Salvage Secrets: Transforming Reclaimed Materials into Design Concepts

Salvage Secrets: Transforming Reclaimed Materials into Design Concepts

by Joanne Palmisano

A striking how-to guide and four-color visual tour presenting design possibilities using a range of salvaged materials.See more details below


A striking how-to guide and four-color visual tour presenting design possibilities using a range of salvaged materials.

Editorial Reviews

“Joanne Palmisano's new book, Salvage Secrets, shares sources, tips, and hundreds of beautiful photos of homes that have used salvaged materials in their renovations.... [L]earn more about how you can beautifully and elegantly incorporate salvage work into your home's renovation or everyday décor.”
SuCasa Magazine
“Palmisano presents a thorough introduction to the world of salvage design, with just enough practical information to get even a beginner started. Dozens of color photos of interiors that include reclaimed elements help bring the author’s points to life…. Armed with ideas from the book and some great places to shop (or sift through), you’re well on your way to creating a unique, comfortable, earth-friendly home.”
Apartment Therapy
“[A] great resource for professional or amateur designers who have a resourceful, green approach to design projects.... I would definitely recommend picking it up if you can!”
Fine Homebuilding
“[A]n invaluable first step in the salvage-for-design journey.”
“I'd like to introduce you to your new best friend: Salvage Secrets. (It) goes beyond just idea inspiration. It provides a thorough examination of the materials one can salvage (wood, glass, metal, stone and lighting) then breaks down the questions to ask (both yourself and the professional you're working with) to ensure that you get the right materials for your project.”
Woman Around Town
“In this age of recycling and conservation, it makes sense to use our creativity to find new ways of using what once would have been discarded without a second thought. Replete with appealing photos by Susan Teare, this is a visually attractive manual on how to turn someone else’s junk into our treasures.”
New England Home Magazine
“Page after page of beautiful photographs by Susan Teare combined with inspiring design stories illustrates how creative and highly aesthetic the world of salvage architecture and design can be…. Joanne demonstrates throughout her book the ease with which recycling and reuse can be incorporated with function and style. Architects, designers and do-it-yourselfers should all have a copy of this book in their home design library.”
Life@Home (
“I wish I had read Salvage Secrets before undertaking a huge renovation project recently on our family home. I suppose I had heard of architectural salvage before, but I thought it was something only designers did, something much too complicated for us regular folk.”
Eye on Design by Dan Gregory blog
“[O]ffers a wealth of ideas for using old objects and materials in new ways.... [S]hows the wide range of salvageable material available and what to do with it.”
HGTV's "Design Happens" blog
“[T]he ultimate guide to getting started…When you finish the book, you'll be armed and ready to search for your own trash-to-treasure find.”
Goodwill Industries of Northern New England
“If you are looking for a holiday gift for your favorite thrifter/do-it-yourselfer, this book is a must. It features hundreds of pages of repurposing inspiration.”
I was hooked immediately…Salvage Secrets kept me glued to every page…I do believe the secret is out: salvage is spectacular, in so many ways...and so is Salvage Secrets.— Skaie Knox
Old House Journal
“Even if you’re a permanent fixture at your local salvage shop, this book is worth a look for the envy-inducing design ideas alone.”
Portland Book Review
“It is an ideal book for anyone considering salvage in design.... Often books on design are either practical and plain or only full of photographs with little guidance on how to create the same look in one’s own home. Salvage Secrets by Joanne Palmisano, with photographs by Susan Teare manages to be a design book with both.”
Skaie Knox -
“I was hooked immediately…Salvage Secrets kept me glued to every page…I do believe the secret is out: salvage is spectacular, in so many ways...and so is Salvage Secrets.”
Shannon Quimby
“A sustainable builder’s bible... Page after page of homes whose owners have included architectural recycling into their design proves that building from salvage materials can create jaw-dropping beauty and help save our environment at the same time. Salvage Secrets shares everything you need to know about what, how, and where materials can be identified, found, and reused. Not only will this book be a resource for those in the building industry, but inspiration for anybody who believes a hammer and some creativity go hand in hand.”
Midwest Book Review
“[G]oes beyond the usual applications. . . .From where salvaged materials can be used in a modern home to making them into unique designs, a 'must' for any home and garden or interior design library.”
Karin Lidbeck-Brent
“A highly inspiring design book with everything you need to know about integrating recycled, reclaimed, and salvaged materials into your home. Whether you're tackling a small, do-it-yourself project or overhauling your entire house, Joanne Palmisano offers innovative strategies to transform your interior design ideas in both big and small ways with a little salvage creativity.”
Kim Deetjen
“Drawing on her personal experience as well as advice from a posse of experts, Joanne Palmisano shows us that being sensitive to the environment does not mean sacrificing style or good design. Recycled, reclaimed, and salvaged materials and furnishings can be chic, beautiful, and sustainable. Salvage Secrets is a must—an innovative design resource filled with unique and affordable ideas.”
Scotland on Sunday
“[I]nspiring ideas for anyone planning on using salvaged materials in their own home.”
Library Journal
Designer and marketing consultant Palmisano, inspired by her quest for a distinctive kitchen island countertop, here explains how to reuse, reclaim, recycle, and repurpose building materials for the home. She provides a wealth of information on the various choices of wood, glass, metal, stone, and lighting fixtures; discusses how to locate, evaluate, select, and use the salvaged goods; and includes interviews with those involved in the salvage movement. Close to 200 photographs show renovated rooms of various decor styles. Whereas Lori Dennis's Green Interior Design is aimed at professional designers, Palmisano's purpose is design inspiration for amateurs looking for an individual, green alternative for building materials.

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