Sacred Seasons

Sacred Seasons

by Ronald H. Isaacs

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Library Journal
Isaacs, a Conservative rabbi and prolific author (e.g., Sacred Moments, LJ 2/1/95), wisely notes in his introduction that the holidays and fast days in the Jewish calendar form an integral part of the body of ritual and social laws through which Jews relate both to society and to God. Jewish holidays, he claims, have been crucial to the very survival of the Jewish people. Using basic rabbinic textsthe Talmud, Midrashim, the Zohar, his source material, Isaacs presents a fascinating collection of folk tales and legends pertaining to these holidays. All of the stories offer edifying moral or religious concepts relating to the meaning of the feast or fast day. Included are all the festivals: the Sabbath, the Days of Awe, Passover, Shavuot, Sukkot, and the lesser holidays. Isaacs has organized his material quite effectively by first briefly describing the point of the story, then by telling the story itself, and, finally, by citing its source for future reference or study. A charming, nonscholarly collection for general readers interested in Jewish folklore and the Jewish holidays.Robert A. Silver, formerly with Shaker Heights P.L., Ohio

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