Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

by Jill Wheeler

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 4-7-From the now-famous photo shot of the toppling of a giant statue of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in the heart of the capital city of Baghdad to discussions of the cost of the recent war and rebuilding of Iraq, these titles pull together a number of events. Although they appear to be credibly researched, and a quick fact check matches the progression of dates with occurrences, there are no sources cited and many ("Some say") statements appear without attribution. Less than 50 pages each, the books provide a starting point for reports and discussions of the conflict. Iraqi Freedom focuses on the background of the war, U.N. weapons inspections, ties to terrorism, and the United States's goals and war plan. Although the 48 countries of the Coalition are listed, no specifics are given as to who contributed what or the percentage of their involvement; nor is U.N. Resolution 1441 given adequate treatment. Good discussions address psychological operations (PSYOPS), and reproductions of the countless leaflets dropped over Iraq, in both their English and Arabic versions, are included. A photograph of Navy aircraft carriers and supply ships heading to the Gulf gives a sense of the enormity of the task, as does a wide shot of the bombings. Hussein draws a credible picture of the Iraqi president, but relies heavily on nonobjective language and paraphrasing instead of direct quotations. Hussein's interest in politics, Arab unity, Syrian exile, Baath party affairs, internal security, assassination attempts, and both failed and successful coups are all discussed.-Harriett Fargnoli, Great Neck Library, NY Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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War In Iraq
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