Sahara Overland: A Route and Planning Guide

Sahara Overland: A Route and Planning Guide

by Chris Scott

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Whether readers are traveling by 4WD or camel, this acclaimed guide covers all aspects Saharan and includes 10,000 miles of itineraries in Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, and Egypt.
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Whether readers are traveling by 4WD or camel, this acclaimed guide covers all aspects Saharan and includes 10,000 miles of itineraries in Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, and Egypt.

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Sahara Overland: A Route & Planning Guide is the first truly comprehensive guidebook to one of the world's most compelling and challenging environments, North Africa's Sahara Desert. Ranging from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains to the Red Sea, Sahara Overland is ideal for Saharan travelers whether for a weekend excursion, a week long vacation, or a season spanning safari. Thirty-five detailed itineraries are available, covering more than 15,000 miles through nine countries: Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad and Egypt. The only Saharan guidebook covering all aspects of traveling the great desert by vehicle, Sahara Overland provides tips on how not to get lost, and what to do when things go wrong. Chris Scott's informative, "traveler friendly" text is enhanced with fifty maps and more than 300 b&w and color photographs. If you are planning a trip through the Sahara, begin with acquiring and throughly reading Chris Scott's Sahara Overland.
From the Publisher
"A good chunky guide that gets right to the heart of desert travel."
—Michael Palin

"I ran across your Sahara Overland book in a bookstore in Sacramento, California and bought it without a second thought. Thank you for putting together the most useful book I've ever encountered on travelling in this part of the world."
—Lawrence Beck

"The essential Sahara guide."
—The Sunday Times (United Kingdom)

"Desert Bible."
—Land Rover International

"I'm not going to mince words here, this book is THE essential desert companion for anyone planning a Saharan desert trip."
—Trailbike Magazine (United Kingdom)

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
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Overland Guides Series
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Sahara Overland, 2nd

A Route and Planning Guide
By Scott, Chris

Trailblazer Publications

Copyright © 2004 Scott, Chris
All right reserved.

ISBN: 1873756763

To see the earth in its natural, elemental state, untouched by human endeavor, is a rare and humbling experience. From its sun-scorched plateaus to its sublime sand seas, the Sahara makes a strong and lasting impression. Few experiences can match the thrill of carving virgin tracks across a dune, drinking tea in a nomad's tent, or setting up camp beneath a cliff face fired red by the setting sun.

Of course, in a world where telecommunications, signposts, piped water and emergency services are all taken for granted, the thought of visiting a region without these safety nets can be daunting. Even with satellite navigation, travel in the Sahara can be a demanding undertaking, and some will relish the return to civilization.

But when you've tasted the exhilaration of driving for days through the desert, you'll find this satisfaction enhanced by an appreciation of your self-sufficiency and a growing confidence in your route-finding skills. Approaching your next supply point will always be a relief but once you arrive, even the languor of a small village will make you wish you'd lingered in the sands a little longer.

Along with the ability to navigate competently, suitably prepared and provisioned transportation, be it with two wheels, four wheels or four legs and a hump, is vital to any desert venture. But this is something that is often miscalculated by the first-time visitor--it certainly was for me back in 1981. This is the book I wish I'd had then, offering guidelines as opposed to rules on exploring the desert. Advice on preparation takes up the biggest part of this book because, with the exception of organized tours, it will absorb the bulk of your time and money before you even reach the desert. It's followed by an outline of travel opportunities and detailed itineraries across the entire Sahara with accounts of what life on the piste is actually like.


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