represent our Planetary Family.

In choosing the Pipe card, we are put on notice that it is time to stop everything and seek inner peace. Perhaps the world is moving too fast or our dreams are slipping away because we have forgotten what is really important. In some instances, we may be forgetting to ask for assistance and consequently are being worn down by our own treadmill of daily activity.

The Pipe is reminding us that there is a world outside our troubles or woes that is waiting patiently for acknowledgment. The natural beauty of the outer world is merely a mirror view of what is living inside of our beings, hidden in safety, draped in the solitude of a silent mind.

Nothing can impinge on the peace that is earned through knowing and loving the Self. We love others, we love beauty, we love the world around us, and yet we often see ourselves as unimportant or unworthy. When this attitude is existing within our hearts, we may defend our right to be by putting on airs or misrepresenting who or what we are. To lie to another is a grave error, but to lie to the true Self is deadly. Much inner conflict may arise from the need to be right. The Ancestors and Allies of nature will continue to love us unconditionally as we move through our Earth Walks, but our true Selves will be riddled with inner conflict if we insist on holding on to the lies and illusions that keep the false sense of well-being in place.

The Pipe gives us one way to find the inner peace that will relieve the anguish of a heart torn by fear. Illusions that have created walls between the self and the true Self can be the one major barrier to inner peace. The Pipe allows us to send our gratitude and at-one-ment to the Great Mystery in order to come into alignment with our true Self. Although this is often a painful, gutwrenching process, the outcome can be one of the most profound actions in our lives. When we take in the smoke of the Pipe ...Sacred Path Workbook, The. Copyright © by Jamie Sams. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Jamie Sams is a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. She is the coauthor of Medicine Cards™:The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, author of The Sacred Paths Workbook, and (with Twylah Nitsch) Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours.

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