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Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource

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by Jeffrey Gitomer

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Since its initial publication in 1994, Morrow's hardcover edition of Jeffrey Gitomer's THE SALES BIBLE has sold over 117,000 copies, and another 100,000 in paperback (published by Wiley). But in the 13 years since then, Gitomer has made himself into a sales powerhouse with huge success around an inventively packaged series of books, with his classic THE


Since its initial publication in 1994, Morrow's hardcover edition of Jeffrey Gitomer's THE SALES BIBLE has sold over 117,000 copies, and another 100,000 in paperback (published by Wiley). But in the 13 years since then, Gitomer has made himself into a sales powerhouse with huge success around an inventively packaged series of books, with his classic THE LITTLE RED BOOK OF SELLING at its heart. Now at last, Gitomer has taken the title that began it all, and has completely revised it. The Sales Bible is totally reworked to fit into his line of bestselling sales titles. It's sure to be THE must-have title for sales professionals worldwide who've already come to know and trust Jeffrey's inventive, irreverent sales wisdom through his "Little [Color] Book of..." series.

Editorial Reviews

Ken Blanchard
It's a book you will want to keep by your side at all times.
Michael Michalko
Bravo!...The difference between the right book about sales and the almost right book is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. Jeffrey Gitomer's The Sales Bible is the right book.
Brian Tracy
This book is an absolutely essential tool for every serious sales professional. It should be read, reviewed and referred to every single day.
Jim Cathcart
It can be digested in quick bite-sized lessons...proven techniques and healthy thinking about building business relationships.
Herb True
Never before has anyone captured so many of the priceless truths of selling that have been the professional salesperson's wisdom to create and their weakness to forget.
Karen Axelton
To the point, humorous, and engaging. —Entrepreneur Magazine
Robert Silvy
Your advice is...information by injection.
Library Journal
Gitomer, a former salesman who is now a consultant and journalist, shares his tips on how to be a successful salesperson. He provides motivational advice and practical techniques for initiating, maintaining, and closing a sales presentation. Written in a breezy manner with short, easy-to-remember suggestions, this book should prove popular with persons just getting started in this field or those needing an inspirational pep talk. In an area where there are literally dozens of works already available, this isn't an essential purchase, but it will prove helpful to anyone who reads it. It is accompanied by flash cards and a computer disc on sales techniques. Recommended for larger public libraries.-Robert Logsdon, Indiana State Lib., Indianapolis

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Chapter One

8.5 ways to use this book

Salespeople are constantly searching for new ideas.
Salespeople need a constant source of motivation.
Salespeople need immediate answers.
Salespeople are looking to make more

Salespeople have lots of problems all at once. In the same day they cold-call, follow-up ten prospects, go to a networking event, make three presentations, send five letters, get turned down six times, and make one sale. That's a regular day! Salespeople need a dependable reference with real-world answers to their immediate questions, stumbling blocks, or challenges. They need The Sales Bible.

The Sales Bible is not a "method" of selling. It's a series of real-world observations, techniques and philosophies that you can modify to your style of selling. You use what you need to make the sale today. You use what you need to prepare for the sale tomorrow. You acquire the knowledge you need to achieve your sales goals.

The Sales Bible is a real-world resource. These lessons aren't a bunch of high-brow, Ph.D., clinical research. They're a result of 30 years of success and failure in some of the toughest selling environments the business world has to offer. They're based on real-world experiences of mine that I know work because I worked 'em. They are simple, pragmatic solutions, and they make sense where it counts — in your sales environment. They will help in your real world. Try a few and see.

Use this book!...

1. As a resource...To expand andstrengthen your knowledgeand expertise with the selling process and daily sales challenges.
2. For a daily lesson...As part of your daily rededication to bethe best.
3. In a study group...To grow and develop as a professionalsalesperson.
4. To lead a meeting...Most chapters are an ideal length to useas a guide for a sales training, or for a brainstorming meeting.
5. To solve a problem...When you're out of ideas and need ananswer now.
6. To prepare for a sale...To gain a competitive advantage.
7. To close a sale ... The solutions and answers are indexed for fast access
8. In the heat of the battle...Take it with you assales day and reach for it as the doors begin to slam in your face, asthe important contacts need to be made, when that hot prospectwon't return the voice mail message you left for the third time.

One great way to abuse this book...

As you read it...Read with a yellow highlighter and a red pen. Highlight the areas that pertain to the knowledge you seek. Write your thoughts, action plans, and ideas in the margins.

One great way to learn from this book...

Try it now...For maximum benefit, use the information you read as soon as you can. On a prospect or a customer. As soon as you use it, you own it. One new technique per day is 220 new techniques per year in five years you'll have more than 1,000 techniques at your command. WOW.
Carry this book with you...Use it as a resource and a reference. Read a chapter at lunch. Discuss a point with your co-workers. But most of all, use it to make a sale. Lots of sales.

The spirit of sales!

Each chapter has a quote at the top that's designed to capture the spirit of its content. Spirit plays a major role in The Sales Bible. The spirit in which the information is offered, and the spirit in which it's received —and used. Each lesson stands on its own. Each lesson evolves to the next. Each lesson interacts with the others. Each lesson reflects the whole. Each lesson contributes to the whole.

Read the section titled "Post-it Note™ Your way to achievement" found in " Genesis." Use this method to chart your progress through this book. It will be good practice, and it will ensure that you get the maximum benefit. Set goals for chapters you'll read each day. Set specific goals for enacting what you've learned. Set goals for improving your attitude. Set goals for having fun in your career. Then set goals for big sales.

The accompanying flashcards contain crucial support information from The Sales Bible. You can carry them with you on sales calls, to networking events or to the trade show for quick reference under fire. The flashcards will reinforce the principles of sales. They will help you gain mastery of the selling process.

Use The Sales Knowledge Game (the diskette) to test your comprehension of the material in the book. And, hey, it's fun! Take the test, mail us your results, and we'll send you The Aha!™ Award for Sales Excellence.

8.5 Double your money!

I have created an income-doubling plan. It is outlined in the Book of Numbers. I did it because so many salespeople have unharnessed talent. I challenge you to double your income. I have given you the tools to do it, now it's up to you to prove it to yourself. Can you develop the discipline needed to do it?


Meet the Author

Jeffrey Gitomer is a global authority on sales and customer service, and his books have sold more than a million copies world-wide. The Sales Bible, now an industry classic, has been a steady best seller for over a decade. Based on the principle of sales education with real-world, proven results, this book gives you cutting-edge information and answers you can take into the street and turn into money the same day.

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4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
StudMuffin01 More than 1 year ago
Here's the deal...if you are in Sales, Want to be, OR if you are a seasoned veteran, get this book.  If you go to your library of all the books you have read and never read any of them again and follow this will make more $ that most people ever will.  Just do what it says and also use it as reference.  It can really serve as &quot;YOUR SALES BIBLE&quot;.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Conqueror More than 1 year ago
We use Gtiomer's books as sales training. We take one or two chapters every week, the entire team reads the assigned pages and comes to the weekly meeting with what they feel are the key concepts of the reading and specific techniques/tactics to implement and continually improve in sales. The way the Sales Bible is set it makes it ideal for this purpose. As with most of Gitomer's work it is filled with a plethora of information, ideas, strategies, tactics, etc. and developing a systematic way of digesting, implementing and continually imporoving on the implementation will exponentially increase the benefits of his work and your success. It is my belief that it is almost impossible to implement everything in Gitomer's books (there is just too much). For us the most effective use of his material is to pick the stuff that really resonates with our team or an individual and implement those items. If you keep doing this faithfully you will eventually develop the core attitude that Gitomer wants you to have and the will ensure sales success.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BusySalesPro More than 1 year ago
Filled with sometimes useful, sometimes irrelevant, sales tips and techniques. It is a good book for salespersons and managers who want to continue to improve their relationships and closing ratios.
KenMerbler More than 1 year ago
The "Sales Bible" is an excellent book to use to referesh your selling knowledge and remind yourself of the basics of selling. Sometimes all us sales professionals forget the basics and need this reminder. I read different sections on a monthly schedule to reinforce my sales approach and strategy with various customers. I have also referred this book to a number of professional selling students at universities.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MilitaryEnthusiast More than 1 year ago
This book is an awesome resource for anyone interested in a career in sale or who is already working in sales. I have found this to be a very clear concise and easy to follow book that really lays out the behavioral science behind sales and also the human side of being a great salesperson. Great book, I intend to get Mr. Gitomer's whole collection.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Often times we take so much for granted. The Sales Bible helps to keep the focus on where it should be the client and prospect. I found the book to be very inspiring
Guest More than 1 year ago
This comprehensive catalogue of sales tips, maxims and never-to-be-forgotten rules of thumb should be on every salesperson¿s desk. The author¿s advice on selling in a down economy is particularly useful. In fact, all that he has to say reduces to three or four core messages, repeated in a variety of modes and keys throughout the book. But these principles bear repeating, and it may be that one formulation will miss, while another will hit the mark. The author¿s relentless optimism, boosterism and cheerleading will put some readers off, but those readers probably won¿t be salespeople, who need all the encouragement they can get. We recommend this solid and useful book, and welcomes its up-beat attitude.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In 34 years of Sales this Book REALLY helped me regain the many things that I had forgot over the years. THANKS for putting me back on Track!!!