Same-Sex Marriage: The Debate

Same-Sex Marriage: The Debate

by Jeanne Nagle

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VOYA - Peggy Fleming
Since 2007, Rosen Publishing Group has published six books each year on controversial issues in its In the News series. Three recent books are reviewed here. Porterfield's Election of Barack Obama gives straight-forward historical background that includes the issues of slavery, the Civil Rights movement and racial prejudice, and how these affected the presidential campaign of 2009. In Same-Sex Marriage, the reader will plow through states-versus-federal rights and regulations. Religious beliefs feature strongly in the discussion. There is a hint of bias in the Jeanne Nagle's "dedication" to all couples who are in love and want to devote themselves to each other. Janey Levy, a member of the ACLU, tackles equally-complicated issues in Illegal Immigration and Amnesty. She provides a good grounding in the history of immigrants and how they formed our country. The economic ramifications of having illegal immigrants in the work force, health benefits for aliens and the threat to national security are covered. Government statistics and charts help clarify some of the misconceptions about recent immigrants. The large print, simple vocabulary, and colored photos will appeal to teens with reading challenges. The publisher advises readers to refer to the Rosen Web site for the most up-to- date list of websites on these topics. The series is most useful to students in grades 7-10 who are researching contemporary controversial topics. Reviewer: Peggy Fleming

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In the News Series
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